Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Pix

Yeah, the folks targeting a particular religion for expulsion and more maybe shouldn't' be making Nazi comparisons...
Wow. This is the best 'But Hillary' yet!
Oh, no. They made them feminists. How awful.
Making your guy into domestic violence isn't actually flattering...
Christ. What an asshole!
I'm sure all the callers ranting about 'Lady Gag' changed the show.
They were really looking to use that halftime show to stoke their resentment! Also, religious Trump, lol.
Still?! Because come on, guys.


  1. "Coup d'état"?

    Trump’s two-year presidency [Another coup d'état Leftist]

  2. From the "You've gotta be fucking kidding me" files:
    Republicanprofessor: Why all the hate? Why do so many of the liberals so viscerally despise Trump and all Republicans who side with him? Was there ever such hate for Obama? I know there were deep policy disputes with Obama, but conservatives were prevented from expressing the kind of hatred we see today...

    1. And in the same breath as their righteous indignation that they never hated and feared a post all about how much they still hate and fear Obama: How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency

  3. The ACLU is seeing an increase in donations and membership so,

    "Soros money.....for the socialists and muzzies. Probably some Saudi money too. I am sure CAIR is getting money also. They must pay for their deranged army of protesters and cop shooters. Global elites must keep their shadow government supplied.
    These 'organizations' all need to be shut down."

    Perhaps the Republican Party could be tasked with this. They are not busy until the next election season, why not spend this time shutting down organizations they find offensive like the ACLU?


    got rlly confused about who they were making fun of near the end there.

    1. bummer I like the threads where someone is such a dork loser that even the other freepers pile on