Thursday, April 2, 2015

Madonna - "Europe is beginning to feel like Nazi Germany"

A short one.

Freepers have no idea how to parse this one. On the one hand, they hate Madonna. On the other, they love comparing things to Nazi Germany...

Noamie is the last American still offended by Madonna, and yells that she invented racism or something:
Leftists like Madonna ushered along the movement that all of this intolerance, bigotry, and hate stews in and she acts surprised.

She is as personally responsible for what she sees as just about any of them.

I would be most impressed if she just got on her knees and apologized for what she has done to the planet and our society and then retired.
MeshugeMikey thinks Madonna was a Nazi?
she and Obama’s Granfather Helped Free The Aushchwitz
Lady Heron, though, knows the real Nazis are Muslim immigrants:
After reading the comments on this thread, and while I am not a person who likes Madonna, she at least spoke up for the Jews....What other artist or actor has spoken up for the evil that muslims immigration is stirring up all over the world against God's chosen people????

We always wonder why people did not speak up in Germany and we put someone down who does now just because she is not someone we admire when she does one thing right????

Sorry guys, GOOD FOR MADONNA, for once!
jmacusa will not have anyone making Nazi comparisons while being liberal!
“Nazi Germany’’? What the f**k do you know about Nazi Germany you pathetic, postmenopausal strumpet? Did you ever considering the decades you spent putting out the trash you have, celebrating degeneracy and bashing everything decent, good and holy helped to bring about the intolerance you speak of?
Regulator is also suddenly offended by what is basically Free Republic's go-to comparison:
My Mother was marched in front of Herr Hitler in Prague in 1939 after the Sudetenland was surrendered to him. She was part of a group of schoolgirls who had to be in a little parade.

Ms. Ciccone from Detroit knows nothing of what Europe was like in the 1930s.

John S Mosby explains that Madonna is just making a play for the musical-loving gays,
Madonna thinks she’s now the very embodiment of the Liza Minelli character in “Cabaret”, set in the decadent Weimar early nazi period Germany.

This all plays up to her largely homo male audience, that really digs this time period and the depravity that came with it. Again, history rhymes.

Of course, this sleaze is nothing like her newest pose. Another untapped market for her. Seeing herself as the current Marlene Dietrich without understanding anything about the “why” or the “who”. Note she is not in Germany, which is rejecting the muzzies despite all of Merkel’s attempts to “assimilate” through socialism.


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