Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Spotlight: heterosupremacist

This New York Freeper only started becoming really active in late 2015, though his regdate is 2014. My personal theory is that he was a sleeper account activated when someone went down during the Trump purges. Because he's been 100% Freep from his first post. He's posting articles, knows who to stay away from, which positions not to take...On the other hand, he sometimes adorably misses other Freeper racist and sexist dog whistles, and his class warfare strays into raising the estate tax!

Initially, he posted about gay marriage. But these days he's more into religious and cultural caterwauling than anything else.

Liberals hate us for our insight and reason!
Why all the hate? My theory: The opposition is too dumb and too misinformed to see reality for what it is. They don't posses objective/critical/thoughtful/reasoning capabilities. therefore, they rely on ignorance and 'feelings'. This why we have so much "Hate!" The opposition is so incapable of thinking, they would rather feel than think! Such dimwits only have Hate or (in the case of HRC/Sanders) a blind adulation or what they consider to be "Love." Only two tracks to choose from = two songs short of an Eight Track!
Liberals are too dumb to argue with, MAGA!
I once considered it my civic duty to inform/debate lefty imbeciles - but I no longer attempt it. Imbeciles are impervious to persuasion! Facts/reason/logic/and even THOUGHT, does not ever work for these fools. Pray for the future of the United Sates of America - Team Trump = MAGA!
Evolution is just a theory, which makes it just like faith.
My objection to Darwinisn is the fact that it only a theory, Darwin himself was always careful to refer to it as such. Too many people have been taught (so, believe) that our race is descended from apes. Hmmm. When I ask the people who blindly believe that absurd idea, and I try to talk to them about The Creator of Creation; they invariably reply something like," That is just religious superstition."
Though he will also quickly shift to use century-outmoded science to argue that evolution is a disproven theory. Coherence is for thinkers!
In over one hundred fifty years, the scientific community has NOT uncovered evidence of the missing link.. Yet MANY scientists have tried to hoax us with 'irrefutable proof' ... which they all claimed was 'skeletal evidence' of Darwinism, and its ridiculous claims!
Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated by the French?
In late September 2012, reports surfaced about the involvement of French secret services in the tracking and killing of Muammar Gaddafi. According to some sources, Gaddafi was in fact killed by a French spy who infiltrated the mob of rebels that captured Gaddafi, and shot him in the head after his capture. The motive was alleged to be to prevent Gaddafi from revealing links with the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Former interim prime minister Mahmoud Jibril, told Egyptian television that “it was a foreign agent who mixed with the revolutionary brigades to kill Qaddafi.”

Former NTC head of foreign intelligence Rami al-Obeidi confirmed Jibril's assertion, stating that "French intelligence played a direct role in the death of Gaddafi, including his killing" and claiming that Bashar al-Assad sold Gaddafi's satellite telephone number to French spies operating in Sirte in exchange for a "grace period" and less political pressure on the Syrian government by France.
Is he maybe French?
The French Government is just over-the-top STUPID! HA!
Language police, which is how you know he's an old Freeper, because nowadays...
because Most Freepers like to be informed. I assure you I am not 'Leftist scum' nor am I a conservative” concern troll - who the gives a **** about this ? P.S. Unnecessarily crude post ~ we expect/demand better!
Hillary voters are all evil.
We are in a SPIRITUAL BATTLE for the soul of America...

I agree. Early in the primaries, I thought it was left v right. Those who vote for a living v those who work for a living. Socialists v patriots. Stupidity v intelligence. Now, it is clear that it was evil v good.

Pray for President Trump. I believe we will make America Great Again!
Laughing at tepid Pope jokes.
Me and Bergoglio down by the Synod That was hilarity, in a sinful way. I laughed so hard, I almost PLOTZED! I feel guilty (Catholic guilt?) for Laughing as much as I did...
Plotz? New Yorker confirmed.
As a New Yorker (red County in a blue State) I reject the notion that all NY voters should be held in the basket of ‘deplorable’ hard-leftist Dems...
Staten Island? Fellow Freepers, less sexism, more hating the proletariat!
That deadly substance called 'ESTROGEN' is what has DESTROYED politics!

I respectfully disagree - the deadly substance in this case is the leftist view of entitlement based on Family Legacy... Unaccomplished children of under-performing parents are routinely elected in Blue States - Cuomo, Kennedy, and especially Clinton have a huge advantage In NY elections. sad, but true!
Getting his Cartman in the way of some racist dialect.
Lib’ralism fo’evuh! Responsibilituh nevuh!

“Respect my authoritah”
Not for the death penalty, but willing to talk at length about how to do it.
I DO NOT favor the death penalty, but if it is imposed; I believe death by a Military Firing Squad is the most appropriate form of execution. Because it has been used for traitors to our Country, and also if the sentence of death is handed down to a convict, and if someone has to be killed to comply with the Government's rulings - then the executioners should represent the authority of the same Government, as members of the U.S. Defense Forces under authority granted to the Commander in Chief!
"My son did fine in public school, but I'm sure he was an exception!"
My only beloved son had breezed through his undergrad studies and then earned his Master's Degree from the University of Chicago. (3.87 GPA) He was not homeschooled, but he was schooled in right and wrong, good versus evil, and Man versus Mammon - (this, I believe) had to more to do with his life today than anything ANY teacher ever said to him and his classmates... He Is happy, and well adjusted, DESPITE his Education!


  1. When I ask the people who blindly believe that absurd idea, and I try to talk to them about The Creator of Creation
    So, evidence-based comparisons of the history of the fossil record and modern-day genetics is "emotional" and "not rational or logical" but the need for an imaginary supernatural friend that never appears is a sign of super critical thinking skills.

    1. When he says, "... talk to them ...",
      he means "... scream JESUS at them at the top of my lungs over and over ...".

    2. Also, what about the Creator of the Creator? And the Creator of the Creator of the Creator?

      Silly liberal, it's Creators all the way down!

    3. Exactly. But only THEIR Creator.
      I have many friends who are believers, of various faiths, so I'm not slamming people who are spiritual. I'm only pointing out that willful belief in the supernatural is the opposite of heterosupremacist's vaunted critical thinking skills. It's fine to want to believe in something. Just don't tell me it's rational and not emotional.

  2. "No dumb bell bashing Trump by yje media is unAmerican; and BTW what the hell do you know about Americanism? You were exposed by wikileaks as a Democrat media operative."


    That's it in a nutshell. When the media disagrees with Trump they are wrong or dishonest or whatever. Reality is now what Donnie says it is; nothing more, nothing less, the truth is Trump and Trump is truth.

    1. I find it hilarious that they demand zero scrutiny with Trump for the exact same things they demanded scrutiny for with Obama.

    2. Right below that, without a hint of irony: "Delegitimizing the President is far more unAmerican, but a leftist idiot like Todd would not understand that."

  3. "FYI, you know this but I will say it anyway, in my 15 (or so) years on this site I have never read anything even remotely racist. Never."


    1. Racism aside, why doesn't the stupid "Tea Party" care about how much tax money they are spending daily to keep their embarrassing porcine figurehead and his Russian hooker afloat? Won't someone PLEASE ask them why they don't mind their payroll deductions going for this fiasco?