Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Poor Rubio. He's the most charismatic candidate on the field, and is quite conservative. Him and Walker are the ones I'd put my money on. But Freepers only have eyes for Cruz nowadays, and anyone less pure is plotting against America.

Rubio's finessing of questions about gay marriage and immigration only drive Freepers into a further frenzy, as shown by their reaction to Rubio speaking in Spanish for a bit.

ChildOfThe60s just kinda throws whatever insult he had nearby, I guess:
GeronL knows who else spoke Spanish:
Marxo Rubio?
TomGuy is sure there are loads of people nationwide who were going to vote for Rubio but hate Spanish:
I wonder whether Marco realizes he probably loses as many ‘English’ votes as he gains ‘Spanish’ votes when he gives dual-language speeches.
nopardons hated Rubio before it was cool:
Many Tea Party members, in Florida, especially those of Cuban descent, wouldn't vote for him, from the time he was pushing the damned GANG OF * amnesty garbage!
Lying liar lying about his lying. Liar.
Politicalkiddo makes an objective analysis:
I don’t see how any woman could find pretty boy attractive. I can’t believe that his looks somehow give him an edge.
Once again, CatherineofAragon is trying way to hard.
He isn't my type at all. I like them rugged and masculine, with some physical evidence that there's testosterone in there somewhere.
Menehune56 doesn't get why people who understand English might feel solidarity with another language:
There's no need to use any language other than English since US citizens are REQUIRED to understand it. You have to be a US citizen to vote. This is straight up dishonest pandering to illegals. Disgusting!
BobL thinks all of America is just like Texas and will respond to racebating super well:
I wonder whether Marco realizes he probably loses as many ‘English’ votes as he gains ‘Spanish’ votes when he gives dual-language speeches.

The offset is MUCH, MUCH, worse. Probably closer to 5 to 1. We’re talking very few people supporting him just due to Amnesty and huge numbers of conservatives, yet again, sitting things out, and just as many other nominal Republicans voting Democrats, since there wouldn’t be much difference between the parties...and the Democrats HAND OUT GOODIES.

The other option is what happened in Texas and throughout the South in 2014, when Republicans ran hard on border security and the “invasion” from the South. Their worst numbers were in Texas, where Republicans ‘only’ won 75% of the white vote and ‘only’ 45% of the Hispanic vote. They did better in other states, hitting 89% of whites in Alabama. Even with the large numbers of blacks throughout the South and the HUGE NUMBERS of Hispanics in states like Texas and New Mexico, the Democrats down here still have NO IDEA what hit them.

Republicans - follow my advice, fight for the WHITE VOTE, give them SOMETHING TO VOTE FOR, rather than just hoping they will hold their nose and vote against Hillary (hint, that never works).
editor-surveyor sums it up:
Too bad Rubio, we’re way past you now that Ted Cruz has risen to the top with his backers already gathering 37 million in the last two weeks!

History lesson.

Movin’ on!
No zottings yet. But this is gonna be a great primary season.


  1. I was wondering why they were still picking on Mitt Romney until I read further and realized they were talking about Marco Rubio.

  2. I'm surprised that Ted Cruz is doing as poorly as he is already in the polls ...
    Usually the JimRob kiss of death doesn't come into play until the Iowa caucus results at least. Ted might not even make it that far.

  3. Marco Rubio is a conservative?? HA, you must be smoking crack.

    1. Sorry there's no one further right available to run right now...Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

    2. And so is Ronnie Raygun, thank goodness. His 8 years did more damage to America than President Obamas (imaginary freeper) misdeeds to could ever do.

  4. No one further right?? Ted Cruz, hello!! Idiot

    1. OK, no one who is electable. Better?

    2. You're right. Ted Cruz could just possibly be to the right of Franco.

  5. No zottings yet because freepathon. jimrob is grabbing senior's soc security checks faster. For zottings fun watch closely between freepathons before election when Rubio, Walker, Perry, Christie, Jeb supporters will be in bullpen for same treatment as old Giuliani supporters.

  6. They're wailing about the deal to pass the human Trafficing bill now, thereby allowing a vote on Loretta Lynch for AG. The don't seem to realise that every day she isn't confirmed, it's another day of their second most reviled man, Eric Holder, as AG.