Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump has already beaten ISIS.

I wasn't to thrilled with Obama's 'arm third parties' plan to take on ISIS, but it seems to be bearing fruit - ISIS is shrinking and seems to have resigned itself to it's own demise.

Freepers work to put this on Trump, as their worldview requires. Thanks to shallow thinking and delusion, it's not a hard lift.

elhombrelibre assumes Trump let the military start using their bigger guns or something:
Collapse. There is much more firepower being brought against them now.
garjog doesn't bother with hows or whys:
Trump keeping another promise?
tumblindice intimates Obama was propping ISIS up by his mere presence:
Barry leaves, they start losing. What a coinky dink.
glorgau is sure Obama was supplying real-time logistics info to ISIS right up until he left office:
ISIS seems to have problems sustaining forces in the field, which is suspiciously like an interruption in their logistics.

My, what could have precipitated that?
Chauncey Gardiner's conspiracies are so 1990s. It's all SOROS and Obama now!
The CIA has also stopped payin ISIS soldiers.
Organic Panic counsels continuing to stay afraid:
ISIS fighters are getting on boats and heading to Europe.


  1. This reminds me of when they claimed credit for George W. Bush when Obama killed bin Laden.

  2. Until they started claiming that bin Laden was never killed at all, false flag!

  3. Similarly, Trump's generals are the best and the greatest and the most respected in like a long time, an unspecified time, and also, they ordered the failed raid on Yemen, but because they're Trump's generals, he has information, he has the best information, let me tell you, and it was a success. Now please everyone applaud me (and, if you feel like it, the tearful widow, she knew what she signed up for, am I right? I like SEALs that don't get killed -- makes me look bad).

  4. I seem to recall Freepers frequently saying things like "where there's smoke there is fire." Now that the shoe is on the other foot they are singing a different tune.

    Graham, McCain want answers on Sessions-Russia report

    1. SkyPilot writes,

      "The obsession with the Russians by Obama, the media, and the Democrats is, I believe, based on primal fear. I believe they know that Putin has the goods on Obama: homosexuality, drugs, bribes, and murder. There is no other rational explanation. They have been on this Russian kick for months now. They feared Gen Flynn because he understood the pedophile Pizzagate connection. Sessions must act, and begin arrests and prosecutions."