Thursday, January 22, 2015

Freeper/Liberal vs. Muslim/Jew

Some Lebanese partisans want Miss Lebanon stripped of her title for being photographed with Miss Israel. Freepers find this Islamic intolerance super offensive. Except...lets replace "Muslim" with "Freeper" and "Jew/Israel" with "Liberal" and see if we get anything different from Freepers' usual posts on associating with liberals:

ClearCase_guy doesn't even need to be edited:
Peace will be hard to achieve, if standing next to someone and smiling is seen as somehow treasonous.

Sounds like "Jeb and H.W. Bush get Obama's evil all over them"

goldstategop has this damming analysis:
Freepers hate Liberals - even in seemingly innocuous non-political contexts like a beauty contest.

It says more about the moral state of the Arab World than it does about the moral state of Israel.
Entirely in line with "Can Conservatives Have Liberal Friends, Or Even Partners?"

amtheman more or less sums up all of Free Republic:
Freepers are outraged by the existence of non-Freepers.
jttpwalsh gets anecdotal:
Back in the 70’s, I had a friend whose parents immigrated from Lebanon. Very nice, hospitable folks, with one exception. The father was in the habit of watching news on TV. Whenever the word “Liberal” was mentioned, he would turn into a “foaming at the mouth” madman. Just like that, going from the offer of a drink, to being gripped, with insanity.
Ouderkirk, though, hates Muslims too much to keep with the cute meme.
I am outraged at the existence of Freepers....I despise them, and we should convert them to Liberalism, or kill them, every last one of them.

Yes the choice of Liberalism was deliberate as most of them would rather die...which was the point.
Which is, I suppose, what Freepers actually think liberals believe.


  1. Took me a second... had to re - read "replace Muslim with Freeper" :)

  2. Very clever ...
    everyone of those statements could very well have been uttered by freepers (and probably have been at one time or another).

  3. All aboard the Cain Train 2.0 as the Freepers back yet another loser, "the man they fear more than any other, Senator Ted Cruz."

    I don't know anything about Ted Cruz but I do know Freepers and if there is one thing I am willing to bet good money on it is this - the Republican Party cannot afford to nominate anyone those crazy Freepers are backing.

    Just for fun, anybody want to put $100 on Cruz? I'll take that action.

    1. JimRob seems to have aligned himself with Cruz, so of course the harpies have all glommed on to Cruz also.

      Even Gin-n-TOnyx, who was the lead Palin cheerleader for years, getting dozens of Palin doubters zotted, has become a Cruz-lover.

      Over the last couple decades of presidential elections, the JimRob endorsement has proven to be a kiss of death.