Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Fun" times

anon1 again.

Among the many interesting edge-cases of humanity Freepers offer is their relationship with humor. I'd divide them into two categories.

The first, have no sense of humor at all. They see the existence of non-Freepers as a crisis, and do not have any time for funny business.

Type 2 see humor as an avenue to vent their spite, or a weapon (Alinsky!). They will laugh at the death of non-Freepers, and rush to call Michelle Obama a man and Barack Obama a woman. Needless to say, they see other humor as offensive, or Alinsky. At the extreme end are class clowns like MeshugaMikey or Lazamataz, who veer between jocularity, angry sardonic jabs, and sincere rage.

When Lazamataz makes a thread with some gleeful hyperbole about liberals, it's amusing to see type 1 Freepers say "I sincerely agree with your truths" and type 2 attempt to leverage their bitterness to somehow beat Lazamataz at his own game.

First, Lazamataz's sorta-joking-but-kinda-for-reals post. I've added the paragraphs.
What Are Liberals? (fun little vanity)

The American Left is an enemy every bit as dangerous as Al Qaeda, every bit as treacherous as ISIS, every bit as murderous as Nazis, every bit as power-mad as Stalin.

They are a vile, foul, Satan-revering, repulsive Orc army.

They are odious, hideous slime-covered slugs, they are atrocious diseased vermin.

They are not even human beings. They are loathsome demonic,sub-human animals and must be cut out of country before they poison and destroy it.

Jesus once said, "Yea verily, I love all mankind, except for the American left. My Father shall damn to eternal hellfire, for they cannot be saved."

They are nauseating child-killing pedophiles and murderous rapist pigs.

They are genocidal lechers and foul leeches that have embrace corpses, and death, and decay.

Each and every one of these foul, despicable non-human detritus should be stricken with painful pancreatic cancer.

No animal can look upon one of the leftists without feeling revulsion and fear.

If every one of the abominable parasitic worms were wiped off the Earth, it would not be enough.

They revel in the torture of small animals and infants, and claw and tear at the skin of children with their terrible claws and dangerous teeth.

They are heinous, twisted, demented evil demons of putrescence and corruption.

They cannot find it in their hearts to tell one single truth.

Angels curse their names, and they are written on the heart of the Prince of Lies, the Devil.

They have no redeeming features, they are ugly both in appearance and deed, and they cherish and revel in the rot of their souls. They venerate death and embrace oppression; they loot and steal and destroy; they burn all that is Holy and good.

They despise God, and God hates them back.

They are pure, crystalline evil, utterly contemptible, and beyond redemption. They worship all that is unholy and immersed in decay.

They are of sulfur and sin, and abide no good, but are utterly wicked in all their ways.

They are so despicable, they even have the wisdom to hate themselves!
Blah blah blah, that sure gets repetitive after a while.

dware is in the humor as weapon camp.
Get em’s time that the leftist scum be treated exactly like it.
humblegunner immediately sees a jape Laz forgot:
Plus a lot of them are fags, too.
fieldmarshaldj has also not left the schoolyard:
"What Are Liberals?

" GAY.
CatherineofAragon tries so hard.
I believe this is an excellent start, and I am fully confident you will exhaustively analyze the queer-infested pestilence that is liberalism.
Impy has commented here, so he can clearly laugh at himself. But not this time!
I would say, based on the damage they’ve done, that they are much more dangerous than Al Queda.
Of course, by a purely utilitarian definition, every politician of both parties, captain of industry, and banker is also worse than poor widdle AQ. That's why such a definition is dumb

qam1 does some awesome sample bias, but forgot to tell a joke:
Look at Healthcare, the educational system, Detroit, Ferguson, Newark, Philadelphia, Illinois, Malmo, California, Venezuela, Greece, Spain, Cuba, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, etc.

All once prosperous, then the Liberals took charge and now failure, corruption, decadence, misery, violence, bloodshed are the norm.

With all the misery and horror Liberals caused the human race, one wonders how they can sleep at night.

Oh yeah, they childishly name call, mindlessly parrot silly sound bites, habitually lie and blame everyone else but themselves. Being a Liberal is having no shame, no empathy, and no morals and never having to say you are sorry.

Liberals are nothing but a blight and cancer on the human race.
Responsibility2nd is totally type 2. See how he jokes about killing liberals? Haw haw!
Liberals are easy to spot. When you are out and about driving and see a VW or a Subaru with this sticker on it...


You are free to kill anything and everything inside it.

Then burn the car.
huldah1776 found liberals in the Bible:
In the Bible they are members of Babylon and live under the rule of the 10 kings given authority by the beast. Rev 17:16 “16 And the ten horns which you saw, and the beast, these will hate the harlot and will make her desolate and naked, and will eat her flesh and will burn her up with fire.”
GodAndCountryFirst makes up some stats that other Freepers will doubtlessly quote as truth on other threads.
Other stats about liberals:

- 90% have used illegal drugs and 20% use them on a regular basis.
- “Only” 35% are homosexual. But 70% have had a “gay experience” at least once.
- 60% are or have been on some kind of government assistance.
- 15% have been to prison.
- 98% are atheist or agnostic.
- 85% admit to have shoplifted.
- 75% of married liberals have had extra-marital affair or have “open marriages.”
nanetteclaret's worldview is too hyperbolic for humor:
Laz, you said it was going to be a “fun little vanity.” Instead, it’s a perfect word snapshot of the cancerous scum who infect our country. :(

I especially liked this:

***They revel in the torture of small animals and infants, and claw and tear at the skin of children with their terrible claws and dangerous teeth.***

So fitting for the 42nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the decision from Hell.
:( indeed.
At least Laz seemed to be having a good time. Can't say the same for most of these posters.


  1. In Laz's case, he comes up with this shit every once in awhile in a desperate attempt to get friends, or, if not friends, at least someone who will acknowledge his existence.

    Same with Catherine of Aragon ... she claims over and over to have a young and beautifull husband, dozens of young and beautiful friends and family members, and to be young and beautiful herself, and to be oh so busy with her rich social life ...
    but she spends hours and hours on FR every day, and for years kissed onyx's butt in hope of becoming an elite harpy.

    Both of them are very lonely people with self esteem issues.

    1. Catherine is on and her politcal post are shitcanned all the time. The gals there have come right out and said she is fruitcake.

  2. Nah, the best is DougFromUpland, he's had Hillary living in his head for years. His pithy little songs and shit about her show a sad insight into his psychosis.

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