Thursday, April 2, 2015

First, kill all the reporters

The AP argues that killing journalists should be a war crime. Freeepers disagree. But, being Freepers, they can't just support the status quo, that's just not crazy enough. So they go off on rants how they want to kill everyone in the media.

brownsfan is making a joke:
Killing of journalists? Is that really a crime?
But BenLurkin that killing the media is indeed a good thing:
Many “journalists” are really combatants — distinguished from the traditional combat arms only by their choice of weapon.
skeeter doesn't get why journalists think they're not like soldiers:
Journalists upset they aren't exempt from this particular aspect of their jobs.

Why not? They have completely abdicated their duty to research and truthfully spread all news of public interest without suffering any consequence whatsoever.
I think Hillarys Gate Cult is arguing that the media loves Muslims too much:
They once had great protection but they sacrificed it on the altar of leftism. That being if any cause or government purposely killed a journalist(s), they would never again be able to get or buy positive press for all the love or money in the world. It’s now those on their side who are killing them. Their only response now it to blame any journo killed on almost everything but the Clymers who did it.
EQAndyBuzz will judge when journalists are OK to kill:
I don’t have a problem with this if they tell the truth. The minute they make it about an agenda, they are fair game because they are no longer reporters.
Doogle wants to kill a bunch of people:
....and journalists and CEO’s of media who conspire with corrupt,lawless,and illegitimate administrations should be hung.
hosepipe has visions of a mass lynching:
What about Treason and sedition by journalists?....
Maybe, probably, even espionage.... i.e. Benghazi..

In a wise fair country.. a Gang Scaffold for HANGING would be built..
To PROCESS all or most of them..
as they PROTECT SHIELD a treasonous president.. AND most of the Executive Branch of Givernment..

Tar and feathers was eclipsed a long time ago...
It’s time to get serious..
Arm_Bears also sees the good side in killing everyone in media:
The MSM is the Fifth Column for Obama and the LibFacists—In other words, they are the enemy in an all but declared war against productive, law-abiding citizens who only want to be left alone.

Take out the media and the Left’s ability to further degrade the US is seriously curtailed.

But, if you’re squeamish about offing them outright, would you settle for a bounty on their scalps?
Da Coyote is the most blatant - only kill the liberal ones!
No, killing of conservative journalists should be a war crime.

Killing of your typical MSM “journalist” should be rewarded as we once did for bounty hunters.

Remember, the only diff between a MSM “journalist” and a court transcriber is that one repeats court proceedings verbatim and the other repeats the democratic party statements verbatim.

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  1. The freepers cited above (and many others from that site) have been suffering from homicidal fantasies for the last fifty years ..
    in this case, "journalists" are just a stand in for their neighbors with the barking dog, their in-laws who drive nicer cars than they can afford, and that kid from grade school in the 1950s who put a tack on their chair.

    Bitter losers, the lot of them.