Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Spotlight: Neidermeyer

A story of slouching Freepward, here we have an old man in Florida who is always into get-rich-quick schemes and lawsuits. He used to spend all his time on Freep to further said schemes and ask for computer advice. Once he even linked to Democratic Underground, which did not go over well!
But lately he's gotten more active on the Trump train and has more or less assimilated into the Freep persecution mindset, mostly focusing on hating all Hispanics he sees as illegals.

And what's with the ',,' as ellipses?

Illegals ruined his car insurance!
Will only be missed by illegal Mexican aliens. Citizens will enjoy the reduction in unsafe and uninsured vehicles on the roads tomorrow.

That’s about 30% in my area ,, they pay nothing and I pay double because of them.
Pity the poor Mexican slaves.
Mexican illegals are todays slaves working for low wages in CT of all places , the garden spot where Manhattanites live and play in their mansions with these servants making their meals , tending their gardens and watching their children.
Aaaand now back to hating them.
Mexicans can drive without licenses or insurance , drunk if they want to and bring vans full of teenage hookers to the farms to pimp out to other Mexicans while they collect all kinds of housing cash , medical and food assistance and send their kids to my school to drag their education down to their level.

Me? I am a citizen , I have entries in every listing and database there is ,, I can’t escape the gov’t on anything.. I pay their bills and so do you.
I wonder if the Mexicans are why he doesn't pay his traffic tickets?
Did you receive a traffic citation?

YES , about 6 months ago ,, refused to pay .. I won’t hear anything more on it .. almost 75% of such tickets go unpaid and they really can’t do anything about it.

My neighbor received one last month and paid ,, he was recovering from knee replacement surgery at the time , someone else (wife) was driving.

Originally the city had the yellows shortened but it appears that they are now within DOT guidelines on the timing.

I deliver medical supplies and put a lot of miles on my car , these cameras have me doing stupid things on a daily basis and will lead to me being involved in an accident.
Obama doesn't spy on Americans as responsibly as Bush did.
Bush would tolerate foot dragging as he more or less still believed in freedom and thought of the NSA as a necessity that was a Lesser Evil... Obama is quite open in his lust for power and a police surveillance state.. he empowers them and makes them minor gods... of course they jump at the chance to lick Reggie Loves scat off of his shiny knee high boots.
Some badly understood math proves kids these days are so dumb!
Out of tens of thousands of students only 19 scored over a 1500 on the "kinder" "gentler" easier SAT test ,,, years ago the SAT added a third section making the max possible score 2400 ,, so getting a 1500 is equal to what us "old timers" would think of as a totally inadequate score of 1000... This is why Obama and the rats are winning ,, they own the brain dead generation .. the cream of that crop goes to college for remedial math and English that we were doing back in grade school.
And now some financial gibberish
The numbers are so obscene that if the banksters attempt to use the FDIC rules to confiscate all our deposits it will collapse the currency... collapse EVERYTHING .... I do see them however using this ploy to “bail in” (like Cypress?) when hedge funds (many of them under their control) either fail or are ordered to fail by their controlling banks ... easily done by telling them to take their place as counterparty to whatever position the squid is working to collapse...

I guess Florida didn't take him up on this.
I have come up with a new idea on raising state revenue that is purely voluntary. I think it would bring in quite a lot of money with absolutely minimal overhead to collect.. I have attempted to contact my Governor but I just get the usual e:mail reply brush off.

I will speak to any other high state official (any state) and will take no more than 5 minutes of their time..

They can contact me by "private reply" here on Freep.
Yeah...he's not good at law stuff.
Synthetic drugs that aren’t technically illegal because their exact chemical composition is unknown to lawmakers (synthetic marijuana in crystal form??) is often sold as “bath salts”.
That time he linked to DU about illegal foreclosures in 2011.
As far as using something from “progressive” sites ... They happen to be doing something while “we” are watching our own people act against ALL OF US ,, sure their motivation is highly suspect but the goal should be applauded... if you understood the full ramifications of the destruction raining down on every parcel of land in America from the banks that have been deemed “Too Big To Follow the Law” you would join me.
He somehow didn't get zotted.

Some gold-fringe level logic about foreclosure.
Foreclosure is not an operation of law to create Possession…The party wishing to foreclose must already have Possession at the onset of their fc suit and they don’t…..rights of a holder or a holder in due course go out the window upon presentment of copies of unindorsed notes…..they must then prove at the onset how the security was created or there is no case…
I'd think his own house was in danger, but it looks like he came out fine.

