Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Palin Perturbation

Sarah Palin is doing her best to make news. Hinting at a 2016 run, making an incoherent speech, and taking up the American Sniper fetishization as hard as she can.

But she's not making nearly the headlines she did in 2012. The conservative media seems to be carefully avoiding the issue, from what I can see, and the liberal media pauses only long enough to chuckle. Freepers, of course, are all about Palin. Except less so now - they've kinda moved on to Cruz. At least Jim Robinson is pulling that way these days. But Cruz is an actual politician, and also not a hot lady, so Freepers aren't quite as devoted as they were to Palin back in the day.

So Freepers are split between those still super into Palin, and those who kinda want to move on to the next big thing. And, it being Free Republic, it gets nasty.

Of the many threads about Palin, I picked one that has Palin plus some hilarious prudishness - a picture of Our Sarah posed with a sign saying "Fuc_ You Michael Moore." Some Freepers, who can't stop posting "FUBO," find those extra 2 letters suddenly unchristian. This adds some amusing Bible thumping to the chaos. Enjoy!

SmokingJoe has his thumb on the pulse of America:
Another image to haunt Sarah Palin? More like another image to make even more people really LOVE Sarah Palin. I’d imagine over 90% of Americans agree with that sentiment. Hardly anyone likes that fat, ugly nasty creep.
Cringing Negativism Network loves Sarah for her sincerity in agreeing with him totally:
She is just about the only American in either party, who stands up and says what she means.

All the time.

She is brilliant. I don’t know whether she will run this time or not, but for now I am 100% on Palin’s side.
PghBaldy knows Obama swears all the time
Bowing to the Saudi prince is much more acceptable to the Leftist media.

Or flipping the finger repeatedly while talking about the GOP, which Obama has done.
Drew68 is also sure Obama secretly swears:
Liberals love the F word. Every time Obama pauses with his “uhh” is because he is self censoring himself.

Yep! Funny, I ran across this while lurking over at DU. I couldn't believe it hadn't been posted here yet. I LOL'ed. Not surprisingly, DU'ers are outraged (except for two of them that actually agree with Gov. Palin).

And then someone called Palin a "b*tch" and all hell broke loose over there!
HiTech RedNeck knows Palin swears so rarely that one-time is probably OK:
It’s something you hardly EVER see her say.

So when she does, you know it is something special.

This is unlike gutter breaths who can’t seem to stop thinking about it.
Later, HiTech RedNeck goes Palin Swear Truther:
It seems to read “Yeah Michael Moore Sarah Palin”

Could the sign have been “incomplete” when Sarah wrote that? And then finished later?

Why the two crosses (plus signs not typical Christian crosses) in the double-o of Moore?

Now it really does strike me as curious. She really would not be likely to have endorsed the sign in the state shown.
tumblindice knows what it's all about:
Sarah always looks totally ... hot!
vpintheak, though, isn't sold on Palin for President:
You made this about me, when it’s about Palin. Whom I formerly endorsed until she has proven herself to be in it for the fame and cash. Good on her! She throws red meat for the for the masses, and then endorses a co-democrat ticket for AK governor. I’m long done with her.
PreciousLiberty also carefully steps away from Palin:
I don’t think Sarah is electable as President, nor do I think she wants to be President at this point.

I hope Ted Cruz rises up and becomes the nominee. I’m not sure who I like as his VP, but we’ll see. Perhaps a governor from a northerly state.

Once elected, he could select Sarah as, say, Secretary of State. That would work well for me... :-)

That scenario would have a lot of leftist heads exploding... :-)
PapaNew rejects politicians. Only apolitical state governors will save us!
I love Sarah Palin, but I’m tired of the Right and FR constantly acting like some politician will “save” us. Politicians will never save us. Politicians will only do the right thing consistently if we the people insist they do the right thing and make it politically profitable for even the wrong guy to do the right thing.

