Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Potpourri

PieterCasparzen is advising some Nazi tactics:
We need to outlaw hallalal meat and deport or concentration camp all muslims immediately.

They are enemies of the U.S. and we should declare war on them immediately.
jpsb doesn't like the wimpy bombing we get up to these days:
The Saudi-led coalition pounded Shiite rebels in Yemen on Tuesday, killing 20 in a city in the country’s west as the civilian death toll rose to 38 from airstrikes the day before in the capital, Sanaa, officials said.

That not bombing!

This is bombing. Dresden (1945) after three days of heavy bombardment by the RAF and USAAC.
FreedomStar3028 is all about dancing in the streets to celebrate death:
If they sunk an aircraft carrier with thousands of lives aboard I think Obama would not be able to stop the floodgate of bloodlust that will engulf America, much like 9/11.

We would celebrate in the streets as Israel bombed them. We would celebrate in our bombers too.
But caww hates it when Obama bombs Muslims:
Obama’s playing schoolyard bully in Yemen.
Dr.Zoidberg only eats pork, due to fear of demons:
Unless koranimals don't do the ha-lalalala-lala-la-la with pork products, I'm safe from their demonic taint.

Bacon, ham, sausage, pork chops and ribs etc... are my protection against muzzie contamination.
erm, WayneS...
Leftists cannot grasp the concept of being able to staunchly and vigorously disagree with a person and/or a person's actions, without also hating that person.

The thought that some people might not be as mentally ill as they are is alien to them.
Leep's imagination is working very hard to invent future horrors:
You will have to get use to men kissing men, and playing grab ass,in your place of business or in front of your children. You must act like homo marriage is no different than any other marriage.
Actually, you better act like homo marriage is better than any other marriage or they will sue you.
Once this is accomplished we have nowhere to go but downward.
NorthstarMom married an asshole to be sure he wasn't gay:
I know of two women who after 20+ years of marriage had their husbands come out of the closet and leave their families for a man.

One woman was my third grade teacher-for awhile I wondered if I could be fooled and marry someone like her husband, a nice guy who was very involved in their church. It must have affected me as a I married the manliest man I ever met. It’s a trade-off, thoughtfulness and sensitivity are not his strengths ;).
rockrr won't let facts and math stand in the way of his narrative:
The [Oklahoma City] attack killed 168 men, women and children, injured hundreds more, and remains the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history.

OK, judged by raw body count it was the deadliest. But the most diabolical act of domestic terrorism remains Waco.
zzwhale believes all recent terrorism is false flags:
THE fbi HAD PAID INFORMANTS IN ELOHIM CITY AND knew exactly what mc veigh was planning.... to the extent of where and when.... SO WHO IS THE TERRORIST AND WHO NEEDS TO BE WATCHED...???

the fbi had a chechen paid informant who informed them of 9/11 ..... and we all the kinow the result... they did NOTHING

the fbi was warned 3 times by russia and seperately 3 times by saudi arabia about the Tsarnof brothers and did what????? NOTHING.... so i ask again WHO IS THE TERRORIST ???????
mdmathis6 is eagerly hoping for World War 3.
I’m looking for a ship to be sunk...a kind of “remember the Maine” provocation...then the war with Iran will be on. I wonder what Obama is willing to do if one of our ships is sunk...the Iranians may have some of those Chinese Sunburn antiship missiles...!
LeoWindhorse doesn't like all southerners, I guess:
the real South needs to rise again
Fry Panny finds honesty to be secondary to The Cause:
To be honest, one picture of trash that did not fit into an already full trashcan does not tell the correct story.

That is just reflection on the trash removal people not getting there soon enough.

Leftist apologists are as destructive as leftists are. Light headed for the record books, too.
reasonisfaith on Ted Cruz's histrionics:
He’s already acting like the leader of the free world.
MrB hates liberals for trying to give him AIDS:
That’s a common theme with libs, though -

whatever the issue, they want to FORCE you to care.

With the AIDS epidemic, they were intentionally trying to get the general population infected.
annalex has an interesting analogy of what gay marriage is like:
If someone, especially a relative, whom you love, invited you to witness him masturbate, would you attend?


Both masturbation and a gay wedding are disorderly (and often legal) acts a loving person should not encourage.
It isn't enough to say that fathers are a good thing. Perseverando must make up BS as to why:
I’ve heard it said for years that if there’s no father living with the family then it’s basically open season on the children for pedophiles to try to gain access to the children.
Regulator on our soon to be Chinese overlords:
Open Borders for 1.3 billion Chinese “workers”.

Buy a Little Red Book now, avoid the compulsory rush.
hal ogen hates...Maryland?
owe-mally's state (maryland... THE Freak state) has been a "sanctuary state" for years under this buffoon. More than likely he sees all migration as legal. maryland has state-funded La Raza to help illegal alien invaders.
skeeter is all on board the white victimhood train:
Its almost easy to believe there is a global conspiracy to obliterate western countries populated by ethnic Europeans.
ROCKLOBSTER is super skeptical that Oklahoma is having a bunch of earthquakes:
here in Oklahoma, you don’t have to know a single statistic to know SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG in the last few years with these earthquakes

How do you know it isn't a historic earthquake hot zone, but has just been calm for the last 200 years?
x_plus_one is still unskewing the polls in his delusions:
Granny clinton will be elected to the presidency in an election where all minority districts go 120% for the democratic party. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me - get sucker punched by the under-the-radar democrat election rigging team for the third straight time and you end up in their gulag.

