Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fear of Elizabeth Warren

Liberal Democrats like Elizabeth Warren. Freepers are tired of Hillary, or can't understand a party not controlled by its ideological base. Whatever the reason, more and more are convinced that Elizabeth Warren is not just the Democratic candidate, but is going to be our next President.

Doogle predicts a Hillary collapse. soon as Hilda’s actual numbers start arriving... SHE’LL RUN
camle knows:
oh she’s running. the stealth candidate.
ken5050 gives a rare 'worthy foe' masterstroking.
She's running..and she is running a PERFECT stealth repeatedly denying it..note she has NOT issued the classic "Sherman-like" statement
SeekAndFind thinks she's being coy...a thing only liberals do....
RE: ‘I’m not running, I’m not running’

She’s a Democrat, That means she’s running :)
AppyPappy has the whole thing laid out:
Prediction: After a massive flurry of appeals and several weeks as the chief hero of the Doonesbury comic, she will reluctantly agree to run to “put an end to the distractions that keep us from solving the deep-rooted problems of our world”.

All media will run her on the front page as the “Reluctant Candidate” with polls showing that voters love her reluctance.
Buckeye McFrog is not an optimist:
If she does run, she will win.

Yup. Don't be in denial about how economic populism is going to carry the day in 2016.
bandleader has an odd threat:
If”FauxCahontas”were to”Run”,and”Win”,I’m moving to Normandy!!!
Dilbert San Diego is already calling her ugly:
She’s working her fanny off????

What a choice of words.

Not a pretty sight. I sure don’t want to go there.
RushIsMyTeddyBear is already calling her crazy:
Crazier than a sh#thouse rat.
GOPJ is one of many to hold on to the ragged last threads of the only non-scandal they could manage to gin up:
Too bad - she could be the first Indian woman President...

Chief Tellum Big Whoppers...
ronnie raygun is already at Obama levels of drama:
Evil has a face
Rent free, taking flack etc. etc.


  1. I can't wait till the rumblings of a Palin redux start again

    1. They have Cruz this time around. Palin isn't needed for freeper fantasies anymore. They really think he's goofing to be President, delusion.

    2. Oops, going to be President. Though "Goofing" is appropriate also.

    3. It's going to be interesting to see who they'll blame when Cruz doesn't get any traction and drops out after about Florida.

    4. He's going to die a slow political death in the primaries and then, if the nominee picks him as VP, damning his ticket to failure, they'll just blame:
      Obama, voter fraud or thug, and/or urban voters (You know, the blacks).