Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Ruy Dias de Bivar makes with some gypsy shit:
The EVIL EYE is bad in Hillary. Wear something shiny and colorful to catch her first glance from her as the first glance is the worst.
But with HER, she will have to glance at the shiny object many times to lessen the power of HER evil eye.
arthurus knows everyone is blackmailed.
The NSA has a record of everything that anyone in Congress ever said or posted on any electronic device and the tools for extracting much more information about movements and meetings extractable from that. There is blackmail material on every member.

The bar for what constitutes “damaging” information is set extremely low, besides. ALL of the members are subject to blackmail.

That is why so many of our tea party young bucks become cowed sheep within minutes of taking their seats after election. There is no cure for it. The situation is permanent. We live in a dictatorship. It will get worse before it gets worse.
aces is living in an action movie:
They have been slipping in for decades, full army already in place..armed by obamma
Candor7 is trying to come up with a new term:
Attempted suicide is actually Obamacide.

(In Washington no one can do anything right, thanks to the Resident in the White Hut.)
maddog55's mind is blown:

Scary.. that almost spells Führer!
Logical me knows this is no time for Constitutional excuses:
America is lost to this simple minded constitutional excuse when we know damn well what these damn fools are planing.
Amendment10 has made the hate transition!
I’m beginning to think that lawless Obama actually spared the country from having lawless Hillary as president.
don-o wants someone else.
When I heard that Walmart had given the word to the Arkansas governor to get his mind right, I immediately saw that as Walmart making themselves an extremely inviting target for direct action.

By which I mean a total boycott and regular picketing.

What is wrong with this idea?

I know - don-o suggested it. don-o needs to organize it. But, why would not even one of the existing organizations consider real direct action?
ntnychik may want to look into what every lawyer has to do:
I’ll take Cruz, thank you, the guy who memorized the Constitution and went around orating about it.
HerrBlucher continues with my favorite Hillary meme:
Her heavy drinking is the only thing I like about Hillary. To me it means deep down she may have a conscience, but in order to get what she wants she has to stomp it out with booze.
Gaze upon sport's hyperbolic bitterness!
since the Constitution is no longer relevant and we live under the law of Obama, all the things you mentioned are moot. Under their god, Obama, members of Congress no longer put on the façade of protecting the interests of the United States of America and its Constitution. Their time is taken up by counting their money and kissing, when he requests it, Obama's ass. Obama was put in the white house for the sole purpose of destroying the United States as a World power. In that he succeeded.
SkyPilot has the incredible explanation for why Republicans aren't as crazy as Freepers:
There is only one explanation available to me as I search for a reason or rationale for the incredibly flaccid, inept Republican “leadership” in the face of Obama’s tyranny. The answer is that we are dealing with Demonic power. The Book of Ephesians speaks of powers, principalities, and spiritual wickedness in high places. That is what I believe we are facing. Most Republicans have not turned to God for answers, and hence they are powerless to fight, much less thwart this Evil.
GGpaX4DumpedTea has a great plan to abrogate our debt:
I have long advocated that it is time to hoist the bankers on their own petard. The Bankers and the Federal Reserve own the national debt. Let them eat it! The Federal Reserve has been screwing the country since the days of Woodrow Wilson. It is time to end it all. Put the US Treasury in charge of the money supply and let the Fed choke on the debt!
arthurus's wife totally agrees with him:
My wife and I agree that women should never have got the vote. They should, however, not be barred from running for and holding elective office. In such a set of circumstances we would not have Mrs. Bill as a contender, but we might get a Mrs. Thatcher as a president.
Diana in Wisconsin joins the Freeper women with contempt for women brigade:
May I respectfully disagree? I don’t want a woman for president either. I want a strong, honorable, God-fearing man in that office.

I’m with you, Sistah!
GOPJ wants more jailing of high schoolers:
The school name should be changed to reflect reality - it should be called Northwest Reform.

Not 'Prep'.

The only thing these hooligans are being prepped for is the State prison system. Get real... these kids are capable of making choices... If they choose wrong they should be dumped from the reform school and sent to a jail like setting that keeps them away from decent citizens.
Jan_Sobieski on the hypothetical downsides of military service:
I commend your son's for serving like many of us have. God always has his people, even in wicked days. Obadiah a leader in Ahab's courts and protected God's people. But what if your son's were forced to sign a homosexual support document, or to round up Christians in FEMA camps, or attack Israel. There are so many bad scenarios that can be conjured by a government-gone-bad...
jsanders2001 has decided Hillary and Obama are both gay:
The lying Leftists are already at work schilling for Hitlery. The gaystapo needs another gay president to furtherbtheor agenda...
dandiegirl knows Jeb Bush is rooting for Hillary:
Anything Jeb says about Hillary is going to be fake. We all know the love the Bushes share for all things Clinton. He awarded her that medal right after she let those people die in Benghazi. Jeb has a massive ego. I can’t stand him.
chajin knows that the GOP's been throwing elections:
Every Presidential election from 1948 to 2004 involved the two parties' candidates pursuing the title of Leader of the Free World.

