Thursday, March 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday: And Now This Word From Outer Space

Eight Commandments of the Liberal Left Edition:
Thou shalt create an illusion of invulnerability shared by most members to foster excessive optimism and encourage extreme risks taking

Thou shall not allow any member to question the group's inherent morality, instead members shall be encouraged to ignore the ethical or moral consequences of their decisions

Thou shalt promote collective efforts to rationalize in order to discount warnings, or other information that might lead members to reconsider their assumptions before they recommit themselves to their assumptions

Thou shalt reinforce stereotyped views of enemy leaders as too evil to warrant genuine attempts to negotiate, or as too weak and stupid to counter whatever risky attempts are made to defeat their purpose

Thou shalt self-censor any deviation from the apparent group consensus, inclining each member to minimize the importance of their doubts and counterarguments

Thou shalt create and maintain a shared illusion of unanimity concerning judgement conforming to the majority view

Thou shalt apply direct pressure on any member who expresses strong arguments against any of the group's stereotypes, illusions, or commitments, making clear that this type of dissent is contrary to what is expected of all loyal members

Thou shalt appoint mind guards to protect the group from adverse information that might shatter their shared complacency about the effectiveness and morality of their decisions
Eight different ways to say 'liars' provided by Eddie01 (Liberals lie about everything all the time.)


  1. If I didn't read the title, I would have thought these are the posting rules and guidelines for Free Republic members.