Monday, January 12, 2015

Muslim Shop Worker Saved Jewish Customers

During the attack on the Jewish supermarket, an Islamic store worker helped hide some Jewish patrons.

To their credit, about half of the Freepers in the thread compliment the guy, or at least say he's one of the good Muslims - one even calls out his fellow Freepers as genocidal idiots.

But this blog is not called "Freeper Glimmers of Decency." Thus, welcome to the other half, who cannot abide any flaw in their black-and-white world, and so spiral into ridiculousness.

donna's selective skepticism keeps her worldview simple.
I don’t believe this story.
Stentor knows a thick enough coating of hate can render story ant-Muslim.
As far as Muslims go, this guy is a Saint!

St Muzzball. I'm gonna make a novena.
montag813 knows black Muslims aren't really Muslims:
Very rare to hear a moslem say this - especially one indoctrinated in the Middle East say that...

He wasn't. He is Black. Their mindset is quite different
BCW is pretty sure this guy can't be devout.
This moslem that acted decently - probably does not attend the mosque daily - does not hold grudges like traditional M.E. Arabs do - and cares nothing for the Arabic culture and traditions - so calling him a moslem is an error...
catfish1957 suspects a false flag:
Why would a Muslim be at a Jewish bake shop? I smell a government PR rat.
Blennos finds even exceptions prove his rule!
It’s a sad commentary that it’s big news when a Muslim acts like a decent human being. We’ve come to expect cruelty and savagery from these people. When one does not act in this manner, it is noteworthy.
martinidon warns not to get distracted by counterexamples:
This is a liberal propaganda piece to distract people from the “Big Elephant” in the room. Politically correctness and ignoring the real goal of Muslims is going to get a lot of innocent people killed!
MaxMax is sure that all nice seeming Muslims are lying.
My husband has worked with many Muslims over the years, while a chemical engineer. They have all been very nice family men. None of them want this violence and killing. Just like 99.99% of blacks in Ferguson don’t loot, shoot, steal or kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If they didn't want violence they wouldn't be Muslims! Its deception..
catfish1957 hauls out the "moderate Muslims" card.
What kind of commentary is it, when there are 1.6 Billion muslims in the world, and the only ones making news are the bad ones? Obviously, 1.6 billion aren’t killing people.

I will counter, that where is the huge outrage among the so called moderate muslim population.....? THERE IS NONE.

dfwgator summed it up best.... There are two general sects of muslims. (1) Radical ones that kill non-muslims, (2) Moderate ones who are silently cheering them on.

catfish1957 then moves on to genocide.
Personally I don't give a damn, all Muslims are enablers and must be eradicated, killed. There is no such thing as a moderate or good Muslim.

800 years ago our ancestors knew this, and you have to wonder how long it will take before we wake up.
In these trying times, MaxMax explains that allowing nuance in your worldview is weakness.
Islam/Muslims are in our faces telling everybody they want to kill everybody
including other sects of Islam, yet here people are saying there's good Muslims. NO!

We also have Communists and Socialists in our Government and people are acting the same way.
Good people are doing nothing and need to see American enemies for what and who they are.
There is no getting along with people who are enemies, they're Enemies. It's a real word
with real consequences.


  1. Freepers are always on the hunt for the "unified enemy" ... the definitive "us against them".

    The muslim who hid jewish customers in the supermarket is the normal muslim, not the fundamentalist killers.

    And every time there is a heinous racial crime in America, most often the perpetrators are turned in by members of their own race, if not their own family.

    This is why the fringe right (as well as the fringe left) will never become mainstream ... they keep dividing down their pool of "true believers" until there is no one left.

  2. Freepers haven't got a clue. I'm Jewish, I have Muslim friends and neighbors who know I'm Jewish, and have shared my home with them and been to their homes and treated like family. The irony is that Muslims, the real Muslims (who make up a majority of their population) are more likely to display what pretend Christians (I. E. Freepers) call "Christian Charity" than any of the Freepers and evangelical nut jobs that they follow.

  3. Fundamentalist Jihadists call for the eradication of the Jewish people and forced conversion of everyone elese, so lets wipe out every follower of of a major religion, which is composed of several races, and forcibly convert everybody else.

    There ain't no logic like Freeper logic.

    Literally calling for the genocide of hundreds of millions of people is obviously what the Founding Fathers had in mind when it came to free speech.

    1. Yep. Freepers are, truly, the mirror image of Radical Fundamentalist (Insert Religion Here). They think they're doing God's work, but they're merely insane assholes. I wonder what Freepers do, in real life, when confronted with a Muslim (Or Muslim Looking) person while going about their day.

    2. Probably nothing, and then fantasize violently about it the rest of the day.