Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Walter Scott was no angel...

Last week there was another police shooting of an unarmed black man. The videotape is pretty damming, and initially a lot of Freepers decided the cop was one of the bad thuggish ones.

But the lure of the perfect narrative is strong, and now, about a week later, Freepers have begun to wonder if maybe this isn't an exception, but another example of blackness deserving what it gets...

dfwgator starts us off:
Look the cop probably murdered the guy, but it’s not like this guy was a model citizen.
kingu twice points out the fatal mistake:
...new car, dining out with a huge group at a Japanese steak house, yet couldn’t seem to find the money to pay for his children.

Seems like a priorities problem there. But hey, even for all of that, he would still be alive today if he hadn’t tried to run from police.

So, preventable problems (pay the child support instead of buying a new car), don’t run from police, and he would still be alive today.
Fido969 is very clearly divorced with kids:
Child support enforcement is a big scam run by the government. 20 years of “cracking down on deabeat dads” and collections are about the same as they’ve always been, except the gubberment actually gets to handle the child support before deciding whether to turn it over to mom.
dalereed is a pithy and crazy as ever:
running from the cops should be an automatic death penalty!!!
X-spurt returns to the more familiar ground of Trayvonn Martin, where Freepers were unified in their hatred.
Is it racist to judge using a creepyass cracka measuring stick? Da gots dare on culcha, you know mofo.
tina07 is already fomenting secrets:
yes, about the car, that the news people don’t ever mention...he said he had no insurance on it, no registration and he was ‘going to buy it’...sounds fishy, like stolen?? Hence taking off, yet another reason??
Sarah Barracuda is also searching for the real factz:
Something is fishy about the whole story..first of all, the actual police stop, nothing unusual about it, cop acted friendly, so did Mr. Scott..everything going normally as it should of, then Mr. Scott gets out of his car, the cop tells him to get back in, Mr. Scott gets back in, then he decides to make a run for it, over child support payments? I dont know, I doubt this cop would have arrested him because he owed back child support, you know how many people owe back child support I doubt if they get stopped by the police they all end up in the pokey


  1. They just make shit up and form the narrative around the made-up shit!

    Ok, I went to school for Political Science and Economics, so I'm a realist. But I seriously can find no other place on the internet where there is so much delusional hive-mind! I mean, even in the "liberal" areas of the web like Huffington Post, DailyKOS, etc. you'll find a few posters guiding the others back to the reality of the situation, but you really don't have any of those wranglers here on FR. It's almost scary that there's these kinds of people in the world.

    It's as if the creepier the story is, the more people here will believe it! Occam's razor clearly doesn't exist in the minds of the typical Freeper.

    1. I think the wranglers at FR have all been zotted. Probably during the Giuliani purge of 2008, and again during the Romney purge of 2012 before it was obvious he'd be the nominee.

  2. "new car"

    A 1991 Mercedes? "New"?!?

    1. Well 2nddivisionvet claims he drives around in a 84 Mercedes so 1991 is sorta new.

  3. Itinerant black male, driving a Mercedes Benz? Must have had it financed for a 30 year note, or was stolen or was result of drug dealing.

    25 posted on 4/11/2015, 2:13:09 PM by X-spurt (CRUZ missile - armed and ready.)

    Nice racism there pal.

  4. Isn't weird how many "small government" conservatives who allegedly worship the Constitution have absolutely no problem with consequence-free extrajudicial killing?

    There's a lot of cognitive dissonance in FReeperville, Lord knows, but I don't know if anything beats the self-canceling logic of "we need more guns to defend against an out-of-control government" plus "the government needs more guns AND the right to execute citizens on the spot, with no due process."

    I've seen fucking birds display better logical skills than that.

    1. no dissonance at all:

      1) whites need more guns to defend against an out-of-control government while

      2) the government needs more guns AND the right to execute nonwhites on the spot, with no due process

      it's so freepin' logically harmonious it sings ...