Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Many Freepers say that government is supplanting private charity. A few are sincere, more just want to give power to churches, and most seem to have such antipathy for the poor that they seem against any charity whatsoever.

Thus, they react to a heartwarming story about a police officer buying eggs for a woman he caught shoplifting with callous cynicism.

lee martell is sure she's a grifter.
Now watch tomorow, when she pulls this same trick at another Dollar General with another young black make officer. Only this time, she’ll be getting cake batter.
“For her child’s birthday’... right.
You can tell because she talked to the press. Ken H knows welfare makes you rich:
She told Officer Stacy that she was only stealing because she was trying to feed her children.

Bulls hit. There are alphabet agencies out the wazoo trying to give away money for this sort of thing. She wasn't forced to steal food for her kids.
Zhang Fei refuses to believe anything:
We do not know the why, all we know is her kids were hungry. If you had no money, would you steal to feed your kids?

We know she said her kids were hungry. Did she have any kids? Were they hungry. Only she knows for sure.
2ndDivisionVet laments the lack of government support for Katrina victims.
I tried to get food stamps after surviving Hurricane Katrina. They laughed me out of the building.
Mr Ramsbotham has this lady all figured out:
She stole eggs, the only thing you can do with them is eat them.

Every dollar of her own that she doesn't have to spend on necessities is a dollar more for her to spend on drugs and alcohol for herself and the fathers of her children.
AppyPappy is pretty sure every town is like his, and also has a solution to help this woman feed her kids:
If you show up at our local food pantry, they have an emergency food box to give people.
If she had been arrested and booked, the kids would have gotten fed.
riri also assumes drug use:
you are supposed to take all leave of your senses if the word "children" is used in any capacity.

She could have stood outside the Dollar Store and asked strangers for change for the buck to feed her kids.

She could have maybe tried to steal something less frikking conspicuous than a 12"x5" carton of eggs.

Obviously not the brightest bulb in the pack. But I am sure her dealer gets paid.

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