Thursday, April 23, 2015

And Now This Word from Outer Space

America was never a Republic edition
Even at the onset, a number of the Founders recognized that, for instance, the checks and balances built into the branches of government would become null and void if political parties were allowed to come into existence, and that is EXACTLY what has happened. There has been no check on Obama, as an example, in his entire reign because the Democrats who dominate the judiciary and, until recently, the Congress were more loyal to the "D" than to principle, or even their own slice of power. The weakness and increasing leftism of the Republicans is a separate issue, but also extremely dangerous, where we would have a system of only one party, thus COMPLETELY destroying the system of checks and balances.

In spite of all that, I think we could have survived nicely as a functioning free republic if we had 1) kept the franchise limited to male landowners (it could have been increased to business owners, veterans, etc. but only to men with skin in the game), 2) not allowed the interpretation of the 14th Amendment to include giving the federal government the power to strike down state laws and policies, 3) not shifted the election of senators to popular vote.
Yearning for 1859 brought to you by fr_freak


  1. You gotta wonder how many of them think that their trailer they rent in a mobile home park makes them "land owners" and eligible to vote in their little disenfranchisment fantasy. "Whattaya mean I ain't a landowner? I gotta vote for Ted Cruz"

    1. Only one vote per trailer, though.
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      Actually, only one vote per trailer might not be a bad idea.