Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Daily Win / The Daily Battle

So in addition to the weekly Worship-Trump-But-Really-Complain-and-post-food-pics threads, Freeper legend Lazamataz has created a more militant, daily thread. It's about as lame:

The first column is a list of Trump's victories. It's up to about 80 entries right now, because the standard for victory seems to be 'right wing media mentions Trump.' So you get all his nominations, stuff like 'Trump agrees to speak a CPAC,' 'Trump holds rally,' and 'Trump has supporters.'

I've excerpted below so you get a flavor. The low, low standards they have for victory is pretty telling of how little they care about substantive gains, and how hard they are working to feel like winners even as they continue to plot Civil War 2.

This thread will serve to record the "wins" that President Donald Trump achieves, and to acknowledge that we are still in the battle for the soul of our country. I will post the wins as they come, and post analysis and/or strategies to defeat his Globalist/Elitist enemies as we work together to think of them. Please contribute whatever you can to either column!


  1. President Trump appoints LTGEN H.R. McMaster as national security adviser. McMaster is an unrepentant patriot.
  2. President Trumps' former Republican enemies are slowly coming around, and getting on the Trump Train! (well, some of them...)
  3. President Trump agrees to speak at the CPAC 2017 conference.
  4. President Trumps' UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, BLASTS the UN at her first UN Press Conference.
  5. President Trump held a rally on 2/18/2017 and the attendance was a 'Jaw-Dropping, Massive “Miles Long” Crowd of Thousands".
  6. President Trumps' Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly has signed sweeping new guidelines that empower federal authorities to more aggressively detain and deport illegal immigrants.
  7. President Trumps' wife, Melania Trump, proudly and with great emotion, leads the Melbourne rally crowd in 'The Lord's Prayer'.
  8. President Trumps' Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is cleaning house at the State Department, most notably those on the 7th floor, who are management.
  9. President Trump nominee for the EPA, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, was confirmed by the Senate.
  10. President Trump: ‘Fake News Media’ Is ‘Enemy Of The American People’.
    (Laz: While I originally had mixed feelings about this, I don't know. See the editorial to follow.)
  11. President Trump delivered perhaps the best Press Conference in the history of the Republic, in which he eloquently explained his administration's direction, easily dismissed baseless charges, and called the 'news' media out for their numerous lies.
  12. President Trumps' nominee for the National Security Advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, was cleared of all accusations of wrongdoing by the FBI.
  13. President Trumps' law-enforcement agencies have made 1391 arrests on human trafficking charges as of 2/16/2017.
  14. President Trump plans to assign a trusted associate to lead a broad review of American intelligence agencies.
  15. President Trump signed H.J. Res. 41 that “blocks a misguided regulation from burdening American extraction companies.”
  16. President Trump signs repeal of Dodd Frank provision.
  17. President Trumps' Homeland Security raids and arrests MS-13 gang members across Santa Cruz County
  18. President Trumps' National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, resigns after it is found out he lied to the Vice President. Lying will not be tolerated!
  19. President Trump drops the defense of Obama-era guidelines on transgender students.
  20. President Trump removes an establishment NeoCon from consideration for heading up the State Department.
  21. President Trump, having faced an extra-judicial ruling by the 9th Circuit Court, now finds that the entire 9th Circuit will rehear the case -- possibly to reverse the bad decision.
  22. President Trump orders the House Oversight Committee to “Go After Everything”
And then there is the enemies list. Turns out the swamp is Congress, the media, every agency, the intelligence community...etc etc. Lots of room to blame people if somehow the weak-sauce list above doesn't end up producing results!

It's surprisingly short now, but I have zero doubt it will grow. 
We always knew we would be facing extremely difficult odds 'draining the swamp', but it is shocking how deep the swamp is and how many forces are arrayed against President Trump. Consider:

  1. CNN, ABC, NBC, ABC, the NYT, the Washington Post (and similar publications) have descended to the level of total #FakeNews, simply making things up about Trump or exaggerating them entirely out of proportion.
  2. Elements of the intelligence community, presumably Obama employees and holdovers from the Bush era, are routinely committing major felonies leaking the most sensitive, most illegal SIGINT information that could possibly damage the President. The information could be entirely fabricated -- created from whole cloth -- and there is little to nothing the President can do to challenge it. Utterly unfair, possibly completely fabricated, but how does one defend oneself against anonymous people in the shadows passing unvetted information to a press that lies outright anyways?
  3. Many members of Congress and the Senate are Establishment Republicans, which is to say, aligned with Globalists. The entire Democrat party is made up of those same Globalists. They have started 'investigations' based on the accusations of anonymous sources in those intelligence communities passing this unvetted, possibly fabricated information. The Globalists hold a majority, when counted across party lines.
  4. These same individuals are launching investigations based upon matters that are absolutely overblown. The assertions are that Trumps team contacted Russian officials after the election. Yes, and so? It is entirely correct to do so, inasmuch as they were about to be dealing with those officials in mere weeks. They are also investigating (or planning to)obviously trivial matters, such as an off-hand and flippant remark by Kellyanne Conway, and will soon be going after others. The goal here is to strip Trump of his allies and aides.
  5. They are also slow-walking the approval of his other nominees, with the same goal of keeping Trump isolated and unable to instruct his agencies to act or respond.
  6. Employees of the various agencies, still owing their allegiance to Obama and even taking indirect instruction from him, are sabotaging every single effort of the President.

PGalt is into it.
Every day is a battle. The war never ends. Thanks for your efforts, Laz. BUMP!
The threads are short, but Lazamataz is rather enjoying the attention:
Put me on your list please....

You're a WINNER!
Doogle is pretty excited about so hard!
...gonna be a busy week for ya...Trump is signing up a storm...*grins*
xp38 posts a pic to start the usual worship:
It appears this was a casual event since he wasn't wearing a tie. Was it hot there at the rally?
SisterK has ambitions to kill NPR and 'shake down' the public schools. Does she not know what shake down means?
The Battle is Not Over:

defunding NPR and PBS

shake down propaganda machines posing as educational institutions
Lazamataz is working so hard, guys!
I took a much-needed day off yesterday. There are four new wins and two battle SITREPS. I’ve decided both wins and SITREPS are to appear in reverse chrononological order — newest first.
oldvirginian would like to worship the new first lady, greatest first lady ever...
Melania Trump walks into the room and the temperature jumps up 15 degrees minimum.

For my money she makes Jackie Kennedy look like the runner up of the Miss East Podunk pageant.
GonzoII manages to be super condescending even in his praise:
Haley was the best

At the UN our new Sheriffette

What a speech, could we ask for more?

Perhaps Pence/Haley 2024


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    1. I am puzzled by the "topics" listed under that post. "Cheese," "moose," "sister"??

    2. I think they're REALLY going to lose their minds as it dawns on them that no president has the power to deliver on all of the things Trump promised them. In this thread, they start to turn on each other.

      Just think how bad it's going to get.

    3. In your thread, anonymousB, DoodleDawg reminds us of this corker,

      "Don't forget this promise while you're at it: Trump: I will eliminate U.S. debt in 8 years"

    4. I look forward to future cries of "FUDJT!"

  2. So, about that dead SEAL and the $70 million aircraft we had to destroy -- does that go in the "win" column?