Friday, April 3, 2015

Spotlight Friday: VRWC For Truth

The 2016 election has already broken VRWC For Truth. I don't remember much about him before the last few weeks, though I do recall his name-calling style being ironic, given his name.

But since Ted Cruze got into the race, he's been a one-man Freeper inquisition to purge everyone who might hint at another candidate.

100% GOPe. Walkerbots in 3 2 1...
Paultards being Paultards.
And screw Sarah Palin, too!
Palin: Strike one, supporting Juan McAmnesty in his Senate primary, strike two, supporting Booby Hatch in his primary, and strike three, supporting Condi Rice, pro abortion for VP.
You know who else are liberals?
The Booshies are liberals.
Hillary ain't running:
PIAPS ain’t runnin. Unfit for dog catcher.
FOX is the moderate network:
Fox is trying to become the new CNN. They’re about as balanced as MSNBC.

Formerly, Britt Hume = Moderate Conservative

Glen Beck = Libertarian
Hannity = Moderate Democrat
BOR = Liberal Democrat
Bill Krystal = Liberal Democrat
Mort Kondrake = Limousine Liberal
Juan Williams = Koolaid Democrat
Whoraldo = Liberal Moonbat
Shades of previous Spotlightee Da Coyote
Lil Barry's smelly Soetoro hole.
Commie pink fags.
More Walkerbots:
Over here. The Walkerbots are doing what they accuse you of. Pathetic.
Still more,
Shaddup Walkerbot.
Shaddup Walkerbot, you are a super idiot. Buh bye loser.
In addition:
Who cares. Another idiot ...
The Cinc biotch started it, she has the power to end it. Pathetic Walkerbot.
Get stuffed Walkerbot. You Walkerbots are PATHETIC.
Another idiot:
Another idiot wasting bandwidth ...
Stealth Walkerbot:
And for the record...I’m a huge Cruz save your breath on that front

Shaddup Walkerbot. It is you Walkerbots who are the problem
What's with Walkerbots and all their namecalling?
Look who’s name calling now? Bwahahahaha . Over the target, takin flak.
The Democrat's circular firing squad is hilarious!
The ‘Rat coalition is fracturing. They have run out of OPM and are canabalizing themselves. They are broke. I just love it when the left forms a circular firing squad. I am afraid the GOP isn’t smart enough to avoid stepping into the ring. Pass the popcorn please.


  1. "Forcing Christians to participate in gay sexual ceremonies and activities is rape."

  2. VRWC for Truth is going to be in a precarious position when the jimcompoop flip flops on his support of Ted Cruz in a few months (or weeks).

  3. UPDATE: IT’S A NATIONAL AD BUY – Ted Cruz buys ads in Iowa to air during new NBC Bible Series

  4. Typical freeper grave dancing at news of the death of Sarah Brady.