Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. 2

re_nortex summarizes current Freeper thought:
There's no doubt that hussein/holder/jarrett are behind this. That evil trio can leverage the billions of dollars held by Warren Buffett and George Soros to enact their vile schemes. As a mooselimb, hussein and his regime are committed to destroying a free Republic. It will take the likes of Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Sarah Palin to get America back on course. January 2017 can't some soon enough!
re_nortex only needs one search engine!
Google is a far, far left anti-American outfit. They spin the results in their so-called "search engine" to push marxist and muzzie propaganda of the current regime. Google is part of the enemy lamestream media and simply can't be trusted. Free Republic has a perfectly fine search tool, far better than what the morons of Google offer.
DaveA37 is connecting some dots:
I’m curious, what is the population of young male blacks in the Houston area versus the population of known muslims who are also there?
Ann Archy knows why Elizabeth Warren won't run for President:
I guess she doesn’t want to be ARKANCIDED!!! If Obama was white, he might not be here.
FreedomStar3028 does some weird theological free-association.
The God that was worshiped by a majority throughout much of this countries history once enacted a scorched earth policy against child sacrificing, evil idolators. Not one man, nor woman, nor animal were spared. I can’t believe there were many children when many were sacrificed to evil by hideous vile evil “men” who were slain with merciless efficiency.

Oh, wait.....I just thought of something. Abortion? Uhg.....Church of Satan? Uh oh, my mind is starting to draw parallels.

Oh, I just realized that in the end times that much of the Earth will be as evil as the things wiped out of existence at the command of God early in the Bible.

Hold onto your butts.
TexasFreeper2009 is pretty sure atheism leads to belief in global warming:
I think as people stop believing in God (any God) then that leaves them to the inevitable conclusion that... if there is no God... then everything the world, our existence, is all one big cosmic accident that could and most likely will spin out of control at any moment. If no God is in control... the slightest change in the sun could melt or completely ice over our planet.

That's some scary stuff to contemplate... so I think it makes the nonbelievers feel better to think WE are changing the climate and that WE can do something about it. Then WE have the power and are not at the mercy of cosmic whims.
GrandJediMasterYoda thinks all of Congress knows Obama's a Muslim.
Example #10 billion that he is a radical Muslim. I’ve been saying it since January 2009 when the first thing he did when he took office was try to release his muzzie bros from Gitmo, and by using an exec order no less. Above EVERYTHING else that was his #1 priority the second he took office. Congress knows this, they know Democraps in all their brilliance put the freaking enemy in the White House and they refuse to do anything about it. They know they effed up massively but because of their massive egos and low intellect they would rather see the country and the world go to hell than kick this bum out on his ass.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin has the final solution to the Muslim problem if he were President.
The only reason this country is losing to Radical Islam is because I (or others like me) have not been elected to important positions or have been able to take over. No ifs, ands or buts, swift action would be taken.

Apparently, God doesn't want that to happen yet, or, if at all for our sins.
HomerBohn is a straight-up Fascist.
The damned Democrats, the Muslims amongst us, the parasite in the White Hut have Satan in their corner and have pulled out all the stops to kill this nation.

Reducing it to pathetic status makes it easier to fold it into the New World Order a goal which is backed by the lying phony in the WH, the Bush dynasty, the Klinton Klan and quite a few who want to sleep and sh*t in the White Hut.

Our nation is so sick that our enemies would consider it a mercy killing to nuke large metropolitan areas of this once-great nation!

Our children will inherit ashes, captivity and slaughter if something isn’t done by somebody.

Since the idiot ‘moderates’ (stand for nothing) and the left have worked overtime proving that this nation and its constitution are now history, perhaps it’s time for a Francisco Franco type to emerge!
namvolunteer is a Pope resignation truther.
The Pope was forced out. Popes don’t resign. This was a coup. Benedict’s allies were forced out too. The new reign is diametrically opposed to Benedict’s teaching, that is, against Catholic truth.
Life is hard for Kickass Conservative:
It’s becoming more difficult to remain a Republican.

Now, it’s becoming more difficult to remain a Catholic.

What’s next, the CEO of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse saying something this stupid so it will make it more difficult for me to be remain a Carnivore?
Border volunteer lunatic eartick once called a Mexican a racist, and smugly laughed at his befuddlement.
That’s right and reminds me of an altercation I had with one of these MEChA dudes one time down South.

Of course we were going at each other pretty good, him calling me this and that. The lil crap was brave because I was standing guard on a fence line with a M4 and sidearm. Of course there was a tall gate protecting him.

