Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What does rhetorical mean?

Democratic representative Linda Sanchez, making a point about the recent call to drug test everyone on government assistance, asks rhetorically how the logic is any different for drug testing those inheriting vast sums of money.

Freepers (with some help from the Daily Caller), always eager for a fresh government intrusion to outrage over, skip right over the rhetorical part and get super angry on behalf of the super rich.

Buckeye McFrog heard liberals and drugs, so...
Teddy Kennedy never would have passed.
NCC-1701 thinks young Democrats are probably on drugs, but not young conservatives!
As long as it applies to Chelsea, the obama girls, and others like them.
MrB knows private property requires inheritance
This can only come from a mindset that rejects the idea of private property in favor of all wealth being collective property under control of the benevolent State.
MrB then cites to God, who is clearly not being metaphorical here:
God’s Wisdom:
Prov 13:22
A good man leaves an inheritance to his [a]children’s children

So, of course, a Dem would adhere to the opposite belief.
Mich Patriot hates how we're punishing trust-funders.
Rotten freedom-hating, success punishing bastards.
GailA son smokes pot but is totally responsible:
I know 1 of mine wouldn’t. But he is the most frugal with his money. If he does not have money to buy weed, he goes with out.
No word on whether she applies this lesson to the poor...

WayneS just yells that it's different, okay?! and then stomps out.
There is a HUGE difference between the government stealing wealth from those who earn it so they can “redistribute” to those who did not, and private individuals passing on the personal wealth they have earned to their kith and kin.

And Mr. Sanchez KNOWS it!
Bushbacker1 is ready to take up arms against rhetorical questions!
We are being steam rolled by these friggin’ idiots! And, no one will stop the insanity! Bearing arms may be the only recourse!
jsanders2001 - rhetorical questions are Alinsky!
I think they call people like her “plants”. Pre-rehearsed question and answer. Alinsky style tactic. Makes people with drug adled minds who have nothing and wont work for it jealous and angry and incites faux rage to accomplish a political goal. These decepticons know what they’re doing. Manipulation and deception all the way. Idiots don’t know it because they have little or no wisdom or discernment...
ealgeone gets that she was making a point, but then kinda jumps the tracks and elides the drug test on heirs:
“What work requirements are there to inherit up to $10 million tax free?” she asked a witness, rhetorically

“Why is that [a single mother] should be drug tested, which is an unrelated requirement to receive food assistance, to make sure that her family has enough to eat,”

these two comments show the disconnect in the liberal brain.

how does this enlightened "latina" know the family inheriting the 10 mil wasn't working all along in the business?

yet somehow, a woman who has indicated by her actions that she's irresponsible and has made babies is able to call upon the state (taxpayer) to "help" her due to her actions with no confirmation to the state that she's not wasting money on drugs, etc.

Weird how when you make the logic no longer parallel, it's inconsistent!

L,TOWM fondly recalls the Democrats of old, full of machine politics and racism...
The democrats of the 1960’s would be appalled at what has become of their party. Sometimes, for giggles and laughs, google Scoop Jackson, John Daly (the guy that the Chicago mayor in the 1960’s), Frank Church, and of course, George Wallace.
taildragger manages to get a 'takin' our gunz!' out of this.
Think, these are the Alinskites, Coward & Piven types and the statist epistemology.

After the drug test will come the mental health test, why? what do they really want to control?

You bequeathing your firearms to your offspring on the down low...
Gritty just wants fewer people voting.
How about requiring a drug test before being allowed to vote?

Will the Liberals will go for that?

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