Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday Pix

As if Obama wasn't. Basic civics.
Just as every villain got Obama's face, now every actin-movie hero...
Wait, so his tie is a hat for an eagle?
Child-slapping for even mentioning CNN. Hilarious!
Wacky facial expressions are crazy? Because I have some bad news about Trump...
That was fast.
Making Muslim Obama feel bad is all that matters.
Muslims are dirty people. Right outta the playbook.
Still trying to hate Hillary, but the thrill is kinda gone.

Hating Obama, on the other hand...he remains undefeated!


  1. Here's a blast from the past, January 2016.

    Forget Soros. Leave him alone. He’s got enough problems...sweetheart


  2. Replies
    1. Poor MeshugaMikey ... a victim of the Trumpist purges.

  3. Everyday in freeperville is "opposite day".

    That's why they had to depict Obama as various deformed villians, and have to depict fat, weak, stupid, orange Trump as handsome heroes ...
    it's OPPOSITE DAY!!!!

  4. Replies
    1. When (not "if", but "when") Donald Trump goes down, it will from a combination of his own insiders and congressional republicans.

      His last words will be "Et tu, Bannon?"

  5. Obama isn't undefeated, Bobby Rush badly kicked his ass in that 2000 Congressional primary. Rush supporters called him a half White egghead with a funny name.

    1. I wonder what Bobby Rush's freeper name is.

  6. Bitter old farts crap on the Oscars, annual tradition.
    I love how all of them pretend they've never seen a movie every year. I also love:
    - How Freepers are so NOT racist, yet all the comments they make about so many blacks getting the Oscar just 'cuz they're black.
    - How actors politicize EVERYthing. Hey, that's Free Republic's job!
    - How some of them claim to not have enjoyed films since the days of Bob Hope and Sinatra. LOL!
    Old farts are old.

    1. Wendle: I have never see so many communists in one hell hole. Their movies suck . I will never watch the glorification of faggots.Never!

      That Milo, tho...

    2. I love all the cutie-beauties of FR complaining about how bad all the actresses look ...
      yeah, the fat wrinkle-bag look is popular this year (like every year) on FR.