Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why does Hillary want to be President?

Rubio's in. Paul's in. NY governor Pataki and Ohio governor Kasich are thinking about it. But Freepers are all about Hillary. And there are a few interesting bits of crazy amongst the namecalling and conspiracies. I found 3 interesting threads, so that's what we'll do for today.

This thread asks why Hillary wants to be President. It's the sort of unanswerable question where Freepers eagerly project their own wants and fears onto.

Old Yeller knows what only Democratic politicians have:
Answer: Narcissistic Personality Disorder
SMARTY also seems to think ambition is unique to Hillary:
P O W E R!

She is drunk on power and has a PATHOLOGICAL need for attention!
BitWielder1 just repurposes his imaginary Obama agenda.

She knows she can not get any other job so she might as well continue the destruction of America.
I'm afraid she would actually be quite good at that.
mountainlion knows all liberals are crazy:
why does Hillary Clinton want to be president?

She has an extreme case to the mental illness that most liberals where the have a need to screw over the Military, Religion, manipulate people...
mcshot recently read some old Clinton BS.
I recently read where they had to pay approx 86,000 for furniture and stuff they stole from the white hut. Imagine what it was really worth. And the damage they did. She should be running for pres on a prisoner island
Iron Munro has a pretty lame list.
Check All That Apply:

- Still too much freedom in the nation for people she disagrees with

- To finish the Fundamental Transformation of the nation to a completely socialist/communist state

- There is still a lot of money to be made selling military secrets to our enemies

- Change Obamacare to Hillarycare

- Still upset over getting beat by a negro homosexual in 2008

- Some pretty nice young female interns running around the White House these days

- To prove she's a better man for the job than Bil and Obama combined
right way right knows whose behind this!
Satan has a mission for her.
SMARTY trusts his hateful gut:
Face it.

Hillary is ONE sick person.

If you knew anyone like her from work, in your family,’d keep as far away from her as you could. Your gut reaction is to put as much distance as possible from yourself and people like that

Instinctively, you KNOW there is a pathology going on there. The whole Clinton family is a dysfunctional, miasmic fraud and Hillary is the visible prototype.

What? She should be President just because she WANTS to be, and so badly? NOT!

Unbridled ambition and the unwholesome, obsessive inclination for self-aggrandizement are not qualifications for the Presidency. THOSE qualities will not even make a good friend.
"miasmic fraud." I mean, it's not wrong, but it sure ain't as smart-sounding as he thinks it is!

9YearLurker wonders if, unlike other politicians, Hillary might enjoy fame and a legacy.
I think it’s more about adulation that simple power.

She thinks she can and will reach not only the Holy Grail of ambition—to be president of the US, but she’ll be also be the first female president of the US.

That’s been her dream and ever since Bubba humiliated her, she’s considered it her due.

I think as we saw when she was Sec of State, there’s nothing special that she wants to accomplish other than being seen as a champion of girls and women, in the Eleanor Roosevelt mold—while being the first freaking female president of the US!

That is, her only interest in power is to decorate her legend.

She wants to be recognized and admired. That’s also probably the only thing that eases the sting of Bubba’s humiliations.
IMR 4350 traces it back to the 60's, when all liberals got together and decided to destroy America.
Hillary had dreams of being president long before she married the bent one and only hitched her wagon to the bent one to fulfill her dream of being president.

Hillary is a 1960s radicals radical.

She honestly believes to rebuild a new society you first have to destroy the old society.

She sees herself as being so superior to everyone else intellectually that once the US is destroyed if she is the one given the power she could rebuild a Utopian society perfect in every way which the rest of the world would follow.

She honestly believes she has the ability to unite the entire world with her as the leader.
MichaelCorleone switches from Sharia to another horror:
Carte Blanche to put the final nails in America’s coffin, and finish the emasculation job once and for all.

However, that’s what she WANTS; what she’ll get is another story.
Gritty knows what women want:
Hillary wants to expand The Vagina Monologues into The Vagina Presidency.

It's just what feminists do.
Feminists: always trying to run for President.

American Constitutionalist also hits the War on Men
Because she can finally enforce her’s and the feminist’s war on men as President ?

Payback to men, their revenge on men.....
Eh, mostly lame, with some promising sexism rising. Next up, Freepers having trouble transitioning away from hating Obama.

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  1. Haha...oh, man...even if Hillary doesn't win the presidency, the next two years are going to be priceless.

    Time to bring back Hildabeast Thursdays!