Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wisconsin court: Teens in Slender Man case should be tried as adults

Two twelve-year-olds killed someone due to some kind of fascination with Internet meme slenderman. Horrible. But trying twelve-year-olds as adults is not justice. Freepers, though, are always down to be unthinkingly tough on crime. After all, Freepers often speak about revenge as a legitimate use of state power.

Boogieman does not see any sign of mental illness here:
Sorry, I don’t buy the whole “delusional” excuse. 12 year olds are old enough to know crap like that is not real, and certainly two 12 year old brains working together would know better.
Grimmy thinks this will only encourage other twelve-year-old ritualistic murderers:
All this mollycoddling of “youths” that do violent crimes has done no thing other than to increase the frequency with which youngsters commit violent crimes.

Never too young to learn about repercussions.
Drango keeps things simplistic:
12 year olds are not adults, but they are evil.
definitelynotaliberal thinks childhood drawings were a sign the parents should have seen, and is ready to diagnose:
Both parents encouraged the Geyser girl to indulge her Slenderman obsession. Her father bragged on his Facebook page that his munchkin drew Slenderman on restaurant napkins, etc.. The mother says that the father is schizophrenic and that they expected that “Mogo” might become schizoid herself down the road.

In my estimation, she needs to be locked up for decades, at least 25 years, and needs to be closely monitored after that.
BBell may not have heard but mental institutions are a thing these days, and asylums are universally regarded as horrorshows best consigned to the past.
These two need mental help and close monitoring. Prison is only going to make them worse and they will get out eventually. Prisons were not meant to be mental institutions but that is what they have turned into.

Bring back the asylums.


  1. Quibble: The victim survived multiple knife wounds, so they didn't "kill" her.

    That being said ...
    As old people, freepers are universally scared of anyone under 40, and would like to see all teenagers especially locked up just on general principles.

    The only reason there are a few dissenting opinions in this case is because all those involved are white.

  2. Good point. If Brock Turner had been anything but white, he'd have been lynched as soon as he was released from his pitifully short jail term.

  3. Today's (or yesterday's) very racist, very woman-hating thread:

  4. A Republican Congressman has been caught with his hand in the till

    Rep. Duncan Hunter under investigation by Justice Department, House Ethics Committee indicates

    Freeers don't care what he's done. Is that because they are so patriotic? lol

    1. I love that, even though the Ethics Committee is Republican majority and the Justice Department is now run by Sessions, they still can blame all of Duncan Hunter's problems on Democrats.

  5. Didn't The Gripper cause the closure of mental health facilities?

  6. In which Freepers confront the failure of their party,

    Breaking: Ryan to Trump: We don't have the votes

    1. Already the cracks are starting to from in the freeper love affair with Trump.

  7. This one is kind of fun in that it's just Freepers bickering with each other -

    Disgusting: The Freedom Caucus Saves Obamacare Again

  8. Alex Jones, probably under threat of legal action,
    apologizes for all the Pizza-gate crap.

    Freepers go crazy from both sides ...
    either going "Ha Ha, told you so!", or
    screaming unquestioning belief in every kooky conspiracy theory ever.

    Lots of fun nincompoopery.

    1. Oh good lord. These people are crazy as bedbugs.

      This is priceless.

    2. TheNext: Information accuracy matters, not retraction. Jones may be around 95%, but somehow NY Times, who may be around a low 10%, gets the attention. That is very odd.

      Yeah, that ratio sounds totally right.