This went on for about 30 minutes. I thought the lil crap was going to stroke.

I would come back with something just to keep his fire brewing. Finally, a DPS officer showed up to defuse the situation and the lil crap yelled at me, “Man you are a racist.” All I said back to him was, “About as racist as you are, dude.”

The look on this mescans face was unbelievable. It was like OK, I called him a racist but I did not. He shut up, got on his motor sickle and rode away.

We laughed our butts off for days about that one.
SkyPilot thinks Festivus Poles are secretly a pagan symbol.
The display had been erected as a satire by an atheist group to counter a nativity scene, which was taken down the day the Satanic Temple installed theirs.

No it wasn't. It was erected as a direct attack on Christianity, God, and His Son.

Look up in the Bible how many times God condemns Israel for putting up Asherah poles and other displays that are "Evil in my sight."

God also praises those Kings of Israel who cut them all down and burned them.

In America today, we have this garbage:

lonestar67 hates the lack of purges after JFK was assassinated.
In my view when the avowed Marxist Oswald shot Kennedy it should have galvanized the nation against communism and socialism. The elite left went into overdrive to discredit the clear fact Oswald assassinated Kennedy as a profound anti American statement. Instead the city of Dallas was smeared as killing him along with a variety of America destroying conspiracy theories.

We are still living out that culture war. The anti Americans keep trying to weave these political fairy tales. I hope they can be defeated.
liberalh8ter's household does seem Freepish.
In our house, my husband doesn’t trust anyone and I trust very few. We’re both introverts so that discernment comes from a lifetime of observation.
publius911 journalistic standards are not high.
Hundreds of very useful and educational threads are posted on FR every year, based on rumor or premature information. Even those are useful.
TheThirdRuffian explains why liberals love Muslims.
Can someone explain to me why liberals all love muslims so much? Are they really that cheap to buy with Saudi money or are they really that stupid? I have trouble even understanding stupidity of that level.

I think they both hate America and love death.

That’s all there is to it.
Toespi also analyzes liberals:
The search for Utopia is what drives liberals, always thinking they have the key to paradise. Electric cars, no sick old people, eating vegetables, no unwanted children, no need for guns, everyone equal, loving the unlovables, and trusting even those who kill others. I honestly believe liberals are inwardly hateful and spiteful people, who overestimate their intelligence and they attempt to fool themselves and others by pretending to care.
a fool in paradise wants a movie about how liberals hate dancing:
They should’ve remade Footloose and set it in some liberal city like New York or San Francisco or Seattle that uses ancient cabaret laws (that require dancing permits in clubs for more than 3 or more customers who wish to dance) or “zoning” to restrict the type of music that can be played (some areas prohibit rap, punk, and metal). Henry Cisneros instituted a rap and metal ban in San Antonio.

It’s isn’t all coming from “bible thumpers”.

But that wouldn’t be a message that Hollyweird wants to broadcast.
justa-hairyape on Obama vs. Hitler.
Comparing Obama to Hitler is an insult to Hitler. He conquered almost all of Europe, while Obama has lost victories in Iraq and Afghanistan.


  1. Finally, a DPS officer showed up to defuse the situation and the lil crap yelled at me, “Man you are a racist.” All I said back to him was, “About as racist as you are, dude.”

    Why does that make me instantly picture Walter from The Big Lebowski bloviating and bragging?

    1. Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

    2. Shut the fuck up, Donny.

    3. Calmer than you are.

    4. Uh, dude, the preferred nomenclature is Asian American

    5. Say whatever you want about the tenets of Free Republic, at least it's an ethos.

    6. Lady, I got buddies who died face down in the muck so that you and I could enjoy this family restaur^^^ website.

    7. Obviously you're not a golfer

  2. eartick is within one year of shootout with police over a traffic stop ... read his posting history.

    It's almost like every freeper has been pulled from that old Twilight Zone episode "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street".
    Really, if you were a communist or a muslim or satan and wanted to destroy America from within, all you would have to keep on doing is scaring conservatives with stupid shit.

    1. From Arkancide to the Ebola Apocalypse Free Republic been making the Republican Party proud. I hear the are going to drop the elephant and just go with Yosemite Sam. Going to call themselves the Fighting Whiteys.

  3. Since the idiot ‘moderates’ (stand for nothing) and the left have worked overtime proving that this nation and its constitution are now history, perhaps it’s time for a Francisco Franco type to emerge!

    Unfortunately . . . he's still dead.

    1. Occupying the same corner of hell as Reagan. :)