Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. I

piytar is ready for a war of conquest:
Iran, you are a bug to be squished. You might hurt a lot of innocent people before you get squished, but you will be squished.
It may be a world away, but MadMax, the Grinning Reaper knows who to blame!
Brazilian police in Espirito Santo refuse to end strike amid violent chaos

Years of Marxist rule in Brazil have led to this.
lapsus calami knows big business is liberal, which makes America fascist - except for Trump supporters.
There’s a very powerful symbiosis between large parts of corporate America and the Left going on at this moment in our history.

Their interests coincide, as they have found they can both benefit and grow from having control of the nanny state and the massive debt and spending.

And yet they call Trump and us the fascists - pot, meet kettle.
truth_seeker wants to torture some Soros out of some protesters:
Report: Full List Of The 231 Leftist Thugs Arrested At Inauguration Day Riots In D.C.

Waterboard them to learn who helped them get there.
As Trump screws up, Soros blaming is gaining popularity again. Jimmy The Snake wants to send in the SEALs:
If they can get rid of Osama bin Laden, it shouldn’t be too hard to erase Soros.

How do I help?
As a protectorate of the USSR, Helicondelta knows Putin never poisoned anyone!
A Poisoning in Moscow

LOL. Give me a break. If he had been poisoned he would be dead.

But no, let’s brand Putin a killer and start a war with Russia because Kara-Murza had a bad meal. These Russian conspiracies are pathetic.
GodAndCountryFirst has a plan for health care: Fuck you, got mine.
Cover everyone? 
How about telling people that, if they don’t have health insurance, it’s a problem, but it’s your problem? Why make me pay? 
Get a good job and you will have health insurance. If you are not valuable enough in the marketplace to earn good wages and benefits, then it’s up to you to increase your value. I’m sick and tired of footing the bill for lazy slackers.
GodAndCountryFirst continues his rant that the key to good healthcare is unregulated medicine. And science. Except for military.
Get government out. Get rid of Medicare, Medicaid, the FDA, all of it. Practicing medicine should not require a license because the marketplace would weed out any bad practitioners pretty quickly.

Ideally, getting government out of health care would go hand in hand with getting government out of education and science. Medical schools should get no taxpayer subsidies at all because no education should get that. Medical research should get no taxpayer subsidies because no non-military research should get that.
depressed in 06 has an amazing post on health care:
Let the Obummer voters go without insurance, since, they all thought they were going to get free health care at the expense of tax payers. Medicaid needs to be cut back. Medicare cuts restored. (I am on Medicare.) Welfare eligibility needs to be tightened. (I think welfare is a Bolshekrat money laundering scheme to get the gangs to get Bolshie voters to the polls.)
1. Target Democrats to die from lack of care.
2. Cut the services I don't have, expand the ones I do have.
3. Communism!

SMARTY works in a school and hates every women on campus:
I work on a campus... there are many department offices here where there are NO males.... NONE....

These are offices where there have never BEEN any males. Males are systematically excluded from all consideration when it's time to screen applicants.

It's wall-to-wall, pointless, counterproductive drama and gratuitous hatefulness in some of these offices. You couldn't find a more toxic and stressful work environment than this. It's what you get with ONLY women in the workplace.
fivecatsandadog has no idea what muscles look like, I guess:
Exactly. Had my early dose of Obama this morning while working out at the gym. MSNBC having a lovefest over his learning to kite surf.
My biceps are bigger than his, and I'm a 67 y.o. woman.
fivecatsandadog also defends Putin because she's super duper sure the Clintons killed people. Undoubtedly.
Yes, Putin has undoubtedly had people killed.

And so have our very own home-grown “killers”, Bill AND Hillary Clinton. I’ll bet money on it.
When it comes to Trump's cabinet getting confirmed, ObozoMustGo2012 only cares about one thing
Did Schmuck Choomer cry like a b-—h afterward??
WENDLE is ready to start the policy of teaching male history!!
The key now is retribution on the NEA — Swift and sure. We must return to LOCAL control as Trump promised so that we might teach the true history of this nation with emphasis on the male!! And get this junk crap science gone on global warming
McGruff wishes Freepers would lay off Putin!
Your PDS (Putin Derangement Syndrome) is showing again. Forget your meds?
The Toll knows the key to success in the modern world:
Sorry folks. It’s 2017. No one gets what they want until they start lopping off heads.
Justice xzins's ruling seems to have been overturned.
The law is so clear on this that I see no way this court can rule against the president and not obviously be making a purely political decision.

Any appeal for stay goes to Kennedy who oversees this appeals court. I don’t see how he could deny a stay to Trump until this is heard by scotus.

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