Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Pix

Too much inter-party comrade on the Hill.
The only possible reason to be in favor of immigration reform.
When hating on of Republicans, Freepers can draw on more innovative, liberal, photoshop artists.
"OK, the government innovated that one time. But then they totally would have ruined it!"
Andrew Jackson's dream, at last realized!
Hmm...#1 is not on message.


  1. That last image seems to not be showing up. Is this it?

  2. Freepers go nuts for having to admit that their hero Paul LePage lied about Stephen King not paying his taxes.
    I guess Freepers still think roads, safety, police, child protective services, the national guard, the military, and so on and so on, are coin operated.

  3. We keep allowing groups to move in to our country that don’t want to become Americans. This is a recipe for disaster. It didn’t work for the American Indians, and it certainly didn’t work for Mexico in TX.

    "didn't work for the American Indians?" WTF??