Friday, January 30, 2015

Spotlight Friday: Amagi

A simple name-caller, whose unconscious is a secret critical thinker. This means he has a weird penchant for zeroing in on inconsistencies in the Freeper philosophy, only to draw back at the last moment and take refuge in pithy bile.

His profile goes into how his name is a complex Sumerian word for Freedom, back when the Sumerians turned away from socialism and towards libertarianism. He sites the pro-corporate Liberty Fund as the source of this little bit of fancy.

An example of his level of thinking:
Libtards and muzzies have so much in common ... like weapons grade stupidity.
Hey, Obama is just like Hitler in micromanaging the military, only dumber and more psychotic.
re: Muslim rep. Keith Ellison on the Intel Committee:
Imagine WWII and a member of the Amerikadeutscher Bund appointed to a similar sensitive position.
Hitler would have been appreciative.
John Roberts:

Johnny "Weasel" Roberts Eyes
Data about global temperatures rising? Government lies!
They're government agencies, in the tank for the commie grow-government anthropogenic global warming scam.
They diminish their credibility
No different from the politically corrupt IRS.
NASA is a all about muslim outreach.
Bad people are everywhere:
The inmates are running the asylum.
The criminals are running the Department of Justice.
The morons are running academia.
Obama made us all poor, yet the poor are all lazy:
Obama has ruined the economy, sure, but the claim of what percent are impoverished depends on how poverty is defined.

This is a rather meaningless article, but Hey, it's the WashPost, expectations of veracity and objectivity are low.
Liberals want everyone to vote, yet supress the GOP vote
There are multitudinous facets to the Demmunist Party Election Stealing apparatus, and two broad divisions:

  • Demmunist vote manufacturing (the voting dead, the voting felons, the voting illegals, the multi-personality-voters, the Disney character voting legions, etc.
  • Republican bote suppression (disenfranchise the military vote, illegal IRS activity to thwart Tea Party activism, etc.)

Crime, Inc.
Obama is evil, yet lazy:
Imagine the level of damage (devastating enough as it is) that this Obozo Clown would be doing if he wasn’t so damn lazy.
Give me dat awesome Great Depression health care:
How about unfettered free market healthcare like we had before government post world war II (when England was going full tilt boogie government healthcare) started meddling with the free market in ways that were bound to raise costs and cause dissatisfaction, necessitating (government claims) more government meddling leading to single payer (total government control) healthcare-rationing/death-panels?
Civil War time, maybe:
The political elites are all the same.
The repubs were elected to stop the Obama agenda, ObamaCare. Period.
The current federal government offers little hope to the restoration of the limited government principles of the Constitution.
There may only be one solution left.


  1. Meh ... another pseudo intellectual freeper who reveals himself to be just another ignorant boor through his infantile posts.

  2. He seems to pick up just enough of the tea party express/heritage foundation/ fox "news" talking points to sound like an idiot.

  3. It's not just Sarah Palin making money off the radical right wing Republicans. Watch Free Republic and note the sources for some of the misinformation being peddled there.

    From a post today I see that for only $3,980 you can buy the UTTGold Tactical Ruck (which seems to be a package of some 250 books) from There really is lot of competition for the wing nut dollar, isn't there?

    Who is Grover Norquist? Does the NRA Know?

    1. If you go to any of those right wing news sources, they are all full of ads for gold coins (for usually at least twice the current market price per ounce), freeze dried survivalist foods, and secret cancer cures (hidden from the public by order of Obama himself!).

  4. Everything rolled up into one, hilarious:

    1. They're utterly oblivious to the injustice committed against this man.

    2. And, finding out his "Dark secret" makes many freeptards question whether or not he was a spy/communist/traitor instead of the brilliant man he really was

  5. Here's your Constitutional acumen on display from Freepers.
    Spite trumps ideals, every time.

  6. "The Pill is a parody of the Eucharist, without the black mass.

    Women swallow the Pill, and it’s a form of 'communion' with Satan. And it converts 'the marriage act,' which in itself is holy, into sodomy."

    1. Ah, an Arthur McGowan special. Later I that thread, when questioned why he called it sodomy, he explained that any sex that isn't for (anal, beastiality or using birth control) is sodomy. He must be fun at family parties.