Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. II

LucyT has formed a creepy group to hate on Malia Obama

Malaria watch.
TLOne is one of many Freepers to recommend Trump try and blackmail the 9th Circuit with American immigration as the hostage:
Denying all immigration could be the nuclear option if panel goes against the order. That might entice the 9th to take the issue en banc and come to reason .
Bigg Red corrects a fellow - the Constitution is not the in thing to worship these days:
These Groups seek the Destruction of our Constitution!

These groups seek the destruction of Judeo-Christian values.
reasonisfaith is also one who knows America is secretly a Christian theocracy:
The greatness of America is not in some wrinkled and musty old document whose ink was already dry two hundred years ago. Though I don’t forget that these are man’s best attempt to fashion his law from God’s and they hold our politics together quite well.

America never sought to be great. This came because her people sought after God. The sweet smelling aroma of faith in Jesus Christ. The greatest of man’s laws were written in those days by a people who sought to conform their will to the Lord’s. Nothing that is great in our society has come to us apart from faith in the Lord.

We love the Arabic people because God tells us to love them. Those who do evil by harming the innocent our nation will strike down as God wills it.
sweet smelling aroma of faith?

a fool in paradise has great contempt for the press being unable to prove the stuff he so confidently makes up:
The AP could not verify that each of the incidents had connections to the Islamic State group.

AssPress pro'ly cannot find ties between Communist groups and the riots we've seen since November 2016.

Large packs of lone wolves is all. Following the Al Qaeda handbook and pledging allegiance to the Islamonazis.

Nothing to see here, move along.
1Old Pro is watching and hating ABC:
I called and emailed ABC last night, they are more hateful than I could ever imagine. Every story called Trump an outright liar, their disrespect for the office is over the top.
Umm, donna?
I’m glad we got Trump, but, are we going to let corporate billionaires buy an office and become dictators in America?
DiogenesLamp joins the Freeper cohort working on outsourcing their genocide to Europe:
Mark my words...we’ll see death squads (non Muslim (since they are a death squad by definition)) in Europe this decade. Long in the tooth Germanic/Swede/Slavs won’t let the Muslim’s take over. They just can’t, or it will be the end of them. Politicians better get Mudslime immigration under control before the citizens of Europe do take matter into their own hands....and cities burn.

I have long predicted that excessive tolerance liberals were going to single handedly revive the worst racist attitudes of the Nazi party and create a massive blood bath.

Yes, the Nazis were a lesson in intolerance, but the European countries went too excess in the opposite direction. They turned their own citizens into victims of "tolerance."
dowcaet tries to play the race card on Elizabeth Warren for reading a black lady's letter:
Predictably the lefties are accusing McConnell of not allowing Fauxahontas her right to speak, and praising her for bringing up the name of Correta Scott King. 
I’m tired of rich white liberals like Fauxahontas Lieawatha Warren invoking the name of a person of color for cheap political points when using the race card. These white liberals are responsible for so much of the crap that is ruining our country!
Trump may have won, but for many like Gator113, the urge for Civil War (or that we're already in Civil War) continues.
We will not see peace until sometime after a civil war. It is unfortunate, but it is the reality of our times.
Our friend Twinkie tells of her Confederate roots and allegiance, and is ready for the next one!
My great-great grandfather was a Confederate soldier in the
Civil War; fought at Shiloh. Did not have slaves. Fought
because “ya’ll” were down here. I was raised with my parents
taking me to Shiloh battlefield. My grandfather said Shiloh
was “the biggest mess he’d ever seen in his life”. Bloody
Pond was dark, dark old-blood colored when I was a child. It
had faded out a lot the last time I was there. - The
“snowflakes” had best count the cost before they come
against us “Southerners” again. Robert E. Lee once said
that if he’d known how Grant & the North would treat the
South; he NEVER would have surrendered. Now, we know &
judging by the way the “snowflakes” have acted ever since
Nov. 8, 2016 and January 20, 2017 - they better bring at
least as much firepower as they did the last time to
subdue us. Then, we’ll see if they’re really serious about
“gun control”.
At least as much firepower as the Union had in 1860? So like one F-15?

Jagman is sure abortion will kill all the liberals, I guess not noting how many Freepers lament their liberal kids.
Maybe we should rename the liberals the neo-Shakers: They’re going to abort and sex-strike their way into oblivion.

The one I loved best was last week when a bunch of these “ladies” said they were going to withhold sex from their significant others. Two thoughts: first, since most of them are probably lesbians, how’s that going to work, and second, the ones who aren’t lesbians are most likely married to liberal men, so no great loss...
Trump Girl Kit Cat is such a big spender, she's putting all the anti-Trump companies out of business.
HSN is a HUGE sacrifice for me but I CUT THEIR CARD up today and mailed it back to them with a letter!!! I have spent SOOOOOO much money with them over the years don’t know how they will survive losing customers like myself!!! These companies are IDIOTS!!! I CAN Guarantee you MY WALLET with HSN is a HELL of a lot bigger than these BASTARD protesters!!!!
Unable to believe capitalism could be turning against the low-polling Trump, cradle of freedom is sure the corporate fear of association with Trump is because of death threats:
Don’t be surprised if there have been threats of violence against these stores. We have seen what all of the “compassionate” liberals are capable of doing.
gaijin is starting the slow turn to antisemitism:
I will take the Israeli side EVERY time yet I notice that they do not simply want our defense:

They want to be defended AND have us not even notice that we have done so.

