Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday potpourri pt. I

Kenny is not a fan of the new National Security adviser understanding how psychology works:
Article says he doesn’t want to say “radical Islamic terrorism”. Sorry but no matter who he’s killed, I see that as a red flag. Trump pushed that repeatedly in his rallies, you can’t beat the enemy if you won’t say their name. He criticized Obama over and over for not saying “radical Islamic terrorism”.

Anyway, Hillary’s probably killed her share of enemies, not necessarily a character reference. :-)
Lil Flower has fully adopted the 'if liberals ain't mad, I don't want it' paradigm:
I knew this guy was bad news when the establishment went all gaga over him. Trump is over impressed with Generals, don’t know if he looks deep enough before he hires.

Me too. When everyone likes him, you know it’s trouble. He should have never excepted Flynn’s resignation. Preibus needs to go.
be-baw has an odd definition of innuendo...
We have yet to see a shred of evidence that Russia had any influence on or even tried to intervene in US elections. All we have is innuendo that 9 or 16 or however many intelligence agencies have claimed it happened. No named sources of these rumors as far as I know and there’s no good reason to believe any of it.
dp0622, of all people, urges Freepers to remain calm:
To think I worried about this sh## a few weeks ago.
Nobody’s kicking Trump out of power.

He will destroy them first.

And there are no ground.

THEY HATE that he apologizes to NO ONE an takes no prisoners.

Hey Trump, kill em all and let God sort em out.
To replace Trump's latest failed nominee, VietVet876, like so many Freepers, takes refuge in fiction, and a hoaxter:
I liked one of the actors who played SecNav in NCIS a couple of years ago when Ziva was still in the house. Or to really put a steel-toed boot up the appropriate asses, how about Richard Marcinko?
Pravious defends Trump's compulsive twittering - he's doing it for youuuu!
Why does he feel the need to comment about everything?

Because he sees himself as virtually the only person standing up to that left and what they’re trying to do to our country. Even after his win, the Republicans in congress seem overwhelmingly content to cower under their desks, deny that anything’s ever going to get done, and whimper like cowards.

Besides, I like the mindset of constantly throwing it back in the left’s ugly face. Don’t let them set the agenda. Don’t let them get away with ANYTHING, because they’ve been getting away with EVERYTHING for far, far too long.
trebb also thinks Trump's constantly making a fool of himself for the world to see is good, because liberals being angry proves liberals losing. Not sure what that means about Freepers being angry...
I think the President's tweets work best when he talks about what his administration is accomplishing. After all, that is the best bitch-slap of all.

Normally I might agree, but the whole of the Left is fully engaged in war with President Trump and like they say, A good offense is the best defense --- if he goes a day or two w/o some sort of slap at them, they will be crying out that he must agree with them and that he is indefensible...
Tune in later today, as frustration sets in, and Freepers stop gloating about miserable liberals and start yearning for fascism.

elpadre is pretty sure the Democratic Party is doomed, now:
a full fledged socialist defeated a hammer and sickle communist. I suspect membership in the Democratic Party is going to decrease considerably. 
Many whom I know are only Democrat because they always have been as were their Daddies were and grand-daddies, etc. This may well be just too much for them.
Ho-hum, just  Candor7 urging vigilante murder again.
If I were Bergdahl’s lawyers, at this point I’d tell him to let the trial proceed and see what the judgement is

Well many want him released so they can make their own Justice happen. His action resulted in a couple of deaths of his fellow platoon members.

If he had any clues, he should want to stay in jail as long as possible for protection.But he is actually clueless.
MGunny has already started defending Trump for not delivering on his outlandish promises.
PRESIDENT Trump has been in office now for, what, 5 weeks...and he hasn’t cured the common cold....I am SOOOOO disappointed!
Bit of advice, Arthur McGowan...done's play semantics with pedophilia...
There were only four or five PEDOPHILE priests in the U.S. in the last sixty years.

Most of the rest were pederasts. Homosexual men preying on young males.
WENDLE goes on the Oscars thread to smugly drop that the Oscars and moves r dumb and liberal and gay.
That movie crap is total history.Nobody gives a rip.I have never see so many communists in one hell hole. Their movies suck . I will never watch the glorification of faggots.Never!
Art in Idaho has some analysis of the amusing Oscars screw-up
Trump won tonight.
Ann Archy is going full conspiracy on the Oscars:
I just watched a short clip on Drudge, and it looked TOTALLY FAKE!! HOW did that guy grab the card out of Beatty's hand that said Moolighting????? Totally STAGED imho.

If this hadn't happened NO ONE would be talking about the damn show.
Red Badger seems to think majority minority districts are Democratic inventions:
It was DEMOCRATS OWN GERRYMANDERING that caused them to lose the House and Senate in 1994 and again in 2010.

When they were in power in the states’ redistricting processes they ‘created’ so-called ‘black districts’ that were safely within their control. By doing this, they had to rob adjacent districts of democrat voters, thus weakening their control over those districts’ voters and so they lost the district in the next election after the redistricting.

What this did was to make the elected Dems in Congress be way more liberal and left-wing than the average voter back in their states. They weeded out the centrists and the right wing entirely of their party so now we have a Dem party full of far left ideologues.

Then when the Republicans got control of the redistricting process, they let the ‘black districts’ remain, so now neither the Dems or the Pubbies will get rid of them...............
GrandJediMasterYoda has a new conspiracy for us!
I believe the NY Times was the paper that warned Castro of the Bay of pigs invasion. Right there the editors and owners should have been arrested for treason. That’s 56 years that people have been living under a dictatorship because of that.
Angels27 knows California is only liberal because of all the illegal immigrants voting fraudulently, though also Trump is hated???
I live in Southern California. I ASSURE you Hillarys huge advantage here was just from illegals. Whites overwhelmingly voted for her here to. Trump is completely dispised here in the Peoples Republic of California. He is utterly hated here and anyone who would vote for him is subject to violence. Even Orange County voted overwhelmingly for her. No Democrat since FDR has carried Orange County.


  1. Remember, they're "winning."

    Freepers "winning" looks a lot like Freepers losing, there's just less words in caps.

    1. Throughout Trump's campaign he played the victim. It doesn't matter much if Freepers complain endlessly but Donnie is going to have to find his nuts and strap them on. The Presidency is not a place for whiners. It's a man's job.

    2. I don't disagree with your sentiment, but subtle misogyny detected...

    3. I read it as "a [grown] man's job as opposed to a child's job."

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