Thursday, March 5, 2015

The end of the America

Freepers' sexism and racism wax and wane depending on which Democrats are handy to hate at the time. And their conspiracies are all similarly oriented towards partisan ends. But their nativism is always there, running underneath their posts like that slime under NY in Ghostbusters II.

So I suppose I shouldn't be as surprised as I was at their apocalyptic despair when Boehner refused to shut down DHS over Obama's executive action on immigration. But wow, are they over the top.

stephenjohnbanker knows America has changed:
This is the end of the USA as we know it.

Destroyed March 3, 2015 by Republican traitors.
Mouton has a list of people to kill:
When the end comes, remember to keep the list of those whom were the traitors.
hosepipe knows all Democrats have assassin squads:
Only thing remaining.. Obama to annex the republican party..

Just claim it... and maybe purge a few warts.. which is doable.. i.e. Vince Foster..
Gator113 thinks Democracy in general is over:
We are not going to get our country back, not with a ballot.

Today, I think the experiment is actually over.
conservativegranny is ready for people who aren't her to start shooting:
It’s too late for that. Do you realize how many immigrants are coming? And they will be fast tracked to the voting booth in time for 2016. It’s over.

There is only one option left.
brownsfan takes his nihilism to the appropriate extreme:
I’m seriously considering voting a straight D ticket. Give them total control, because the sooner they burn the place to the ground, the sooner LIVs will take notice and we can rebuild. If the LIVs don’t take notice, there was never a chance.
RatRipper remembers when America was owned by Freepers:
We had a great country while it was ours.
I never dreamed it would be in my generation that we lost it all, but it seems we have.
biggredd1 - RIP, America.
Millions of illegal scumbags have just been approved by scumbag boehner. The end of USA came today. RIP.
Noted Freeper psychopath Dead Corpse is resolute and smug:
I warned you all.

Just so no one forgets during what’s coming...
Truth29 wants secession:
I am at a loss as to what to do now and to escape the normalcy bias of almost all of us. The only thing I can think of now that is remotely still within a governmental structure is for some of the states to secede.
Rodamala sounds like a defeated supervillain:
Rot in hell scumbags.

The 2010 TEA party takeover was NOTHING... you are ALL effing TOAST.
dforest looks forward to more overuse of a word he doesn't understand:
I am like others, elections are not going to fix this. I will no longer bother a “hopin’ and a Dreamin’.

2016 means nothing to me other than it will be a couple years more of pure tyranny. After that, more tyranny.
INVAR knows he will soon be killed:
We are beyond stopping or fixing this tyranny by civil means.

If you folks will not wake up to this fact now, you never will - not even when you are standing over the trench you are about to be gunned down into.


  1. Once again the Freepers are expending a lot of energy and accomplishing exactly nothing.

  2. The country has died many times in the last 6 years, according to the drama queen brigade. They're the equivalent of 13 year old girls screaming "You're ruining my life!" When mom and dad don't give them what they want.

    If we don't stop Obama care...if We don't impeach Obama....if we don't elect Romney....if we don't (insert today's fight here)

    Waitll President Clinton is sworn in in January 2017....they're gonna lose it (again)