Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. 1

Ouderkirk starts us off with unflinching advocacy of genocide:
There is no reforming islam, there is only one option, total destruction. They should be offered the choice either convert to another religion or death. Everything islamic should be destroyed. every vestage, every site, every mosque, nothign shall remain of any of it. We can’s start a war 1.6 billion muslims, they say. Sure we can, and we will win through superior firepower and 1.6 billion casualties that shall include women AND children. Nuke Mecca, and the at rock, Medina is vaporized, Qom, is a crater and every other muslim holy site and anything to do with islam must be eliminatated and turned into a radioactive no-go zone for 20K years or more.
Eleutheria5 on White Man's burden:
Obama must carry the white man’s burden, but will deliberately sabotage it.
caww finds Obama's posture during the State of the Union to be very significant:
Notice how he clasps his hands and moves them...head held high....He sees himself as “King” and those in his audiance his subjects...

He’s not speaking to them He’s elevating himslef above them...they need to be grateful they are in his his stance. He’s TELLING them how it is and the adulation follows....pumping this man ‘s Narcissitci ego even now for him to grow eve more emboldened.
lightman also seizes on a super important detail in the State of the Union.
God bless you, and God bless this country we love.

Which county do YOU love, Mr. President?

It's "God bless America" you putz.
Sarah Barracuda just makes her own State of the Union:
Here let me give you a rundown of what he will say..Republicans suck, Communism is people are evil, except the ones that voted for me, they are people need to pay their “Fair share” except the rich celebrities that voted for me, they don’t have to pay a dime..Islam is a religion of peace, yes they cut off some people’s heads but hey, all is forgiven..there, saved everyone here an hour and a half of pure boredom
Sioux-san did not like the GOP response, which means conspiracy:
That speech was obviously prepared for Joni Ernst, and by all the omissions and true lack of a response to the unchecked/unbalanced PINO, the Fix truly is in. If she had any respect for her oath to the Constitution, she wouldn’t have accepted the offer to give the speech. (Her pretty little smile was a total put-off for me considering the shape this country is in).
And of course, Michelle Obama was at the SOTU:
I'm betting that while in Hawaii and at Oprah's house, she had botox, had her belly sucked and who knows what else. We know the hair isn't hers.

Underneath it all, she's still the fat slob sitting at the table in a gold shirt with hubby in his Nero shirt and the lard walking the dog at the whitehouse in a pair of shorts that shows it all.

I love it that the dress is a stock item. Too funny.
In a Free Republic that rarely goes above 60 posts anymore, the thread on Michelle's dress is 100+ posts of bile. Freep can still get it up for the petty things!

One more. HomerBohn has been taught to hate:
Wookie could be wearing a gorgeous gown of gold, spun by fairies and she'd still be what she is: a large caboose-d (you could play pinochle on that posterior) zombie-brained socialist so advanced that there would never be any reasoning with her.

Top that off with being wedded to the worst thing to happen to America since the civil war and you have two bottom feeders, much like the Clintons, but intent on completely destroying our nation now reduced to pitiful status.

A curse on them AND the damned Clintons: they've taught too many of us to hate!
a fool in paradise joins the comeback of "Obama is Muslim" nonsense:
Baraq Hussein Ubama stands with the Islamists.

The man even gave a taxpayer funded muslim funeral for Osama Bin Laden.

Not really muslims, my rear.
cripplecreek knows if it's bad, Muslims love it:
Islamderthals are big fans of gay porn. The younger the boys the better.
TigersEye has some sort of chant going:
The Mohammed Factor

If you condemn murder you condemn Mohammed.

If you condemn thievery you condemn Mohammed.

If you condemn rape you condemn Mohammed.

If you condemn pedophilia you condemn Mohammed.

If you condemn terrorism you condemn Mohammed.

If you condemn Mohammed you condemn Islam.
exit82 has not had his fill of nation building.
If we had a real President, we would helping to push the Venezuelan government right over the cliff, and help them to establish a free republic.

The Communist in the White House would rather let China gain influence in our hemisphere instead.

And John Kerry the Fairy (anyone who brings James Taylor to a diplomatic meeting is a fairy imbibing pixie dust) has no clue what could be at stake .
DoughtyOne spends a lot of words to say very little.
Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Obama...

This is what the Left has been happy to be represented by for the last 50 years.

As despicable as their true gifts have been (putting it mildly), all the Left can do now is lie like there’s no tomorrow. As this is what they do.

With Johnson and Carter, they try to rewrite history after the fact. With Clinton and (not) soon (enough) Obama, they rewrite their actions. But with Clinton and Obama, they have also started to lie about everything they do in the moment.

Clinton only survived because his henchmen and the media covered for him with one of the most massive disinformation campaigns in the history of the planet.

With Obama, once again, the man only survives (politically / viably) because of the media and it’s manipulation of fact and fiction.

Having watched the Left crater down the decades to the traitor we now have, one must wonder what they do for an encore. How does it get worse from here?

The Leftist Liberal Democrats will find a way.
caww is pretty sure a woman set her child on fire because she loves jail:
Well setting her baby on fire will get her a life sentence among her "sisters".....which many of them have no objection to because they can enjoy the "sisterhood" and be taken care of for life. Prison can be safer for them then real life in their eyes.
The always exciteabl Ann Archy really hates Shep Smith:
Shep is SO GAY, he;s UNWATCHABLE!!!
Nextrush explains that Civil Rights was just to get blacks to love Democrats:
Civil Rights (1964-election year), Voting Rights (1965), Fair Housing (1968-election year) with the Great Society welfare state programs in tandem brought the descendants of slaves onto the Democrat Party Plantation.
cowboyusa wants to replace MLK day:
I can’t stand that communist loving, Jesus denying, women abusing idiot.

The man who deserves a holiday is Jackie Robinson. He was a true American hero and without him there never would have been a Civil Rights Movement.
CatherineofAragon heard MLK's nonviolence was all a lie:
As for non-violence, I remember my father saying that MLK would enter a town or city, preach that particular ideology, and get out of town before the riots started.

My conservative friend in Washington state says her own father used to say the exact same thing.
rey thinks the Sony Hack was a fake to boost ratings:
If you want propaganda how about this:

The distribution house that is contracted to distribute your loser movie at a severe loss stages a fake hack, a fake withdrawing of a the picture, and instead does a limited release with great fanfare to generate hype to prompt people to see this loser and offset the huge losses you should have incurred and potential career failure.

Now that is propaganda spin.
SWAMPSNIPER has committed to a new conspiracy theory:
Democrats hold the power to unleash chaos and burn cities and they're showing an ever increasing will to do so.

I'm coming to believe that Boehner and McConnel have been threatened and will not resist. In effect the mob now rules the Nation.

A true conservative in the White House might slow the process down, but won't stop it. It will take an energized and courageous conservative base prepared to literally do battle.
Candor7 warns Gowdy he'd better find something serious about Benghazi:
Gowdy has been bought off? If so, it is a huge mistake on his part. He will never be able to seek presidential office or even a Senate Seat.


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