In 2008 and 2012, however, only one candidate wanted that title; the other, the candidate who won both elections, was pursuing the title of Abdicator of Leadership of the Free World.

In 2016, the GOP candidate, if he (sorry, Carla) wants to win, will have to run on the platform of becoming the Regainer of Leadership of the Free World, in large part by demonstrating how Mr. HopeandChange purposefully threw that leadership away, and how MadameSecretary H-with-an-arrow intends to burn any bridges that would take us back to that leadership role.

In doing so, he will be accused of everything liberals consider to be Mortal Sins: racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia; he will be called Hater, Destroyer of Diversity, and Maligner of Islam. And he will have to not care, because the majority of Americans are looking for a candidate who will not care, a Gideon who with 300 can destroy an enemy of 30,000, or a David who will clean up after Saul, or a Jehu who will once and for all rid the nation of the Ahabs and Jezebels in power.
leopardseal reaches into bad fiction for who Hillary really is:
You can watch the H. Clinton story occasionally on Friday and Saturday nights on the Grade B movie channel. The most common version shows some old crazy woman living in a cabin out in the swamp in the Louisiana bayous with two grown sons; the grown sons go out and rape and pillage at night and then the poor old crazy woman has to try to cover for them. Substitute Slick for the two sons and that's basically the H. Clinton story.
Ruy Dias de Bivar on Bill Clinton's naked past:
I had a working companion who had worked as a reporter for a local radio station back around 1970. He had a tape of an interview with a naked man in a tree down on Dickson Street in Fayetteville Arkansas, during an anti-war demonstration. I tried to get him to release the tape back in 1991 but he would not.

The naked man’s name was William Jefferson Clinton.
dowcaet is still on the Elizabeth Warren bandwagon:
Chafee and O’Malley have been told by the Dem hierarchy to go out there and fire away on Hillary and bleed her a little bit till their new chosen one, Fauxahontas, gets her campaign staffing, organization, and money people in place. Hillary’s campaign rollout has been a disaster so far so no doubt the DNC has to be concerned and they’re sharpening their political long knives for her now.
SkyPilot sees Freepers' hypocrisy on Medicare:
post a thread about spending and debt, and 100 Freepers come out to condemn it and say we "don't have the money!!!!"

Bring up the fact that Medicare and other spending is skyrocketing and is the cause of most of the deficit, and you get hate mail.
Suz in AZ's anti-environmentalism has made him anti-science.
Yep. Oil is a byproduct of magma.
generally knows health care is easy, but for the government:
If the government would stop stealing from us at every opportunity, we would be able to pay for our own healthcare and insurance. But the government bureaucracy, the civil servants who are employed by it, and the big businesses who profit from it do not want to loosen their grip on our money.
william clark has a weird definition of rights:
Of course health care isn’t a right. Nothing can be a right that requires the active participation of another person in order for you to partake of it.
So much for the right of assembly, to an attorney, to trial by jury...

cripplecreek has elevated No True Scottsman to a principle:
I’ve long held the opinion that conservative people are pretty much the same all across the country for the most part.
JLAGRAYFOX's !!!-ridden triumphalism continues to amuse:
Look folks, The Obamabot/Clinton/Democrat vermin media is in full panic mode!!! They will say and lie about anything to stop the destruction of both failed POTUS Obama and the political implosion of the Democrat Party. However,....nothing they do or say will save the Obamabot “hate America” political vermin and serial lie teller, Hillary Clinton!!


  1. "I had a working companion who had worked as a reporter for a local radio station back around 1970. He had a tape of an interview with a naked man in a tree down on Dickson Street in Fayetteville Arkansas, during an anti-war demonstration. I tried to get him to release the tape back in 1991 but he would not."

    Except Bill Clinton didn't live in Fayetteville until after the war was over.

    1. Forget it.....he's rolling.

    2. Seriously, the guy is an idiot.

      A simple Google search of the topic will show two things: that the Vietnam War ended in April of 1975...and that Bill Clinton moved to Fayetteville in August of 1975.

    3. Freepers never let facts get in the way of a good smear meme.

  2. The freepathon has gotten desperate in record time...

    My favorite part - "HOWEVER, I often wonder why donors wait until far into a freepathon before they give. I'm sure there are answers that make sense:"

    Good question, Xzins! Why do so many freepers seemingly wait until day 50 of the freepathon to suddenly donate, unlike every other web fundraiser out there? (SUBTLE HINT - It's because those aren't real donations and jimrob is shamefully faking it closed)

    I also love how all the official begging threads are all saying stuff like "Let's wrap this baby up in one month this time!" Good luck on that, Jim!

  3. Besides, the moderators on Free Republic are fairly indulgent. It has to be a racist or violent post to get taken down -- but we've had trolls try to get away with that around here -- and sometimes a poster gets excised from the group. Hail Viking Kitties.

    How the heck can he even type that. This whole blog is based on racist and violent posts which for the most part are still up on FR. Keep doing this work, Ozy. It shows how deluded and idiotic they are!!