Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Spotlight: evilC

Another one-note Freeper who likes to tie every issue back to his own obsession. In this case it's immigration allowing nonwhite Americans to take over.

Convinced that skin color demography is destiny, evilC's racism is amazingly brazen, if scholarly. And omnipresent - he'll chime in on threads about climate change or Ted Cruz to shake his fist at minorities.

Oh, and we can't forget his weird thoughts on the Jews...

Immigration is OK, if it's white immigration.
If we must have immigration (and there is nothing that says we need immigration, especially mass immigration) we choose people that are already as most like us as possible instead of as unlike us as possible.
Those guys hating the Irish and Germans were silly, but these dusky people are different!
What many would consider America's golden period (1945 to 1970) was one of low, controlled immigration focused on White Western Europe. During that period we built the Interstate Highways; put a man on the moon; created a broad, strong, prosperous middle class. Why was that so very wrong that it needed changing?

Demographics aside, proposed immigration reform would boost numbers from a very high 1 million per year to an insane 3 million per year. I guess waiting until 2040 or 2050 for Whites to become a minority in their own country is just too long a wait for some.

Again I ask: What is so wrong with an immigration policy that favors White nations? What is wrong with the desire to live in a country that looks like you? What is so wrong about wanting to maintain a particular demographic makeup, one that served the country well?

More diversity means less White. It is obvious why non-Whites would “celebrate diversity,” but why should Whites even want, let alone celebrate their own dispossession?
The Space Race was won only because of our whiteness:
America’s post-war (1945 to 1970) golden period was a time of low immigration with that immigration concentrated on White Europeans.

This was a time of widely shared prosperity with a broad and deep middle class and a narrowing of wealth gaps. During this time America built the Hoover dam, created the Interstate Highway system, and put a man on the Moon. We did all of this with a ‘white bread’ population and low immigration.

The post-1970 high ‘diverse’ immigration period has brought a narrowed less secure middle class, collapsing infrastructure, and the need for Russian rockets to launch our satellites.
If only Whites were as insular and self-serving as the Jews!
Jews are a distinct group who are not (and I doubt they really see themselves as) White.

The Jews survive because they always as “is it good for the Jews?” unlike Whites who always ask “is it good for everyone else?”

Jews will viciously attack anyone who threatens (or even questions) their interests; Whites will invite hostile aliens into to their countries and hand over control.

Their high intelligence and intellectual aggressiveness allow them make best use of that ethnocentric outlook. That is why we have the American Israel Public Affairs Committee but not the American British Public Affairs Committee which would make much more sense given our historical, cultural, linguistic, and racial connections to Britain.
A generous proposal to deport blacks:
I would support reparations on the condition that the recipients leave. After all the case being made is that life in America is unbearable for African -Americans. The recipients should be given enough money to set themselves in the African country of their choice (or that will take them).

We could pay for at least some of this with a tax on wealthy African-Americans These wealthy African-Americans, unlike the rest, have benefited greatly by being in the United States. They should be glad to help out their less fortunate brethren; they might decide to forgo reparations, remain in the United States, and accept their acquired wealth as ‘account paid in full.’

The excess expense above the amount raised by the wealth-tax described above would compensated by the 50 percent fall in violent crime, 40 percent reduction in the welfare case-load, and end to massive expenditures to close ‘education gaps.’ I would consider all of these previous wealth redistributions to African-Americans as a sunk cost, and would not seek to recover them from any reparations paid.

The United States might never win another world sprinting competition but for most sports we could probably get by (Teams of White men once competed in basketball). White people have created (and do create) popular music and entertainment, so I am sure we could do so in the future. I also imagine that Cadillac dealers and gold jewelry sellers could find new customers. Indeed with resources freed up from criminal justice, food-stamps, and education we might have more wealth ‘to spread around.’
Slavery was fine, compared to not deporting them upon emancipation!
America’s biggest error was not slavery; it was allowing the freed slaves to remain, thus creating a resentful under-performing minority. We compounded this error by allowing (for no good reason) massive African immigration.
The only problem with American schools is all the nonwhites:
If you break out the results by racial and ethnic groups (a fairer comparison) the United States does quite well: White students in the US do well compared to students in White countries (or White students in other countries, as there are few entirely White countries left); Asian students in the US do well compared to students in Asian countries; Mexican students in the US do well compared to Mexicans at home; African Americans in the US do well compared to Africans in Africa.

