Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Spotlight: cowboyusa

One of those Freepers who calls everything bad 'globalist' and everything good 'nationalist.' i.e. a proto-fascist. And like all of these types, he's super angry at all the people that call him fascist, since he's changed the definitions and now all liberals are fascists!

He is also a big fan of political violence. Against judges, against people doing recounts, against liberals generally. Big keyboard warrior here.

He says he came from a liberal family, and now is a Messianic Jew. And seems the sort who WRITES SCRIPTURE IN ALL CAPS and calls everyone he doesn't like demonic.
So I suspect there's some dramatic history in his journey to paranoid partisan violence-worshiper. Or maybe he just listened to right wing radio and lacked critical thinking skills.

Proof of voter fraud.
The Black vote did not come out in Philly. My guess is that they manufactured about 15O,OOO Votes.
Pennsylvania is super conservative.
PA WILL stay red at all levels for a long time.
So wrong about Star Trek...
24th Century Star Trek is Fascist. Original Star Trek is pure Americanism.(A western in space.)
Make the government hurt you
We are in a Cold Civil War and it's time to stop listening or caring what the Left or the Antichrist Media says. Make the Government respond with force. They have backed down every time.
Despite the advocacy for civil disobedience, hate for MLK
I can’t stand that communist loving, Jesus denying, women abusing idiot.

The man who deserves a holiday is Jackie Robinson. He was a true American hero and without him there never would have been a Civil Rights Movement.
More MLK hate, via Jackie O.
Jackie Kennedy's verdict....She called him “tricky” and a “phony” after hearing about FBI tapes of him and a woman in his hotel room, while noting that JFK had urged her not to be judgmental. (JFK's own adulterous affairs weren't yet widely known.)

She said King had mocked her husband's funeral and Cardinal Richard Cushing, who celebrated Mass at the funeral.
Jewish theocracy rage.
I think she believes in the Kabbalah. I think? That the Kabbalah has Jewish origins.

A more evil book than the Koran.
Civil War
“Recount” is code for Democrats to manufacture the votes needed to win.

Civil War next!
Genocide and killing liberals
It would be better to go after the lefties. The world would be a much better place without them

That’s started as well. It’s time for Cowboys vs. Islamists and Cowboys vs. Commies.
Kill the judge
If the judge was appointed by Obama get ready for a state wide recount in PA.

Shoot the bitch!
Hillary's nuclear war.
Trump winning saved the world from Nuclear War.
Alexander Hamilton: Monarchical Corporatist traitor
Stupid play about one of the worst men in American history. The original big-government Monarchical Corporatist traitor.
Liberals worshiped Obama
Trump: 'You're not God'
Neither is Obama.

No, but he was there god.
Maybe not God, but demonic everywhere
Fox News has become almost as Demonic as the alphabet networks.
Democrats versus noble Americans
You are Globalist Illuminati One World Traitors, and we are red blooded Nationalist Conservative American Firsters who are here to take back everything that you have stolen!
Hillary would have imprisoned all Freepers
History will record that it was better that Obama won in 2008, than Hillary. Obama is a tyrant at times, but he is a lazy tyrant. Clinton would have meant an attempt at Gulags.
The USSR was not nationalist.
She loved Russia when it was the Communist USSR, and hates it now because it’s Nationalist.
It's not Nazi if it's American!
I only de Friend people when they equate American Nationalism, with Nazism.
More pain that his calls for nationalism and mass killings means he's being called a Nazi.
Someone who calls American Nationalism inflammatory is a mentally ill traitor.
Lets redefine words like Trotsky!
“Far Right” means anything not Globalist.
Reagan luv, all others hate.
Our last true President. The office of true American Non-Globalist tool President has been vacant for 28 years, and is about to be filled.


  1. "Clinton would have meant an attempt at Gulags."

    As opposed to Herr Cowboy who would prefer summary execution.

  2. Trump's Yemen raid:
    "It's Obama's fault."

  3. FBI Insider: Pizzagate Pedophile Ring Arrests Are Now Imminent 30 politicians & 40 others

    Really, if you can't trust then who can you trust?

    1. Thread pulled. Reason: InfoWars

      But but but, I thought Alex Jones was one of the new prophets on FR? What gives?