Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SOTU shorties

Freepers are not big on the careful thinking. The crowd that tunes in to hate-watch Obama's State of the Union are even less so. So the speech did not feature much in their comments.

At first I was worried about the volume of crazy posts I was collecting. But then I realized they were all very short. The three substantive ones can be found on Monday.

CrazyIvan takes refuge in 1980 schlock:
Watching “Red Dawn” here. For some reason it seems appropriate.
goodnesswins hates life:
I think I’ll open a bottle of champagne for Justified tonight....haven’t been able to celebrate ANYTHING ELSE!
These days, Lucky9teen only laughs out of spite.
Oh, this is the Beck and crew are fast forwarding Obama, and he sounds like a freakin’ squirrel. Hilarious.
mylife knows how blacks all act:
Surprised Mooch did not give Obie a gang sign.
mylife keeps it black:
This guy is talking PURE JIVE
Marcella likes her drama Biblical:
To me, Obama is a forerunner of the Antichrist. Or he is him.
I can’t stand the muslim terrorist.
MeshugeMikey, shades of 2014.
ENUFF clapping..its already taking on the tone of a CULT MEETING
Jim Robinson keeps it simple:
VictoryGal's hatred is elsewhere:
Boner is sucking his blubbery lip. What a milquetoast!
1,000 years of darkness
Poor onyx.
OMG - it’s getting too damn foolish and thick.
I hear him droning on in the other room. Hate hearing his stupid, lying voice. All the clapping is driving me nuts.
central_va does not know what 'peak' means.
I think we’ve reached “peak tyranny”.
a fool in paradise does not know what 'lie' means.
Mr. Obama has NOT spoken out against the antisemitism on US college campuses.

Mr. President #YouLie!
caww is all over the thread helpfully psychoanalyzing Obama's narcissism.
Don't let him fool you about looking's's a perfect example of a Narcissist in action.... Head up...use of hands...tone of voice and all to keep you from seeing the one thing he's most afraid of...being exposed for who he really is.
Obama reminds NoLibZone of a very successful capitalist:
I expected him to wear jeans and a black turtle neck as he announced the release of the Obama phone 6.0
a fool in paradise tries to ignore the polls:
He LOST the 2014 election. NO CONFIDENCE in his agenda.
This guy is promoting pure 19th Century Marxism.
the threatener of Congress n chief , piss on him
mylife is the best:
It is pure insanity.
Hitler made more sense.
Full Mussolini
Pearls Before Swine:
It's also like Christmas... he's going full out to bribe the populace with candy.
Deeper than this thread, jhw61.
wow. really deep thoughts went into this speech!
onyx probably says this every year.
Worst SOTU ever.
Heh. Called it.

Still, the first thousand post thread I've seen on Freep in a while. Musta felt like the old days for a bit there.


  1. Not only did their 2014 tea party republicans fail to make any rude interruptions, but even the castrator-n-chief Sen. Joni Earnst failed to deliver a fiery Republican rebuttle.

    Conservatives across the spectrum are in tears this morning.

  2. Free Republic should have a Swear Jar. Institute a $5 fine for using words like untermenschen or nigger. RimJob would be rolling in dough by the end of the month.

  3. Hitler made more sense.

    I'm sure that for the average FReeper, that's quite true.

    1. I vote that should be Free Republic's new mission statement. At least it would be up to date.

  4. They miss the good old days, Ronnie Raygun calling out "The Evil Empire", refusing to accept blame for Beiruit, forgetting to mention all those arms he illegally sold to the Contras......those were the days