Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bonus Spotlight

Pallis has all the hate a normal Freeper does, but concentrated on Islam and homosexuality. Oh, he'll roll genocidal about Ferguson or insist there's a coming ice age, or Randian plutocrat-worship, but 60% is on either Islam or gays. He's a 1998 Freeper; makes me wonder what he did with himself before 9-11.

Naturally, he has decided all Muslims are gay, for the sake of hate-efficiency.

But he doesn't stop with homosexuality. Like the antisemites of old, he just makes up random crap about Muslims and gays sodomy. Who cares if it's true - Muslims and buttsex are bad is the point! And if you don't hate at his level, you're with the terrorists. There are lots of terrorists in his world.

Islam = Terrorism = Obama.
Obama has deluded himself into thinking he gets to define the words terrorism and terrorists. It’s already been done in the common sense dictionary that defines terrorism as Islam, and a terrorist as a Muslim. Obama is a terror.
Muslims = liberals:
Muslims are like modern liberals, they have to destroy everything and everyone that/who doesn’t fit into their paradigm of belief.
Muslims = gays
now all the ISIS faggots are having to perform with enslaved women. They have to get charged up to get it up, and brutalize women like they do young boys. We are seeing the underbelly of Islam exposed in all its filth.
Close the border, because of Islamic terrorists!
Obama wants to keep the border open, because that is how Islamist terrorists are coming into the country. How can the Border Patrol know who they are, or if they pose a threat to Americans.

Every illegal coming across the border poses a grave threat to the well being of this country. We are paying the price in law enforcement, corrections, education, healthcare, welfare, housing, and politics. In the end this craziness is lose/lose for all Americans.
Muslims hate books:
Nothing paralyzes Islam with fear more than freedom of thought. Muslims are book phobic, whatever that is called.
Gays, always with the UTI:
Urinary track infections with antibiotic resistant e-coli should be enough to convince anyone not to stick their member into fecal stuff. Sodomy is for stupid people, which is why Democrats promote it.
The Republican Left:
Rudy was being polite. Obama hates America. It isn’t simply a matter of not loving America.

Next, the Republican left isn’t just dodging criticism from the media. They agree with Obama’s policies. The Republican left loves Obamacare. They love amnesty, and they are too damned ignorant to understand what Islam really is.
If you're violent, you can't be conservative:
Socialism is Socialism, no matter if it is right wing or left wing, and conservatives have nothing to do with either one, no matter how much Obama’s goons would like us to believe differently. Anti government/civilization cults are their own brand of kooky. Conservatives are for small, limited government, and pro liberty civilizations.

Islam is Islam, and at its very best, it sucks.
Democrats made you fat:
Obesity is linked to poverty, and eating the wrong foods, eating too much, and not working or exercising. Blame food stamps and Democrats.
Solving Ferguson by killing everyone:
The best thing to do is kill them all, and send in the street sweepers. It will have to be done sooner or later, because we have let this insanity go on for too long.
Muslim Republicans should live with the hate:
Muslims who are Republicans should thank Western civilization for their opportunity to participate freely in politics. They should also convert to Christianity, and abandon their evil religion. But short of that they should quit whining about the suspicions non Islamic peoples have towards Islam and its zombies.
Erik Holder? Probably gay:
Holder sounds like he is as big a faggot as his boss. Black men everywhere should be proud that black leaders who represent them to the world aren’t afraid to celebrate their homosexuality.
Everyone knows the Democratic Party is full Communist, and trying to kill everyone else:
Our Democratic Party is completely controlled by communists, as is our media and our educational systems. Obama is a communist. He knows it. I know it, and all but the hopelessly stupid of his apologists know it. He represents and reflects his party, and he will lead them to destroy the rest of us, any way they can.
The inside scoop on Obama:
My White House source, the one who came to this country in the trunk of his cousin’s Chevy, says the booze is only a problem when there is too much cocaine around. It seems Michelle is disgusted by Obama’s frequent peccadilloes with gay males on the White House staff. The booze and drugs help take the edge off, and enable her to pose as a good example for black children.
Why blacks won't vote for Obama in 2012:
Blacks have realized that Barry isn’t only gay, but that he is gay first, and black last. They also realize they are gay to support, or vote for him. The down low marriage jive is up. Blacks and other people everywhere want to know why there are no pictures of Barry playing with his loving wife and children.
Democrats always lie, except when they tell the truth to trick you!
Ayers is speaking the truth, knowing that it is the best way for him to be perceived as lying. He is a trained liar who knows most people assume there is a lie in anything a liberal says, so to cover up the truth, he told the truth as though it were a lie.
Rich people are better than you or I:
Rich people create real jobs and wealth, and as a poor person, I have the greatest appreciation for them.

