Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Boycott the Debates!

The debate moderators have been announced. None of them are Freepers, which means the Freepers rage at all the Commies:

BlatherNaut just flagrantly flaunts Goodwin.
The lamestreamers only left out Joseph Goebbels.

He'll be there, too (reincarnated in Candy Crowley).
exit82 knows PBS sucks, and FOX rules:
Why do we play the same game every time?

Seriously, PBS is going to moderate a debate?Who even watches them?

Where is the Fox moderated debate?

They are the biggest cable news network, not puny CNN.

They should just skip the debates, and host Town Hall meetings and get the message out unfiltered.

Screw the MSM.
the lack of FOX is all the proof Cringing Negativism Network needs:
Not having Fox is a clear bias.

No question at all. None.
Jim Scott sees left-wingers everywhere:
If these are actually the moderators chosen for the presidential debates then, as usual, the GOP team allowed themselves to be set-up for ‘gotcha! questions and softballs to Obama. Very disappointing. The premise that only left-wing ‘news’ people are legitimate moderators is the problem and the Romney-Ryan campaign shouldn’t just roll over for it.
Jim Lehrer, Candy Crowley, Bob Schieffer, Martha Radditz - Commies all!

GOPJ is sure all the moderators are the Hannities of the left, since all reporters are:
If FOX put on a debate with Hannity, Coulter, and Limbaugh as moderators - does anyone think Obama would show up? Our guys needs to get real - the press works for Democrats - they get 'paid' with inside stories and people of interest to interview. When the coin of the realm is information - it's a bribe...
Batman11 really hates how voting is secret ballot:
If it is on the public record anywhere that these alleged moderators personally voted for Obama in 2008, it should be broadcast for all to see and they should be removed as moderators! Brietbart please get on this ASAP! Thanks!
AU72 sees this as just another sign Romney ain't crazy enough to be GOP:
If Romney Ok'd this he deserve the savaging he will get in the debates.

Question to Obama, "When did you know you would be so wonderfull?"

Question to Romney, "How can you call yourself an American when your Church practiced polygamy, massacred non-belivers and would have denied Barack Obama full membership up to 25 years ago?"
dalereed fondly remembers when the Republicans threw out those leftie League of Women Voters folks:
Romney should refuse to show up, same as a Republican showing up for a debate put on by the League of Women Vipers!

Lost before they enter the room!!!
Any ideas what TribalPrincess2U is saying?
The dick-tater 0bama chooses 0botnews-butt-kissers for this.
He brought out the lowest of all.
He is their master.
CatherineofAragon knows even FOX is liberal these days:
Actually, a Fox-moderated debate isn’t much better, IMO. During the primaries, I remember reading about Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly huddling before a Fox debate, trying to decide how to trip up Rick Perry and help out Romney.
Cruising For Freedom is pretty excited about the debates this year, though:
This isn’t 2008 with a stupid elderly man plus an inexperienced lady. It isn’t even 2004 with a doer-but-not-communicator plus a guy already painted as Darth Vader.

Both Ryan and Romney are ten times better at communicating & debating than Obama, Biden, Bush, McCain, and Cheney... combined. They got asked about tax returns and Bain Capital on last night’s 60 Minutes and they managed to pin it on Obama successfully. My jaw was hanging open.

Whatever your opinion of the ticket, this isn’t an year to fear debate performance, no matter the moderator or questions.
Ann Archy is not quite so sanguine about Romney's chances:
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost thinks Obama's gonna have a teleprompter:
‘Bad feeling’ is justified. These so-called debates will be SCRIPTED just like 0bama’s speeches, with the media in collusion with 0bama for maximum gain.
MayflowerMadam also buys into the Obama will be scripted conspiracy:
This won’t be a debate. Hussein will have all the questions ahead of time in order to prepare relatively intelligible responses. Romney will look lik a deer in the headlights by comparison.
Art in Idaho, too:
I've been telling locals for months that the WH team wrote the scripted debates a long time ago, hand picked the 'moderators,' and has had the best debate coaches help Obama memorize the 'perfect' answers. Of course, Romney and Ryan know nothing of the questions. How do we fight this? And after the rave reviews by the Obama Media Complex, will the average American buy into this? I guess we'll know November 6th at midnight.
I don't remember this crazy theory even after Obama rocked McCain in 2008. I wonder if this fresh crazy has a source beyond just lack of faith in Romney?

ClearCase_guy hopes for a contentless partisan shouting match, where he'd feel at home:
I really don't understand why the two parties don't each choose 2 moderators. Toss a coin, one party goes first --

"Democrats choose Chris Matthews"
"Okay, Republicans choose ... ummm ... we choose Mark Levin."
"Democrats choose Rachel Madow."
"Well, we choose Rush Limbaugh."


  1. Freepers are such pre-emptive sore losers, what would they do if their guy did well in a debate?

  2. Hey, I'd love to see a debate between Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh ... Ha ha ha ha .... Deflating bighearted windbag in 1.....

  3. That was supposed to be BIGHEADED. Not bighearted. Damn you auto correct.