Sunday, March 1, 2015

Saturday Pix

Because famous men from 80 years ago couldn't be bigots!
At this point, MeshugeMikey has stopped bothering to even insult Obama.
I suppose it's inevitable that Freepers graduate to a symbol of irrational negativity.
If Hillary wins, how long until there's a shot at her looks made on the House floor?
Not racist, though.
Who correlation not causation?
You can always spot a douchebag by their burning Sauron-eyes.
2016 is already getting really good.


  1. 'Thon update - Jim has been posting new donations totalling a few hundred dollars every couple hours or so, meaning that after weeks of stagnating, the freepathon is suddenly gaining ground faster than it has since the start of it. Freepers do not find this suspicious in the least, because they are dumb. At least there haven't been any more "$2500 cheques arriving in the mail" yet@

    1. The jimcompoop mistimed it this time around ...
      he usually fakes it over late on Sundays so no one is around, but it is so far behind this quarter that even he can't reasonably fake in $5000 in a few hours.

      Even the harpies' various complaint posts and threads didn't bring in any extra grift ... no one really cares about them anymore.

    2. There was a donation that showed up from Cuba. I'm not terribly informed on the usual donators or Cuban society but that seems fishy. I thought the Cuban government limited most internet access.

  2. Jim doesn't even try anymore.
    He could say the donations are from Mars and the harpies will still go Woo Hoo!