No one wonders why the GOP never protested the election results in the swing states in 2008 and 2012. And they did not register any protest against election financing of democrat candidates by foreign cash.

The mainstream media, Rush Limbaugh and just about every talking head wont talk about the stolen elections since it is too controversial. We are drowning in polity.
afraidfortherepublic loved JFK, I guess.
I am so sick of the Clintons! What Lee Harvey Oswald started (the destruction of this country), the Clintons are quickly finishing.
Pecos knows the Nazi hunters were biig liberals:
The flaw in your argument (pursuit of former USSR personnel) is that the Nazis were prosecuted by U.S. liberals who would never attack the USSR or its minions.
PoliticallyShort thinks Valerie Jarrett conspiracies are the key to taking Obama down:
I’m more than convinced though that Jarrett is the one who is running this country. Iv’e been saying it for years but the best way to bring down Obama is to exploit Valerie Jarrett for who she truly is.
bert explains the Clinton Foundation:
the purpose of the Foundation is to provide a shadow government of salaried hangers on ready to hit the ground running once Hillary is elected. The Foundation is a scam to collect money to pay the loyal Clinton minions to have them on call constantly to clear the path for her election

there is only one certain solution and it can not be spoken
DoughtyOne clearly knows alla about liberal theology:
Aww you’ve got to Love the Left don’t you?

God the Father is supposedly hateful and vengeful.

They think Jesus was a homosexual.

You’ve got to wonder what they think of the Holy Spirit. Tinkerbell?

What a depraved ideology...
TontoKowalski is clearly more than ready to start petty BS about Chelsea Clinton:
I'm not much of a fan of dragging family members into political issues, but she's not the homely little teenager in the White House anymore.

She's an adult ON THE PAYROLL of this foundation. She is absolutely fair game.
mrsmel has no idea how altruism works:
I have read about something called “suicidal altruism” and various related complexes. The left is especially prone, but they more tend to practice it with other people’s lives and money. A few really believe the hype and do it themselves.
bert sees the conspiracy behind General Patraeus's sentence
the probation is the leash to keep him from recanting the truth that would be harmful to the treacherous tyrant that is president

there will be no pardon
Super manly Baltimore ken wants lots of Democrat blood.
I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of heads roll.....literally.

They couldn’t kill enough Democrats to satisfy me.Civil War II coming.


  1. "OK, judged by raw body count it was the deadliest. But the most diabolical act of domestic terrorism remains Waco."

    I once saw 'IMHO' on FR so much that I had to look it up to know what they were talking about. They rarely use it these days because they just make shit up and assimilate their opinion into a type of FR-inspired fact!

    I would truly be afraid of the Freeper Hivemind if they weren't so impotent in everything but bitching on the internet.

  2. Ozy, could you please do a spotlight on Regulator? He/She is a hardcore white nationalist and xenophobe.

  3. Tyronne, Jamal and Tamika need new shoes in Baltimore.

  4. Har ... Freeper "Tyranny Response Team" calling for a demonstration at the Supreme Court tomorrow re: gay marriage.

    Posted in "Breaking News" on FR, gets a total of seven lame responses.

    FreeRepublic is dead.

    1. Now more than ever Free Republic needs your help! Send money, send leftover meatloaf, send your empty beer cans! Only you can save America. Please give.

  5. I’ve heard it said for years

    Behold the conservative dedication to facts and logic: Our last, best defense against the sloppy emotionalism of the liberal mind.

  6. The Gaystapo and the difference between Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler…

    and remember, folks, vote Republican!

    1. To Freepers:

  7. I can't imagine how good the Freep comment mining is going right now with the Baltimore riots.

    I expect some epic updates

    1. Here is a good place to start

    2. And here. Deport the blacks to Africa!

    3. <a href="><i>Sure would have avoided a lot of the problems we have today, and not put the country so deep in debt supporting generations of gibsmedats......</i></a>

      doorgunner69: How well would your probably dumb family do if you were dumped in Africa somewhere with no human rights, and then got "freed"? Do you think you'd survive just fine, with laws against your buying and selling in certain neighborhoods, and having been forbidden by law to learn to read and write their language? Naw, I'm sure by now you'd be a captain of industry over there.

    4. Sorry for the botched link. I give up.

  8. These assholes are always waving their guns around and threatening CWII over trivial issues like stores saying "happy holidays" in place of "merry Christmas," or some demented old deadbeat being asked to pay back taxes for grazing his cattle on federal lands.

    But if black people riot over the extrajudicial killing of unarmed citizens, they're "feral." Funny how that works.

  9. Don't give up! I usually am reading Ozy's blog on my iPad and it is a giant pain in the butt to copy and paste the text links.

    1. Oh, don't worry. I was just giving up on posting that particular link; I kept retrying and effing it up more and more. I'm not quitting this blog -- it's too amusing to do that.