They want to be defended in return for nothing AND scream at us that Pollard did NOTHING wrong at all and that we stupid goyim should shut up about it.

And it’s ridiculous.
Noted black Freeper Windflier proclaims his Scottish ancestry??
It happened in my family during 2007, when Obama was first running for president. I'm pretty much the sole conservative in my clan, so I was all but disowned by all of my kin except for my wife and kids.

It's par for the course, really. I've always been the black sheep of the family, so I'm sure they weren't totally shocked when I broke with the herd. Still, there are a few who haven't spoken to me since 2008. I lost a few long time friends back then, too.

Anyway, thanks for the kind invitation. It may be a few years before I get back to your country. The wife and I have wanted to visit my family's ancestral homeland in the Scottish Borders for ages. It'll take some real planning and saving to pull it off, but I think we will.
It might be less that you're conservative, and more that you're a nutbar rooting for civil war, and wishing for a purge of all Muslims and execution of black people(!).

Why Freepers can't have nice things: flaglady47 pressures our new AG to prosecute Hillary:
This is where Sessions has to take a lesson from his Boss, Donald Trump, and double down on going after all the corrupt pond scum infesting our gov’t, and indeed drain the swamp. Sessions must not be intimidated now, and in fact should do just the exact opposite of what the Dems are expecting. They think they have done a really good job in their attempt to destroy Sessions’ reputation (see Elizabeth Warren’s latest antics for an example).

Sessions should be tough on the corrupt, wherever he finds them (ready Hillary?) from the minute he sits down at his new desk. The shoe is on the other foot now, and Sessions is in control. Eliminate the cesspool that has found an all too permanent home in Washington D.C.
A border wall thread is always good fodder for Freepers advocating for dystopian sci-fi. Forward the Light Brigade's plan was my favorite:
radioactive Zone—cross it and your hair falls out and you can never have children. That and land mine—three miles deep—maybe killer robots with machines guns that will kill anything that moves—and drones that will crash into any truck or car in the Dead Zone! Make the border air tight.
publius911 has decided all judges are gay:
I should have realized that after 1980 or so, most judges were rump rangers...
niteowl77 gets pretty dramatic about consumer groups fleeing the Trump brand:
Low-intensity Kristallnacht. Get ready folks, they are willing to kill this country if they can't have it all.
Candor7 explains that liberals have turned Nazi, so we need to kill them all:
This is fascist level hatred. Obama has created liberal fascism of the first order. We must expose them,name them and ridicule them. Into the dust bin of history.

This is waht scholars of historical fascism ca,, the dehuminizing stage where fascists dehumanize their opponents in their fascist evolution. AFTER THAT COMES VIOLENCE , “ THE FINAL SOLUTION.” And when the vilence comes as it must, our nation must destroy these liberal fascist to end their social movement forever.

This is what we must face as a nation. We have the measure f these liberal fascists now, and we must send them and their running dogs into that dust bin of history, and to do that we must have our own very actice movement as patriots.This is no time for silence.
Supposedly broke Gene Eric's Obamacare numbers don't quite add up...
Not only have I been counted as an Obamacare enrollee, I’ve also been forced to pay an additional 75% for insurance. And the criteria sucks. I guess I’m now paying for another family’s insurance. Imagine that. I’m broke.

Simple numbers...

In 2010, my effective outlay was $13k with minimal copays. For 2017, my projected outlay is $23k. That insane, right? I know there’s another FReeper taking a bigger hit.

The ACA law forced me off my small business health insurance, and required that I adopt the ACA. The Democrats boasting about the ACA are including me as a beneficiary — deceitful bastards — they terminated my preferred insurance. And we also lost our doctors, preferred hospital, and clinics. No exaggeration. It’s been Hell.


  1. "Well this Representative is in my State of Utah...
    Instead of doing this piece of crap, he should be working on preparing to bring down the Clinton Foundation, all branches of it starting with Haiti and the sex trafficking from there...

    Also, he needs to get Bears Ears back away from the Government that Barky took...

    Then he needs to worry about what other people to look at such as Barky, John McCain, ‘Egg McMuffin’, Linda Graham...

    Why is Paul Ryan taking money from George Soros? So instead of trying to put dirt on our President, go get the dirt that really matters and leave Kellyanne alone!!!"

    Jim has only taken in fifty-nine thousand dollars so far this quarter. Be sure to send him a check. After all, the Republican Speaker of the House is in the pay of a Hungarian Jew! A Hungarian Jew who works for Hitler! Oy Vey! Make America Great Again, send your money to RimJob!

    1. I'm surprised there isn't more Mormon hate in that thread. Only two mentions of Chaffetz's religion so far.

  2. Entertainment Industry is Leading Charge to Civil War

    "This will ONLY end in bloodshed."

  3. sweet smelling aroma of faith?

    I think that's antifreeze that reasonisfaith is smelling.

  4. Also when it comes to Freep, "Judeo-Christian" is always code for "white"

  5. In other words, Flynn has admitted he lied...


    Flynn Apologized to Pence Over Phone Call With Russian Ambassador

  6. "Though I don’t forget that these are man’s best attempt to fashion his law from God’s and they hold our politics together quite well."
    The first four of the Ten Commandments are basically unconstitutional. So, no.

  7. "LucyT has formed a creepy group to hate on Malia Obama ..."

    Nothing sticks in their wrinkle old craws more than Obama and family having a great time out of office and enjoying greater approval ratings now than Trump has in office. Ha ha ha!