Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hating Hillary

Paradoxically, it seems to me that the Right's long simmering hatred of all things Clinton detracts from their political relevance should Hillary run in 2016. Because they've skipped past the tentative narrative building and gone straight to the multifarious conspiracies and blind, unreasoning rage.

Witness Freepers nearly incoherent answers to the question of why Hillary wants to be President.

SkyDancer's criticism could apply to anyone running for President.
She’s a narcissist just like 0’Barry ....
stephenjohnbanker doesn't understand superlatives.
IMHO, Hillary is the most power hungry female in the country.

Same as Obama : )
Haw haw Obama's a girl!

stephenjohnbanker indulges in a bit of telepathy:
” She wants to obliterate and/or enslave those who have spoken out against her in the past. “

Her hatred for anything or anyone good has no bounds.
MrB explains that political power is not like electric power or anything:
Power means, specifically, power over the lives of other human beings. Power to control and destroy.
Gaffer - revenge!
I think it is revenge driven myself. She wants to obliterate and/or enslave those who have spoken out against her in the past. She and her husband-in-name-only are built that way.
Vigilanteman feels greed must be involved:
Power is only part of it. Money is another big part of it. One thing leftists lover even more than micromanaging the lives of the peasants is mining them for dollar extraction.
camle is already turning to something novel to fear and hate:
hillary is a distraction - warren is being groomed to be prez, not hillary.
CivilWarBrewing agrees - Warren will keep everyone from knowing the truth about Obama:
I think 0bama trusts Warren more.. By trust I mean SHE can be trusted to KEEP BARRY'S MANY CRIMES COVERED UP, whereas Hillary might allow a leak or two to make herself look better.

I think the Dems are planning a MAJOR 'courting of single females' all over again with Warren, the War on Women, Sandra Fluke speeches, giant 'estrogen rallies' and other massive gatherings where hypnosis and catharsis sweep through a sea of "vaginas for Liz".
ansel12 kinda unenthusiastically tries to call Hillary a Commie.
Hillary used to be known by those in the know as the political radical, the true leftist in the family who wanted to totally change America, she is the radical activist, Bill was the narcissistic psychopathic salesman, who just kept selling himself, until he ended up doing two terms as president, as more of a consequence, rather than as an all important mission to implement policy.
Terry L Smith tries to reason, but it doesn't go well.
She has shown that she is incompetent.
She has demonstrated that she has a deeper physical liability, than Roosevelt’s bad legs.
She has demonstrated that her Communist indoctrination, coupled with her ever-present drive to ‘get over’ being the wife of a sexual predator, makes her dangerous for the rest of America.
Ray76 tries his hand at sloganeering.
Hillary the Unready - Unfit to Testify, Unfit for Office
zzwhale knows all liberals are the same:
Hilary = Obama = Warren = backed by same subversive left wing domestic and foreign MONEY .... LIKE SOROS, Rothschilds, the UK Royal Family and others with an agenda... harmful to the USA
The Royal Family?!

AEMILIUS PAULUS believes ambition is something our Founders didn't have.
People like Clinton have a power drive(strictly a drive found in late civilizations such as Caesar in classical civilization). The Clinton’s of this world did not exist in great numbers during the times of the founders up to say Lincoln; today they are our politicians. Most of us do not even think the way the “Power People” do. They will kill for office.
MarkRegal05 directly contradicts himself from one sentence to another.
It’s a defective character trait. She seriously believes that she’d be good for the country.

She probably also knows that she’d go down in history as the one who drove the final nail into the country’s coffin.
blueunicorn6 - Hillary is so angry because liberalism has been proven so wrong.
Every liberal idea that Hillary held dear has turned out to be wrong. That’s why she’s so mean. True believers turn nasty when they realize they were duped. Now, she just wants wealth and revenge. The problem is that she isn’t smart enough to take revenge on the organization that lied to her.....the Democrat Party.


  1. Sounds like zzwhale is big into "illuminati" "protocols of zion" conspiracy theory.
    All the other freepers, if not there yet, are a small step behind.

    1. I figured zzwhale was a David Icke's follower. Lizard People Unite!

  2. The two biggest Commies, in the opinion of Freepers, President Obama and Hillary Clinton. They're the worst communists ever. They have done nothing to advance gun control, the past 6 years have seen not only a resurgence from the Bush recession, but record growth. I guess Communist doesn't mean what it used to.

    1. Which brings up a good question? Do FReepers hate the Clintons as much as they do if the .com boom never happened? I gotta believe there's still hatred, but the vitriol is simply insane

    2. I've definitely noted the tin foil gets more common when polls and metrics are going well for Obama.

  3. Today's "old man yells at clouds" vanity thread ...
    courtesy of SamAdams76.

    Its worth a few laughs.

    1. I actually agree with him...LOL. I don't know maybe it's because I'm old enough to remember pre cable and how the news would break in for important stories.

    2. And that is still true for the entertainment channels ...
      when a show has to be broken into for "breaking news", its still normally pretty important.

      I got the laughs when they were complaining about the 24 hour NEWS channels (like Fox News and CNN) having the traveling banners announcing new stories on the bottom of the screen below Hannity or O'Reilly or whatever NEWS program they are watching at the time.

      But, SamAdams76 is right when he decries the lack of a shared experience.
      We don't have just two or three or four channels on broadcast TV anymore.
      Almost everyone today has, literally, access to dozens of instant news sources during every waking moment.

      I find it ironic that he is complaining about the oversaturation of news on an INTERNET site.

    3. Unfortunately, some of those news sources are like Gateway Pundit and the like, putting out stories that the Air Asia pilot screamed "Allah Akbar!" As the plane crashed. No agenda there, even though the CVR probably hadn't even been downloaded at the time the report was posted.