He won a lawsuit - thanks Trump!
There’s more to it than just yanking the rug out ... I’m ecstatic about 2-3 YUGE wins a day... I just won an unwinnable lawsuit by attacking their weakness one step at a time and never stopping... This is not the time to bring on the outcry this will start... get the team in place , get things up and running independent of the president and then start taking on the bigger and bigger items. THEN when we have 50 YUGE wins in progress you yank DACA and take the attention off of your 50 wins in the process of being implemented.

On the bigger issues Trumps job is to generate a gameplan , sell the idea and after initiation hand it off to the appropriate cabinet member or agency. He will do this so many times in the next 4 years that you will become tired of winning!
Looks like he managed to defend himself after his dog bit someone:
I just had a dogbite case against me dismissed after a fight that went on for over 4 years. The dog did bite but in defense of me , the case truly had no merit and the plaintiff made ridiculous claims such as "permanent disability" that had no basis in fact and were disproved with video exhibits (and a total lack of medical documentation).

I had about 500 hours of surveillance in this fight and about $1000 in miscellaneous out of pocket expenses. The case is now dismissed (they voluntarily dismissed when I issued subpoena's for their imaginary doctors).

This is in FLORIDA , Can I realistically go after them for my expenses and if so what is the statute of limitations on such an action?
Always hustling
I’m attempting to buy a trademarked name right now (owner died , negotiating with the estate) and my biggest fear is if it becomes known that the owner died I’ll have to spend a lot of time and money chasing away the riff-raff that will attempt to steal it.
Ethics concerns about Trump? But Obama hired Bill Ayers for something I'll bet!!
Is this the same office that approved of communists and former bomb throwing radicals in the Obama administration?
He was part of the 'too rational' group in a mock jury.
on the “mock jury” they separated us into 2 groups I was put with the logical thinkers (they didn’t want us to “pollute” the second pool) ,, the second group was your more typical jury pool ,, older people , people with no accomplishments , people that watch a lot of TV...

They probably got millions from the hospitals insurer if at the real trial they got “their” jury ,, in the mock trial the second pool didn’t ask any questions and assumed guilt without hesitation ,, went right to damages...
I hate the SPLC , but then again I also hate fire ants and child molesters. Is there a test to determine if hate is appropriate?
Kill Muslim lady who sues Trump.
Is she a citizen, or can she be deported?

citizen , murderer by torture/impaling , islamic extremist.
Canada is Muslim.
Time to start accepting refugees from Canuckistan I suppose.. Trudeau has officially surrendered to Sharia.
Getting with the Islam genocide program.
The Islamic holocaust started 1400 years ago with the stated goal of conquering , converting and/or killing all non muslims ... it is ongoing and relentless ... he is promoting self preservation... kill the bastards ,, all of them.
And Pizzagate
If that’s true (I’m not going to look it up) then he should be very worried that the pizzagate arrests have begun.
Bushes and Clintons and drugs.
His story dovetails perfectly with the known drug involvement of Bush1 , !jeb! and their “son” WJC ,,

maybe you should try to recall how the contra/sandinista battle was fought or how “rite rail” under WJC brought cocaine in by the railcar load.
We need better famous blacks. Also England doesn't have a race problem!
Glenn Beck had a tremendous amount of data gathered regarding real achievements by black Americans ,, many people that we’ve never heard of... I think a major rewrite of American History books , maybe a supplement for Black History month (I do believe it is necessary) with those high achievers and NOT the race pimps would go a long way to healing the divide.

I was in England back in the 1980’s and there was no real divide between black and white ,, there are many blacks there from former colonies but they are part of society, nothing different is expected of them ...


  1. Anyone who has to continuously refer to themselves as "a man of accomplishments", isn't.

  2. If you are a Freeper reading this would you please post this story to Free Republic? Thanks!!!

    Trump Ally Drastically Changes Story About Altering GOP Platform On Ukraine

  3. "bump for later read.

    It *can* but it is not going to happen without some very serious strategizing and some very sharp counter-moves and pre-emptive moves.

    For one example, IMO SWAT teams should be moving into various floors in the State Dep’t, arresting a few dozen people at a time and marching them out in handcuffs. Repeatedly. And when the media catches wind, there needs to be a steadfast refusal to discuss the particulars due to national security and espionage concerns. The admin needs to get medieval on these folks, this leaking is not a game, it is intolerable, it is a violation of plenty of parts of the espionage act and they are not Hillary Clinton."

    Is AttentionSurplusDisordereven a grown up?

  4. This guy seems pretty darned rational considering that these are excerpts that give no context and VK has no personal knowledge of the guy...