Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday Pix

Just ignore 2012, and assume surface-area can vote and Russian hacking doesn't matter!
 don't bother with inflation or population growth. And don't show that chart for Bush!
Yes, Trump's tweets is part of a secret plan, and liberal's incredulous anger is the secret to Republican success...
Joke's on the Dems! They're ALL Muslim Communists!
What the hell happened to wikileaks that now it's basically mainstream Freep?
Seriously, the gobal rise of western racial nationalism is not a good sign.
Freepers come out for national ID.
Pizzagate getting deeper.
No bigot. No bigot. You're the bigot.
LOL at Freepers condemning stuff as McCarthyism.


  1. The chart of statistics is maddeningly stupid in light of this article boasting how U.S. jobless claims are at a 44-year low. They can hold several silly ideas in their empty heads at one time:
    1. Trump is responsible for this record dip in jobless claims (hilarious)
    2. Unemployment spiked under Obama (it didn't).
    3. 94 million people who can work are out of work. (They aren't.)
    4. All the numbers Obama used to make himself look good are fake, but Trump will use real numbers.

    Since many of them are boomers themselves, I wonder how it has escaped their attention that a large number of people (boomer generation) have recently aged out of the workforce all at one time.


      semimojo has posted a rational fact challenging Freeper dogma! Get the admins and have the post removed! Give semimojo a warning or a zot! We can't have facts infecting Free Republic!


  2. The Mark of the Beast, that's what that national ID card is. The scripture goes something like this - No man may buy or sell anything without the Mark! We are all going to be marked by Satan and it is all the Republicans fault! Thanks, Republicans.

  3. Freepers spend all day in a frenzy over FISA court wiretapping.

    MinuteGal is alarmed to discover that the FISA court has sweeping powers. A little late, don’t you think?