Monday, January 19, 2015

The Selma movie

I don't often see movies in the theater, but I ended up seeing Selma, and rather enjoyed it. Certainly it was a lot better than the one-dimensional hagiography that was 'Lincoln.'

I was interested in what Freepers had to say about this more nuanced take, but alas I could find exactly zero of them who had actually seen the movie.

But I did find a lot of them using the movie as a jumping off point for to hold forth on the Freeper history of the Civil Rights movement. And so, rather than the usual MLK day fare of MLK the Communist Republican, I'm opening things up just a bit.

djf knows there is no drama to be had in slavery.
EVERY YEAR, there is another “po lil slave” movie.
Mastador1 likes his movie audiences separate but equal.
Yup, the racism of Black people not supporting a Black movie! I wonder why that is? Blacks are always bitching that there are not enough Black shows, movies, characters, but I am supposed to believe there aren't enough Blacks theater goers to make this a runaway hit without White folk to prop it up? That's why I get pissed with all the multi millionaire Black performers screaming racism all the time.
No one hates this movie more than FreeReign!
I wouldn’t waste my time watching this dreck even if it were free. I’d rather go scrub my kitchen floor.

I'd rather weasels rip my flesh.
tanknetter looks to the true authority on the issue.
What I find interesting is that (unless I've missed something) Condoleezza Rice has been silent on the movie. She grew up in segregated Birmingham, one of the little girls killed in the church bombing that figures so prominently in "Selma" was a friend and she was close enough to the bombing when it happened to feel the blast concussion.

Her silence speaks volumes.
jmacusa finds LBJ's suspicion of politicians loathsome:
“Smearing LBJ’’? Old “I don’t trust a man unless I’ve got his pecker in my pocket’’ LBJ? The guy was a bum.
iowamark knows who the real enemies of integration were:
I am sure that the movie is full of historical inaccuracies. It is true that ML King’s real opponents were John and Robert Kennedy, not LBJ, but it is not politically correct to criticize the Kennedy’s.
Nothing says segregation like federalizing the national guard to enforce integration!

Steely Tom prefers to be on the wrong side of recent history, rather than actual history.
Has anyone figured out how to cash in on The Gentle Giant?

I think Trayvon may be ahead in posthumous "box office" receipts, although no one really knows.

Phony thug heroes and the amount of moolah made on them might be a new entertainment sector for Variety or Cash Box to look into.
Regulator remembers fearing all the angry black Civil Rights protesters:
Not real interested here

I watched the prequel about 50 years ago, was pretty awful then

Scared the crap outta me as a kid, seeing the hoses and the dogs and all the angry black people

Few years later they fire bombed some subsidized housing where my aunt and cousins lived, they were the only pale people there - no black people got fire bombed in the complex, just them

Decided Selma was better left behind
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper does some serious guilt by association:
NO FILM will ever be made by Hollywood, BET, Oprah, etc. that tells the WHOLE TRUTH about MLK.


Because there were significant parts of Dr. King’s life that involved knowingly or unknowingly hiring/working with at least two Soviet KG operatives (the congressional outted Stanley Levison, King’s financial, legal and political advisor and Jack O’Dell, his personal secretary and CPUSA/Soviet organizer in the South (HCUA hearings, 1956).

There were some foreign aspects of King being a security risk (re blackmail) that have only peripherally been mentioned.

Nobody has the balls to tell the whole truth.

However, this does not diminish the good deeds and ideas that King put forth.
Neoliberalnot totally heard MLK was in orgies.
I knew an FBI agent that was assigned to guard MLKs group when he visited Texas. The agent had to go to this suite and found MLK and a number of women and other men buck naked in the room. MLKs wife was not one of them. This too is a side you will never hear about. The orgies.
Yeah, Hoover's FBI is a totally trustworthy source about MLK.

Romans Nine's Pastor keeps a bunch of anti-MLK clippings.
One day at lunch I asked my Pastor if MLK was a communist. My Pastor is 75 years old and followed politics closely his whole life. He answered yes and them said let me show you something. He went to his study and came out with a file about two inches thick. It was all articles from the 50’s and 60’s about MLK. I was floored with what I read. The Rev. was a serial womanizing commie. He loved his white women. Very common knowledge back in his time. I refuse to acknowledge MLK day. I will never celebrate commies.
Interesting how many Freepers take refuge in third parties badmouthing King, rather than doing so themselves.

CatherineofAragon's hate is pure and unthinking.
I don’t see MLK as a mixed bag at all. I just see him for what he was-—another leftwing radical.

He called our troops war criminals, said the U.S. was the biggest purveyor of violence in the world, and he was a “pastor” who didn’t believe in the divinity of Jesus.

I don’t waste my time trying to find out if Obama, Holder, or John Kerry did good deeds, and I see no reason to bother with King, either.
relictele kinda bobbles the "Democrats are the real racists" meme.
The greatest irony is all the rhetoric about bondage, freedom, self-determination, etc. in the 60s is rendered moot by the de facto enslavement of much of the black population by a political party with the eager help of black collaborators. A vote to eat tomorrow is really no vote at all, as the Democrats intended.


  1. I'm glad you included CatherineofAryanNation ...
    that harpy wannabee has been on a real racist rant for years.

  2. They're too busy masturbating to "American Sniper" to realise that there are any other films out right now.

    1. And they seem to be just fine with the falsehoods and half truths in THAT tale. If anything, it's made them double-down on their support of him.

    2. I have to believe there's a FReeper who believes Eastwood is a commie and would rather have his good ol fashioned Red Dawn.

    3. Speaking of American Sniper, Twitter user @TheAntiMedia1 took a screenshot of 4 Freeperish tweets:

  3. Her silence speaks volumes.

    For once, I agree.

    Scared the crap outta me as a kid, seeing the hoses and the dogs and all the angry black people

    Hmm. One of these things is not like the others.

  4. They're too busy masturbating to "American Sniper" to realise that there are any other films out right now.

  5. In previous years, Freepers have claimed repeatedly that MLKJr. was a Republican.
    But now that the geniuses over there have decided to make FR an online outpost of the Klan, the members of their klub are allowed to say everything but the N word.
    And don't worry. FR's numbers are so low at this point (see: Alexa), and their 'thons are taking so long, it can only be a matter of time before they give in and allow that, too.
    Why Martin Luther King Was A Republican
    Dr. Martin Luther King A Republican

    1. Wait -- I thought they thought he was a communist.
      Could he be . . . BOTH??