Thursday, April 23, 2015

And Now This Word from Outer Space

The perfect storm of Marxist, black, and Muslim edition:
Obama is not “Unplugged”. He is becoming more UNHINGED day by day and his announced programs show it.

Plus the fact that Obie is a Marxist, closet Moslem, and black racist all rolled into one. IT will take a whole gaggle of psychologists and psychiatrists decades to unravel the mental Gordian Knot that is Barack.

However, he is the “perfect storm” convergence of Marxism (from his parents/grandparents’ side; his school chums and his schools/universities teachers; his political associates from Axelrod and others(one documented KGB asset as his mentor plus very significant Communist Party USA friends, mentors, funders, guidance/advisors); black extremists as his mentors/guidance counselors - Rev. Wright, ex Moslem, pro-Castro/Cuba activists, neo-Marxist, and now back with the Nation of Islam, also black “reparationist” with the Black Radical Congress and Reparations Movement; and Islam-influences from his stepfather in Indonesia/his attendance at Islamic educational organizations, etc.

Obama is one pretty fucked up mental case and the American voters (a curse be upon his supporters), put him in power, not caring to find out who he really was/is.

Now we are paying for it in lives, political power, and an emasculated Constitution, a nearly bankrupt economy with more disasters coming, a potentially fatally weakened defense establishment, and the physical loss of the few remaining allies we have around the world (both either intimidation or invasion.

The Madness of King Obama provided by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper


  1. The Time Cube Law states:

    “”As the length of a webpage grows linearly, the likelihood of the author being a lunatic increases exponentially.

    I now present the FReeper variation:

    “”As the length of a post grows linearly, the likelihood of the author being a lunatic increases exponentially.

  2. I don't know about that. How can that theory be reconciled with the existence of Dale Reed?

  3. The constitution had a gender? And it was male?