Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Potpourri

Still way behind. ISIS, Nimoy, Net Neutrality, DHS funding are all on the way tomorrow.

TigerClaws blames Obama's 2008 election on 9-11.
Obama’s 2x election is an example of the Stockholm syndrome. Americans voted for the 9/11 attack after the fact thinking that somehow Hussein would bring peace to our nation. Instead, he’s further bankrupted the country and brought in 1 million Muslims and ten + million Hispanics to ‘brown out’ the nation.

Leftists, particularly Jews, are on a suicidal course. We’re just along for the ride...
Jack Hammer defends the Jews against the Jews:
The most anti-Semitic people on Earth are the Jews themselves.
Truth29 knows that the Jews are ancillary. Netanyahu vs. Obama is where its at!
The Obama mind at work: Now how can I get a DHS shutdown to deny Netanyahu’s plane landing rights, and then blame the Republican’s for the cancellation?
Carry_Okie is fully on board the Netanyahu cult of personality train:
Democrats think they can outsmart a guy who got a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering at MIT IN ONE YEAR.

Must be a long left handed tail on that normal IQ curve.
cpdiii knows Netanyahu's omni-patriotism and genius:
I wish Bibi would offer to meet them under the following circumstances:

“I understand your reluctance to meet with me at during my address to Congress, due to the political circumstances as Democrat Senators. I will be more than happy to meet with you for discussions and debate with all the media there to hear and see the discussions.”

Bibi would destroy them with his superior intellect and patriotism for his nation and for that matter he is also a patroit of the United States.
ExSoldier tells a story from the 1980s that proves guns save everyone:
It's been done. Many years ago, in the late 1980's, in Tel Aviv a suspicious looking guy strolled into a Tel Aviv market in the middle of July and went to the epicenter of the market. A female shopper saw him coming and watched him carefully as he stood nearby. What made him suspicious? He was wearing a neck to ankle dark coat in 99 degrees of July day. When he opened his jacket to reveal the explosives wired to his entire body he held aloft the detonator and began the ALLAH-HU AK-- he wasn't able to finish before the female smoothly drew a handgun and shot him right in the head. Although western news media said the shooter was Israeli security forces, that's only true inasmuch as all Israeli citizens must undergo military training. Oddly enough, I read this in the Miami Herald and never forgot it, especially since the other media outlets changed the story. I always wondered if the writer or the editor got canned for that little slip.
mylife's racism derails his attempts to concern troll:
Funk Off Obama, you was raised as a privileged white, red green commie.
You never wher down for the struggle, you 3 card Monte punk
dennisw knows Obama is all bad religious at once:
I have read that Mooch and the two girls were baptized and Obama never. So far as I am concerned he has never left Muzziedom (such that it is)

Today I would call him a combination of: 1) narcissist who worships himself
2)he went to weekly Koran brainwashing classes in Indonesia and today is a >>
3) lapsed Muslim but sympathetic and will do their bidding such as screwing Israel and helping Iran gets nukes
4) an icing on his cake of leftist pop-Christianity he has picked by osmosis. He believes none of it but knows he can con people with the right Christian words
Cowboy Bob heard John Kerry promote gay rights, and reached the usual conclusion:
Q: Why would a straight person work so hard to promote Homosexuality?

A: A straight person wouldn’t!
A Formerly Proud Canadian explains that when liberals turn on Muslims, their lack of morality will be terrible to behold:
What the musselmen don’t seem to realize, is that when the lefties are sufficiently p.o.ed by their attacks on non-Christians, the atheists’ response will NOT be moderated by Jesus’ words. God help the musselmen because the atheists sure won’t! Satan wants to destroy mankind because we are ALL made in God’s image, so Satan doesn’t mind if evil destroys evil (lefties destroying moslems, or vice versa) as long as good is destroyed (the church). moslems also fail to realize that many atheists in power have nuclear weapons that will destroy moslems quickly and efficiently. Without the restraint of Jesus’ word, atheists are bound to let them loose on the moslems and the moslems are too blind to see this.
Responsibility2nd knows Trayvonn Martin still keeps his thuggish secrets close:
IF Holder was stupid enough to file Civil Rights Charges, he would have to open up ALL the dirty drug dealing and petty criminal acts of Obama’s son. Along with autopsy results and more, much more stuff that was kept out of the criminal trial.
Roman_War_Criminal analyzes SecDef Ash Carter's name:
His first name is the same as the fagly actor named “Kutcher”.
His last name is the same as our worst surrender monkey president up until our current impostor.
hosepipe - on the worldwide SLAVES!
Literally NO OTHER givernment in history has UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.. NONE.. Zip.. Nada..
Not Canada, UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden or France... and certainly not Russia.. they are all SLAVES to givernment..
DesertRhino is sure the Fed is behind all our wars:
The Fed makes it’s money by loaning money to the Government and charging the government interest. The best way to make sure the government needs to borrow a lot of money is to encourage war and massive social spending. The fed is the direct cause of hot and cold wars, and things like Great Society, National Healthcare, etc.
Diogenesis's amazing delusions continue to entertain:
Child porn and snuff vids circulate through
the US State Dept.

They have NO shame.
Iron Munro with the inevitable:
First the Emperor came for the machine guns, and I did not speak out because I did not have a machine gun.

Then the Emperor came for the Hi-Cap mags, and I did not speak out because I did not have any Hi-Cap mags.

Then the Emperor came for the battle rifles, and I did not speak out because I did not have a battle rifle.

Then the Emperor came for the assault rifles, and I did not speak out because I did not have an assault rifle.

Thhe Emperor came for the 5.56mm ammo, and I did not speak out because I still had plenty of .223 ammo.

Then the Emperor came for the .223 ammo and there was no one left to stand by me.
Smokin' Joe's Obama fraud numbers keep getting bigger:
I wonder... Obama had precincts with 1110 % voter turnout, 100% for him. Now, if that can be done, a percentage can be skimmed off the top and the votes changed to make the vote tally approximate the poll numbers people had been bombarded with for months.

I think Fraud in the biggest reason Obama 'won' the second time.
Old Yeller knows how to influence blacks:
Give them money for cigarettes, malt liquor, fake nails and wigs and they’ll do anything you want.
Old Yeller gets angry at all the things that are the opposite of what Obama says:
FCC chief: Obama didn't dictate Web rules.

Translation: Obama dictated Web rules.

Yep. Always the opposite of what they say.
laplata does not know history:
At some point he will get what is coming to him. I just hope it’s soon.

Yes, he will. Tyrants always have bad endings.
all the best takes a bold stand against the tyranny of democracy!
Voting just makes you an accomplice to the travesty. Legitimizes it. It is often said that if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain. Au contraire. If you vote, you are accepting the whole process including the outcome.
VerySadAmerican can't understand pragmatically not dying on every single hill:
I know a lot of liberals (I don’t associate with them) whose “beliefs” have been stomped on by Obama. From the SC appointment of Sotomayor to amnesty to screwing with the internet. Yet they still support him. I believe if he ran today he’d still get enough votes that he’d only need about 5% fraud in a few states to win a third time.
Whatever dude, you know you voted for Romney.

Like a growing number of Freepers, Paladin2 hates America now:
USA delenda est.


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