IMO, we’re at the point where the states need to decide for themselves whether they will live free under the rule of law of the Constitution or continue to acquiesce to the feds’ ever increasing breach of the Constitution and increase of tyranny. To me, that is really where we are right now, Palin or no Palin. Resurrecting the Constitution, not getting in “our guy” for awhile, is the only guarantee of our renewed and continued blessed land of freedom.
Posts like these make Norm Lenhart rage at the "Freeper Left"
Maybe after the Freeper Left uses Free Republic to tank her AGAIN, and get a RINO nominated AGAIN someone will do something about it.

I am not hopeful thusfar. History being what it is.
Norm Lenhart has this Internet flame-war thing down:
The sweet tears of ass-burnt PDSers...they taste so sweet! Simmer some rage over a bed of bitter thoughts and it’s a delicacy fit for a conservative ;)
txhurl argues Palin's populist rabble-rousing is secretly super helpful:
This is Sarah running interference, something she does better than anyone on our side.

She’s happy to draw the arrows because they don’t hurt!

2016 is here, let’s GET IT ON.
tumblindice - Palin is a badass, so curse words are OK.
A lot of people still don’t understand that Mrs. Palin drops big game with high powered rifles, then dresses them out while the blood steams in the snow.

She knows it’s past time to lift our skirts and pull up our big girl pants, especially any of you still waiting for Congress’s brave Sir Robins to enter the lists and ask for your favor.

Fuc_ the Democrats, “moderate” Republicans and anyone bad mouthing Gov. Palin.
Drew68 has reconciled to the fact that Sarah Palin probably drinks:
She looks totally trashed........

She looks like she's having fun, and I suspect Governor Palin isn't above knocking back an adult beverage from time to time.
Unlike that alcoholic Hillary!

TigersEye rejects any idea that Sarah's speeches are anything but awesome:

Painful to listen to ...nightmare .

If you think any part of what she said in that video is incoherent then you are in the mid to late stages of dementia. I am very sorry for you, it’s a horrible fate.
moonhawk calls a Palin doubter's bravery into doubt, and is forced to backtrack.
I’m a liar because I wouldn’t be caught dead with a sign like that? Really? As far as your other statement, I am an an infantry combat veteran. Take your anonymous passive aggressiveness elsewhere son.

OK, I take back “Pussy.” Thank you for your service.

But but you wouldn’t throw stones and yet....

And you’d “Never...?”

Seriously, I’m a christian, too, and a firefighter, but I’m afraid I could never say “never” when it comes to my language.

In a perfect world, maybe, but Michael Moore?
Durus knows not to call someone an idiot unless you know their IQ for sure:
Heart is in the right place - I think - but she is an idjit .

How do you determine her intelligence? Have you seen her IQ scores? Her grades? It certainly can’t be based on accomplishments..so please explain your rational.
This does not apply to Obama, natch.

2ndDivisionVet knows you cannot judge Saray unless you're as good at making money off of Freepers as she is:
Which state were/are you governor of? What's the name of your television show? How many New York Times bestsellers do you have under your belt? Which city were/are you mayor of? How much does Fox News pay you to appear on their shows? Has a movie been made about your life? Which of the two major political parties made you their vice presidential nominee?
fr_freak - only swearing can save us now!
We have far too many Freepers who fail to understand the environment we now find ourselves in. The days when gentle communication was sufficient and expected are long gone. Such strong language is the LEAST of what must be done.
Norm Lenhart agrees that in war, Christians gotta go to swear-y battle mode:
we are beyond past definitions of what constitutes a good christian. We are in a war. In a way, people do and are ‘forgiven’ things that don’t work in polite society. I would bet that far harsher language was used by the Crusaders.
Norm Lenhart explains that avoiding bad language means you won't be able to shoot liberals when the time comes:
Thats actually a point of debate I have with a couple freepers. RE the CW2 thing. I have an awful hard time imagining that we will collectively do squat if Barry ever goes full dictator. All those guns? Most owners will surrender them in the face of an APC.

And for the exact reason you said. They can’t even stomach harsh language. Such is their ‘uncompromising’ commitment to freedom or even conservative ideals.

