Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday Potpourri pt. 2

Carthego delenda est had some serious flag drama:
When Obama was first ‘elected’, I went out and very sadly lowered the flag, folded it up, and put it in storage. All my immediate neighbors are in the enemies camp, and I HAD to make some sign of protest (as if my flying of the blue Star of David were not enough already, lol).

I kept Old Glory neatly tucked away for quite some time, but there came a point at which I couldn’t stand driving up my driveway and not seeing her proudly flying high above my house... So, at that time, I debated quietly within about whether or not I should fly her upside down as I stood before the flag pole.

I KNEW our nation had been taken over by revolutionary Muslims or Marxists or something of that nature, but at my immediate location, as stressed out as I personally was, I couldn’t in good conscience fly her upside down yet.

There’s something about “these colors don’t run” that resonates deep within me which would not permit me to put out a distress call, once again, YET.
Regardless of reality, Louis Foxwell finds anything he agrees with to be good politics:
The letter was the most brilliant and effective bit of politics played by the pubbies in 20 years.
lexington minuteman 1775 - if Netanyahu loses, the world is going to end:
If BIBI’s Likud party is ousted...and these guys win...Iran will get a bomb and when they do they will drop it on you know who.Israel will use the Limbaugh theory and retaliate and Lord knows if Western Civilization will survive but the left will get what its been claiming for a long time. “Man made global warming” due to thermo-nuclear war.
FlingWingFlyer is similarly dramatic about Israelis not voting for Netanyahu:
“Tens of thousands” of Jews who are ready to sacrifice themselves to ISIS and other Islamofacist groups in order to bring about “peace in the Mideast”. IOW, MORONS!!!
Colehill1999 - "Isreal deserves to die at this point."
Netenyahooo brought it on himself. He had the chance to wipe out the terrorists that keep attacking them (some call them palestinians) several times but never pushed all the way. He should have cut the head off the snake when he had a chance - even the arabs were going to let him do it without much protest.

Isreal deserves to die at this point.

But what should we expect when most of them were educated in the liberal west? This sets up an interesting possiblity. Weak lib leaders come in, ISIS attacks, draws in others like Iran, Syria spill over, etc. Russia comes in and weak lib isreali leaders forced to use nukes to fight them back.
PLD is hilariously losing it about Netanyahu's electoral woes.
SOROS,OBAMA,AND THE WHOLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ARE BEHIND THIS..It isn’t just Benjamin Netanyahu these freaks are after.it is all of the Jews in the whole world..Obama is a hater of the whole Jewish race he is a Muslim and he has the power now to destroy anyone..With Soros and his money and people he hires to do his dirty work..Remember that freak turned in many Jews during the second world war he did it for money from the Nazis these Jews were murdered and some sent to concentration camps.now him and his buddy Obama are trying to destroy the human race so they can be in charge.

Remember freaks God is in charge and he says who lives or dies.and according to the BIBLE the holy lands will be taken care of by him.I hope to be around when God pours out on all the horrors you evil bastards will get..
There will be more on this tomorrow, I suspect!

Mastador1 on Obama's priorities:
He spouts gibberish.

No, he spout Blackish, Lord Foul is concerned only with muslims, hispanics, blacks queers and chicomms. In that order, if you don't fit into one of those peg holes you better have a sh!tload of money in an outstretched hand.
Lord Foul?

JudyinCanada wishes Bush did the horrible things she imagines Obama is doing:
We’d have a completely different political landscape if President Bush had been able to rid the airwaves of everyone who insulted him.
dennisw knows the only reason Finland can have income-based traffic fines is that they know it won't go to black people:
This kind of bs can be pulled off successfully in a mono ethnic country. The rich dude Finn who pays a $10,000 speeding fine figures that at least the money is going to people who he has a biological kinship with.

Similarly you could have such fines in mono-ethnic Japan and Korea
FlingWingFlyer uses some old timey language to refer to a Jewish Congresswoman who does not support Netanyahu.
I’d love to see this ditzy broad, Schakowsky, be forced to live in Israel. Preferably in the Hamas rocket impact area.
dennisw is retraining the 'where the white women at' from blacks to Muslims:
Finland is lucky being so far north, it has the fewest Muzzies of any Nordic nation.

Feminazi ruled Sweden is the most deranged when it come to allowing Muslims to immigrate to their lovely nation and to salivate after (and much worse) their lovely women.
Gaffer will not allow any ambiguities in his reality; thus Planned Parenthood only does abortions.
This cancer screening canard PP uses is, in my opinion, nothing more than having a few brochures out in the waiting room where bored prospective I-can’t-handle-being-a-mother patients wait to have their baby murdered.
PapaNew wants an FCC-based nullification crisis:
I wish that just ONE state would issue a ruling or legislation explaining why the Telecommunications Act of 1996 is unconstitutional and, therefore, is nullified and rejected, the citizens of that state are not subject to its constraints or penalties.
Bryanw92 knows Obama will step down at the end of his second term, because hes already destroyed America:
I just fear this evil marxist creep Obama will not leave in 2016.