What we have is more of a diversity problem than an education problem.
Anarcho-tyranny in action. They will not stop the flood at our Southern border, but they will fuss over ivory in bagpipes.
That video of those frat brothers yelling nigger? Awesome!
It’s funny the moral outrage against ‘racism’ is only ever applied to White people. It is only White people would feel shame over it; do you think Blacks, etc. care about charges against them of ‘racism’?

In a sane country this fraternity (think of the origin of that word) would be able to exclude who they liked. The use of a crude racial identifier would be seen as distasteful by many, but otherwise not cause for outrage.
The horror of diversity:
Diversity means no White clubs and organizations; no White neighborhoods; no White countries (because it is only White countries are told they will be improved by diversity - nobody ever calls for a more diverse Africa).

If Africans in America want to be freed of White politicians, White policing, and White standards then they should also be freed of White tax donations.
Income inequality? Solve it by stopping immigration!
One thing never mentioned in any of these inequality discussions is immigration.

I cannot take anyone taking about inequality seriously if they do not discuss the effect of the massive levels of immigration into the United States and other Western European countries. How can labor (and that includes anyone who works for a wage) capture a larger slice of economic growth if employers have a bottomless pool of workers?
Ebola? It is caused by allowing blacks into America:
The question is not just why was an Ebola infected African allowed into our country (posing massive costs and risk); the real question is why was his Liberian family here in the first place. What possible benefit to the indigenous White Americans came from allowing these Africans to settle here?
Climate change? Meh. Immigration!
If Western Civilization collapses it will be more likely due to mass non-Western immigration than climate.
Islam? Whatever, the key is that they're all nonwhite!
Who cares if they are Muslim or not. The key point is they are an alien non-White people.
Israel? He likes their immigration policy...
Along with goading us into another Mid-East war, I hope Netanyahu lectures congress on how to implement immigration policy. That is something all his fans in the Republican party need lessons on.


  1. Indigenous?. I don't think you know what that word means.

  2. You blithering idiot. It's because "white people" is not, and never has been, a monolithic racial/cultural group in the first damn place. You're arguing for the preservation of something that never existed anywhere outside the minds of hardcore racist groups such as the KKK.

    You know what we have all the damn time in this country? Irish pride. Pride in Scots heritage, or in descent from hardworking German immigrants, or a distant ancestor whose backside warmed the English throne, however briefly. Pride of heritage from all over Europe is celebrated, loud and often, because *those* are meaningful cultural origins. (We even celebrate them to the point that Europeans make fun of us over it; ask just about any Irishman or Brit about "Irish" Americans.)

    Skin color alone means nothing. Culture is a heritage; genetics is a mere inheritance.

  3. I am fine with along all Americans who are not 100% English/Scots-Irish are all stripped of citizenship and deported. America was founded by English and Scots-Irish and going by evilC's "logic" they are the only group that has the right to call themselves Americans. None of this BS PC-collectivist "white people" nonsense.

    What say evilC?

  4. Wow. There's racists...and then there's this guy!

  5. I am the post #3 Anon. I am not a racist, far from it. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of racist POS's like evilC who screech "keep America's ethnic stock pure" and then ignore that American ethnic stock has changed a lot due to the 1880-1920 mass immigration from Southern/Eastern Europe. So the 1880-1920 mass immigration from non-WASP (and many considered the Italians and Poles non-white then) is OK, but now Asian/Mexican immigration is not huh?

    If you are going to be racist, at least be consistent

  6. "I hope Netanyahu lectures congress on how to implement immigration policy."

    Yeah, sounds great. Let's skip the Bill of Rights and declare ourselves a racist, apartheid socialist theocracy.

  7. People who capitalize "white" really creep me out. And I'm white.

  8. "Damn darkies..." - evilC's thoughts and posts summed up in just two words.

  9. Tell that dumb-ass evilC that Hoover Dam was built between 1931 and 1936, not 1945 - 1970.