Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Pix Pt. 1

Busy weekend.

This conspiracy isn't about politics, it's an attempt to be as hurtful as possible.
Still this crap?
Who needs to make sense?
Man, those liberal women sound a lot like sexist Freepers...
Will Freepers let go of Holder for the new AG, or will they not want to harsh their hate-buzz?
Alas, Freepers, no one cares.


  1. Here's a good one with a lot of crazy:

    So FReetards are convinced that Obama is committing a crime, I guess for interfering in Israeli politics? Not that this is done by presidents throughout American history.

    This is what's going to bring him down though. This is it. This one.

  2. It must really bug them that Chelsea Clinton is still on her first marriage with her in-wedlock baby and total lack of DUIs.