For instance, the guy who owns the bank we use has several businesses and investments in other businesses. He has created jobs, futures and security for numerous families over the years. I can’t say the same for a single poor person I know, me included.

Let the rich people keep their money, and create jobs to help us poor people. At least they aren’t stealing it from us like the government does.
But liberals? They think all bad things are because of Capitalism:
The left is nothing if not consistent in their belief that all the world’s ills are created by bad economics, Capitalism, and that they can all be solved with good economics, Socialism. Marx has pounded their brains into stupid putty.

Islam is at war with the West. Nothing we can say or do will change that, because Islam will settle for nothing less than complete control. And it ain’t about economics.
He's an asshole to his neighbors:
I warm up the old diesel because I feel like it. I like the way that sweet smelling black smoke wafts through the air to greet my neighbors.
What America is all about these days:
Doncha’ know the blacks got their symbol in the White House, and now the girls are going to finish what they started before Obama came along. It’s what America is all about these days, racial/gender/transgender/faggot politics, and to hell with everything and everyone else.
Melting ice caps? Naw, there's a coming ice age!
Sounds like a winter/summer thing to me, with the overall trend towards cooling, more ice, deeper ice, and unswerving faith from the warming fanatics.
Striking workers are basically terrorists:
When you stop work to protest and vandalize, you aren’t a worker, you are a thug, and that makes you very much like a terrorist.

When you strong arm people into your unions because they need work to survive, that is a form of terrorism.

Support right to work laws, and stop the terrorism.
Lets start deporting blacks:
I see great promise in black migration to Europe and Africa. We should start a program to help blacks from broken homes and economically depressed neighborhoods move to a new beginning in sunny France, or Kenya, or Somali. It might work as an alternative to criminal punishment for prison bound black men.
Don't hate Islam? You're a Nazi sympathizer:
There are no people who are more Naziesque than Muslims, and no belief system that is more vile and discriminating than Islam. Westerners who defend Islam betray all that the West represents. They are the Nazi sympathizers of our day.
Muslims and their bing bong music!
Muslim music reminds me of sentences without periods, streams of thought that aren’t phrased in, like poetry that never begins nor ends, and then I go find something good to listen to, or read.
Voting Jeb is like banging an ugly slut:
The problem with voting for a mangy, crony infested, political sleaze bag like Jeb is that he will be scratching his diseased illegals onto you for the next four years. It isn’t like bedding an ugly woman, and then slipping off the next morning. This hag who has been gang banged by every VDed RINO herd in Washington will be there every morning.
Hillary's slave girl:
Hillary entrusted everything to her little Muslim Brotherhood slave girl. ISIS was probably first up on her mailing list.
All Democrats and RINOS are the same:
Any Democrat can be substituted for Hillary, and Jeb is just a substitute for any Democrat. They could skip the debates on the grounds of repetitive nonsense.
The IRS helped destroy the Constitution:
The IRS is complicit in the overthrow of our Constitutional government, and the people who love America for what it is, not for whatever third world filth they want to turn it into.

Cruz is right. We need to abolish the IRS.
Realizing Islam is evil isn't hate:
Questioning the values and virtues of religious systems isn’t “spewing hate.” It is common sense. Islam is an all encompassing system of control that isn’t compatible with any religion. It isn’t even compatible with itself most of the time.

Like everything else, religion comes in degrees of good and bad, and Islam is as bad as religion gets.
Done his part to keep the white spirit going:
I’ve certainly done my part to keep the white race going. Between my kids and grandkids I can’t keep up with them all. Even my non white kids and grandkids were raised just like the white kids, so as to keep the spirit going.


  1. Yeah, this one definitely experimented with a few of his roommates in college, he's definitely one of the in the closet right wing homophobes.

  2. Good thing he specified Michelle Obama was posing as a good example for her black children, imagine the confusion if he didn't!

    Also, anyone worried that this fella wasn't fully dressed when he wrote a lot of these?

  3. This love of "right to work" laws among wing nuts is ironic. They accuse Jews who vote liberal of being suicidal or voting against their interests, yet the majority of average right wingers are working class joes, who have an education, job and home because of what unions provided for them and their parents over the years. Some union tactics are crap, but overall they have a 40 hour work week in a safe environment for good pay because if what unions have done.

    I'm waiting to see how happy they areally when they have to work overtime for free, in dangerous environments and can be fired because the boss feels like it. Oh wait, that'll be Obamas fault.

  4. "My White House source, the one who came to this country in the trunk of his cousin’s Chevy, says the booze is only a problem when there is too much cocaine around. It seems Michelle is disgusted by Obama’s frequent peccadilloes with gay males on the White House staff. The booze and drugs help take the edge off, and enable her to pose as a good example for black children."

    Oh, so he's got a man on the inside?

    Sure. I believe him.