He’ll leave. He’s done what he set out to do. The Cloward-Piven collapse is inevitable now, so he can even turn it over to a Republican and there nothing they WILL do to stop it. The Chamber of Commerce/Wall St wants a work force made up a desperate, hungry temp workers who are sustained by government handouts to a subsistence level, but are will to do anything for a small amount of pocket change to buy some luxuries to try and get back to a 1990’s level of comfort.

He and his family will jet off to Hawaii after his term and live like kings, as all the Elites will after the collapse.
SkyPilot knows anyone who doesn't hate Obama at Freeper levels is "in the pit and allied with Evil"
Anyone who didn't see the evil that is Obama is under a strong delusion.

They cannot be helped. They are in the pit and allied with Evil. They have engaged in pagan worship of Obama, and they are lost.
SgtHooper laments that Texas has liberals too:
Texas has its growing cancer as well. For you to make that statement you need to eradicate that cancer in Austin, Dallas, and other big Texas cities, the school systems, and other places, like the rest of America needs to do.
Like Obama's blackness. realcleanguy knows Hillary's womannity is going to keep her safe from justice:
Well, if she was a man, “he” would already have been arrested and the server would be at the FBI
PATRIOT1876 thinks anyone who believes in climate change wants to kill millions:
Mother Jones doesn't sound very motherly.

Mother Jones promotes the Climate Change Scam.

Therefore Mother Jones is unconcerned about the millions who will die and the billions that will live lives of misery as a result of the draconian Climate “cap n trade” laws.
When a mushroom cloud rises over Washington, some FReeper is gonna post, “Just a diversion.”

Funny you say that , because I believe this email scandal is just that, a diversion to distract the public while Kerry and Obama arm IRAN with Nukes.
Vaquero's weird ideas of good guys and bad guys makes his analysis of Grover Norquist a bit wonky:
Not familiar with his portfolio. Did a little search. Seems he WAS a contra funding good guy. But of late and with his muzzy wife he now funds an Islamic economic organization that has been aligned with the muslim brotherhood.
contra-funding good guy?

edpc wants to make a deal:
I’m willing to concede they were ‘born that way’ if they’ll concede it’s a potentially treatable genetic defect, like retardation.
Alas, Ben Carson, __rvx86 is never voting for a negro President again:
He almost lost me at ‘black’ (thanks Obola).
tuffydoodle tells the secret story of a gay divorce after they had kids.
Adoption by gays is really tragic. Take for example the story of David Tuterra, that wedding planner guy, and his so called “husband.” “Husband” wanted a divorce because he had grown tired of Tuterra’s need to bring a third man into their bedroom. Problem was, these perverts had a surrogate pregnant with twins. Perverts got divorce, surrogate had babies, each sexual deviant got themselves a baby to play with. Didn’t hear about this on the news, did you? It got buried pretty damn fast, for obvious reasons.
"baby to play with." That pedophile crap is why you lose, Freepers.

lormand wants more white power, less white privilege:
I'm clicking thru the channels, and still, I see the media carry the narrative that every day, black people are being pulled over by cops, simply for being black.

The racist narrative continues and is responsible for the daily assaults by black people on white people and white police officers.

It's past time for white people to defend themselves as white people.

If anyone wants to hear the absolute idiocy of "White Privilage", I can tell them my life story, and they can look at my son's grades from Elementary school all the way to his current grade. Nothing was given to us. We made mistakes, and had to learn the hard way to not make it again.
Five will get you ten wardaddy is in the Mississippi KKK:
Forrest surrendered near Selma months after his vaunted rear guard from Franklin/Nashville

Freepers who gloat Dems bad and GOP Gods from day one are in my humble opinion Stupid

So enjoy your post Civil a Rights utopia

Ain’t it purty?

Southerners feared black rule for a damned good reason

Come down here and get u some

Might I suggest Jackson Mississippi say west Fortification street and Bullard around 1130pm

Bring yer white skin and see what post Crow feels like

But be sure and remind them how righteous you are about race before they kill you


  1. revolutionary Muslims or Marxists or something of that nature, whatever

  2. I thought the "Limbaugh theory" was that if you take enough Oxycontin, you lose your hearing and the ability to get a boner.

  3. Lord Foul must be a reference to the embodiment of evil from Stephen Donaldson's books about Thomas Covenant. It's a fantasy series, not too bad of one, although sometimes the writing is a bit overdone and Thomas Covenant is a seriously difficult protagonist to connect with. He does some messed up shit.