Thursday, March 19, 2015

Guilt without trial

Freepers black and white morality is often status based. You're a Muslim/black/gay/Democrat? You're guilty! And probably ugly.

This means they are not big due-process fans. Which is entierly in keeping with their badly hidden authoritarianism.

Thus, their reaction to the rather tragic story of how former Guantanamo detainees can't get jobs now. They're released, so they're not just not guilty, but pose no threat to the US. But to Freepers? Everyone who was ever in Gitmo is super-guilty, so these guys are evil, and deserve whatever misery is coming to them.

stephenjohnbanker sums up the mentality:
They should have been executed.
stephenjohnbanker then makes it creepy:
Here is a job for them

Let them dig their own graves

Lorianne is sure Uruguay is now polluted with terrorists:
Why did they have to despoil a perfectly nice country like Uraguay with these people. Couldn’t they move them somewhere that is not so nice?
MasterGunner01 is pretty sure these they're voting Democrat...from Uruguay.
So much for the myth that terrorism is caused by unemployment (that is lack of a job for pay). They must be Donkey welfare queens.
RatRipper finds the fact that these guys need welfare proof they're liberals:
terrorists = good Commies
Buckeye McFrog knows who else is basically like a former gitmo detainee:
hmmmm....maybe Obama could dispatch ALL of our welfare cases to Uruguay...
Does that include social security and medicare, I wonder?

nothingnew has fully bought into the 'Club Fed" BS.
Awww...they miss Gitmo, where the weather was warm, 3 halal meals a day, prayer rugs, all that you and I paid for...They miss it.
Forget the rectal feedings and other BS, for folks who claim to be all for liberty, they sure don't seem to understand why someone might not love prison, regardless of the conditions.


  1. Yeah, those FEMA camps should be heaven on Earth for Freepers! I wonder why they're always complaining about them?

  2. Bibi fllips on two state solution, freeps freak out.