Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Clinton drama returns!

I think one of the reasons for Freepers' rage and weirdly detailed speculation about Obama was how frustratingly low-key he is. His administrations' scandals, such as they are, rarely reach the White House. Without a worthwhile villain, they had to manufacture one out of whatever was at hand, mostly his blacknes,

Not so Hillary. The Clintons, like it or not, push the envelope. Freepers crave that kind of drama, and now it's back on the menu! Hillary waited for the e-mail thing to die down, and now is going through the motions of damage control, but I suspect she knows this will soon by remembered only by the right.

Note how Freepers jump straight to some kind of cloak-and-dagger game between Hillary and Obama. Yeah, they missed the drama.

Gaffer goes against the biased media narrative:
Throughout all the years of controlling, browbeating and intimidation, these outlets for so-called news have quietly and obediently taken their lashes - even when they didn’t do anything wrong but still did not meet the Clinton Test of complete and utter submission.

Privately, they didn’t like it one damned bit. They smell blood in the water now - and it is hers. This won’t go away.
CivilWarBrewing thinks Hillary's Muslim ties will bring her down:
This could end it all for Shillary. Gowdy seemed to punt to Congress on this matter, him being limited ONLY to emails involving discussion of Libya & Benghazi. WHAT ABOUT EGYPT, MORSI, HUMA ABEDIN, ETC???

Hey AP, would you please SUE State Dept. employee Huma Abedin for HER emails, please?
CivilWarBrewing also thinks Obama could go down:
I think Hillary was TOLD to establish a hidden email server so [OBAMA] could keep his foreign policy dealings hidden from public record. I think this goes higher up than her and he's probably sweating a bit right now.
But CivilWarBrewing laments that women can vote:
it’s a mass catharsis ‘vagina fest’ hosted by Sandra Fluke. Same chit as 2008 and 2012. There’s no reasoning with bimbos immersed in women’s issues.
Red Badger expects sabotage:
Look for surreptitious removal and replacement of a ‘crashed’ hard drive that just suddenly broke...............
chajin is unsure of the conspiracy, but knows it's turned on Hillary!
This proves that Hillary! is destined for the trashpile of soon-to-be-former Presidential candidates; if AP is going after her, the fix is in. It doesn’t mean AP has suddenly rediscovered its original purpose, of course, only that the Powers Above have decided Hillary! must be replaced by someone else, though they have not yet fully shown their hand on whom the replacement might be.
Cowboy Bob knows who the real puppetmaster is:
They are doing this at the behest of Liz Warren. AP has been told to go after Hillary. I hope all of Hillary’s supporters take note of this and remember when it comes time to vote in November 2016.
Internet Sleuth Uncle Miltie is counting Hillary's phones.
Third Phone, a BLACK hard-angled candybar style (not the previously posted BLUE rounded edged one...)
Lazamataz knows this is Obama's checkmate.
This is all orchestrated by Obama.

He hates Hillary. He brought her in as SOS to get some good and recent dirt on her.

He's clearing the deck to make way for Warren. The Clintons are far too conservative for him.
Old Yeller wonders if Obama will kill Hillary?
Hillary could REALLY burn his azz if she wanted to

Wouldnt that be ironic if she got Ft. Marcy Parked?
VerySadAmerican on Hillary's love of Muslims and many, many murders.
I believe Hillary would be more in bed with the muslims than Obama. She already is in bed with Huma and she’ muslim. Reggie isn’t.

I don’t believe the press is doing this on their own. They’re still working for the white house. VJ wants Warren.

It’s actually funny to watch the Clintons get it all thrown back at them. They’ve used people all their lives then threw them under trains. (Two boys were literally thrown under a train).
Lazamataz makes bold predictions:
Warren is, in my estimation, 100% the lock for the Dem Nomination, and with all the illegal alien voting, a 75% lock for president in 2016.

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  1. Hillary Clinton has been living in Freeper heads, rent free, for 20 years now. Kind of ironic how they think dems are terrified of Saint Sarah of The Snow Machine when in reality, they're the ones terrified of Hillary.