Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

gaijin is now blaming Jews, and their hatred of the Internet for Trump's rocky start:
Liberal secular Jews despise American values:

If you can sit through an entire episode of a leading u.s. sitcom without throwing up you will see that the producers, writers and the executives want to spread a set of values that are completely antithetical to the ones you were raised with.

That’s because this group despises the values that built America.

they want a completely different country and they control the mainstream media:

That is why they hate the internet and they hate bloggers, because those Avenues present a way to get around their control.
gaijin explains how dissent is now treason:
The president is more or less an extension of the American people.

it seems like it’s the bureaucracy the poses him openly we have a case of sedition.

that’s going to aggravate instability.
seastay heard Obama gave a secret order so that all the leaks are his fault, but Hillary's leaks were OK because she sucks...
I just heard that Obama 17 days before he left office signed an order that allowed over a dozen agencies access to SIGANT intercepted data voice and emails of the American public.

This , normally is data is only available to the NSA, and of course is classified ... The number of potential leaks now by those willing to break the law for Obama and the potential targets of all Trumps cabinet and Trump himself of wiretapped records going back who knows how far is unprecedented . These leaks are likely to be used illegally for many months to come...

if anybody is caught leaking they should be jailed ,, and unlike Hillary who was negligent with personal data, law abiding Americans should not fear their own government leaking private information,, these people are dirty scum...
Ray76 is in on the ground floor of some made up BS so scanty it doesn't even rise to the level of a conspiracy theory...yet:
Why Did Obama Install A New W.H. Computer System On Jan. 1...Where Did He Stash The Old One?

Arrest Obama.
Scrambler Bob - Trump throwing red meat to him is not wasting time! He needs the morale!!
Australian PM says Trump wasting his time criticizing media

Oh, Trump is NOT wasting his time.

He is giving us a super morale boost.
JLAGRAYFOX knows Trump's crowd size is VITAL to the destruction of the Democratic Party
Central Florida folks, turn out by the multi-thousands to support POTUS, Donald J. Trump!!! The Democrat Party, led by Barack Hussein (Benedict Arnold, American traitor/turncoat)Obama, seeks to destroy both Trump & the American Republic!!! The Democrat Party must be politically destroyed, come the mid-term elections of 2018!!!

The hangar holds only about 8,000 folks, standing....we need around 50,000 folks to show up and stand out on the ramp!!! America is at stake!!! God bless POTUS, Donald J. Trump and, God bless the American nation & Republic!!!
marron lays out the Democrats plan. First judges, then violence. But Trump is like superman!
Plan A is a slow-motion coup d’état that has a veneer of faux legality. It will have a judge’s approval, it will have bipartisan support in the senate (think McCain and Lindsay Graham) and the loudly trumpeted support of the news, opinion, and entertainment media non-stop around the clock.

It won’t be legal, but it will look legal enough to cow that part of GOP that isn’t actually complicit.

Plan B is uglier, but they won’t hesitate if Plan A doesn’t work. We’re talking very ugly people here. Trump isn’t owned by these people and that makes him kryptonite to them.

Trump only beats these people by engaging them openly and somewhat brutally, exposing them, mocking them, prosecuting them when necessary. 
Any normal Repub would not be able to withstand the pounding but Trump likes a good fight. That’s why he will probably win this, but only if he is prepared to fight every day for the next 8 years.
TomasUSMC has the way to drain the swamp!
Trump needs to move the entire Federal Government to Texas. Right now it is populated by odumbiloving blacks, liberalAltLeft whites and Illegal Immigrant lovers who populate the demonrat states of Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Time for a change of scenery
JudgemAll blames Obama for...Megyn Kelley?
And OBAMA DEBAUCHED the press, inducing them to do it with Megan Kelly like courtroom “cutes”.

This destruction of the press and fiat-fake-money-fiat-press is not Trump’s!!! Enough said.
StAntKnee will be waiting for a long time...
Now that Flynn is exonerated, can't wait for the press to start berating President Trump for firing an innocent man. (Lying is no offense in their Catechism.)
Badboo's conflation of random liberals on twitter and the actual media is an intended consequence of only reading Breitbart and the like:
It's called projection, the uncontrollable auto response of the left.

The press calls his wife a whore.
The press says he sexually abuses his daughter.
The press says his son is autistic.
“Antagonistic” surely not the press. They are just perfect angels.

In any normal situation they would be ass whipped and sat down in a bucket of salt.
Rastus is the lamest!
Crucial is back with the Bush-like 'never changing your mind is the best' except Trump changes his mind based on who he last spoke to...
With Trump when he knows he’s right, he doesn’t waiver. Most human beings will back down from a truth if enough pressure is applied.
Former Proud Canadian thinks the bad speech coming from the media is sure to cause war:
Propaganda has given way to outright sedition. The level of sedition taking place is unrivalled since the first civil war. It is real and palpable. It manifests in the media every day. It reveals itself as opinions harden and relationships break apart. It is as if a psychosis has gripped the land.

I don't think this will end well.
RedWulf is sure Trump isn't flailing, he's laying in wait:
Trump’s been leaking things for weeks finding out who these people are. Once he has a big enough list he’s going to fire/prosecute them all.
Trump_vs_Evil_Witch comes out strong against anything that antagonizes Russia, and the American media generally:
How many posters on this sight actually work for the same military-industrial-complex that murdered JFK & engineered the Vietnam War?

How many actually are Government Paid Trolls working for the CIA or the agency?

Despot of the Delta has the Clintons' death powers figured out. They really should be hiding that better:
Who in the CIA assasinated Seth Rich? The morning he was to testify with the FBI about the DNC?

The Clinton's wet boy Michael Morell
donozark clearly misses her favorate hate-target:
Speaking of Hillary, anyone note how absent she seems to be since the inauguration?
USCG SimTech just sees coups and counter-coups everywhere!
The "white hats" of the counter-coup that rose above the coup that took place in 2009 got Trump into office. These same white hats will out all the traitors in the coup. This blood bath may not be just a euphemistic one.
Ciaphas Cain out does a fellow Freeper when it comes to pettiness:
President ...

It has been 8 years since I could use that title.

It's been 24 years since I could use that title.

Maybe even 28.
But Michelle Obama's pride in America is the worst!

SubMareener's Pizzagate expands to the media!
Jake Tapper has a serious PizzaGate problem. He has aged ten years in the past two months. So he is really flailing around. We should try really hard not to get any pleasure from this. But it’s hard! ;-)
LibWhacker wants to go full McCarthy, but for Democrats:
Fire anyone with democrap leanings. 
How do you know? Easy, interview everyone. Ask them to identify all the leftists, yes, but also all the people who know who some of the leftists are (so later we can fire all the ‘rats who tried to cover for the leftists). 
It’s impossible to work side-by-side someone for years without knowing whether he is a leftist, because they just can’t keep their mouths shut.


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