One of the ONLY people on the right with any guts to speak of and do they have her back? Absolutely! They have it with a hilt sticking out of it...On such a SMALL thing. Imagine how many they’d stick in her back if it were something meaningful.

G U T L E S S.
Pelham knows Christians who don't swear are girls:
It reflects the feminization of Christianity. I prefer the muscular variety. Charles Martel rules.
SZonian is prepared to swear for FREEDOM:
Trying to fight cleanly with a foe who fights dirty is a losing proposition...yeah, I said it.

I’m willing to get down to their level and kick their worthless hides if that’s what it takes to rid the world of these vermin.

Don’t want to get your hands dirty? That’s ok...

I’m your huckleberry...
Micheal Moore is a charlatan fleecing liberals of their cash and making headlines pissing off Conservatives.

Why even bother with him?
Note: The more you ignore him the more irrelevant he becomes.


  1. "Why the two crosses (plus signs not typical Christian crosses) in the double-o of Moore?"

    Duh? Sights, of course. Slightly more stupid and worrying than saying fuck, especially after last time.

  2. How long until Jim realizes that FR and the Sarah Palin Channel are fighting for the same piece of pie?

    1. As long as the 'thons drag themselves gasping and wheezing over the "Eh, close enough" line, he probably doesn't care too much.
      If, as campaign season heats up, he finds the 'thons collapsing into dead heaps before the Olive Garden Fund is secured, you may see him sing a different tune.
      Also, if, in 2016, a Republican is somehow magically elected, one bright side will be that it'll be impossible for FR to get the geezers riled up and cracking open their wallets. They suddenly won't have a Boogie Man to fear and hate.

  3. Sarah Palin is a charlatan fleecing Freepers of their cash and making headlines pissing off rational people.

    Why even bother with her?
    Note: The more you ignore her the more irrelevant she becomes.

    1. Every dollar she fleeces is a dollar that goes into her personal piggybank, rather than being spent towards an actual Freeper-compatible candidate.

      The longer she hangs on, the better, now that she's past running for any actual public office.

  4. Sarah can put another million bucks in her personal bank account this year and next. Why would she turn down that opportunity?

    1. It'll be at least three million, because iirc, 2ndDivisionVet is gonna raise at least 2 million all by him/her self.

    2. HAHAHA! I remember that guy having that as his quote.

      Dude has NO idea how tough it is to raise even $50K for a campaign with a solid backing.

      To raise $2M, you need some serious corporate sponsors or some Hollywood friends...neither of whom Sarah Palin has, nor a guy called 2ndDivisionVet.

    3. 2ndivvet is the same guy begging for money to pay his rent and freeper sent him money..guy is a conartist and a fraud..hear that Andrew?

  5. Norm Lenhart is the self-proclaimed general of the wrinklebag brigade on FR.
    He likes to pretend that JimRob's comfy couch commandos still wield influence in the conserv-o-sphere.

  6. To turn one of their favourite phrases around on them.... "Michael Moore continues to live in Freeper minds, rent free"

  7. "Imagine how many they’d stick in her back if it were something meaningful."

    well good thing then that sarah has nothing meaningful to contribute ...

  8. There's something just... very funny in Sarah Palin making a stink about Michael Moore in 2015.

  9. The egomaniacal Bomos are inconsistent and clueless. They bow to this leader, where a headscarf for that leader, play with robots, where neon robes, refuse to see some and take selfies with others. The message is mixed and subject to interpretation by the world. They are just blundering through this presidency thing. The country they are most uncomfortable in is the US. That's the country they hate the most.


    Somebody's inconsistent and clueless, all right, but it's not the Obamas. I'm pretty sure that whatever protocol they observe, Freepers will insist they should've done the opposite.

    Can you imagine for one moment what they'd say if she DID wear a headscarf?

    1. You're right. No matter what decisions President Obama makes, they decide it's wrong.

      He didn't go to Paris. Freepers call it embarrassing. If he had gone, Freepers would have said he was participating in a rally to legitimise accepting Muslims.

      He goes to the Saudi Kings funeral...capitulation. If he didn't go, he embarrassed America.