Friday, August 3, 2012

Tanks for all!

I just couldn't resist another gun thread after I read this kidglov3s find.

This one in response to CNN journalist Roland Martin, which starts off rather similar to Obama's speech:

"To all of you gun lovers, feel free to go buy your Glock, shotgun, hunting rifle, .22 pistol, .357 Magnum or any of the other guns at your disposal.

But you do not need an AK-47."

Freepers get extra hyperbole on this one:

Sea Parrot notices that the author is black, and it's blacks who are the real danger:
Hey Martin, it is your and Holder’s people behind the triggers killing each other in Chicago.
tet68 goes full Internet Tough Guy:
Hey Roland, you say you want us not to have weapons?
How does it feel to WANT MFer?
You see, your problem is it’s too LATE, we already
have THEM, and unless you are willing to die to take
them, since we are willing to die to keep them you
are just SOL.
Darteaus94025 has this to add:
The average American does not need Liberals.

Really; they don’t.
Thank goodness he added that second line, or I'd have taken him for a lunatic.

Talisker knows the author wants to kill millions of people - and freedom:
Wow, want to look straight at someone who is going to go to hell? Just click on the link and read Roland Martin’s screed. It’s all there - duplicity, lies, hypocrisy, murderous sabotage, avarice, greed, hate, violence and the intent to bring death to millions of people and utterly crush freedom in this country and in the world.

What an absolute tour de force of naked evil.
carriage_hill knows Obama's just waiting for his second term for some reason:
If 0bummer gets re-elected, everything changes on Nov 7th. He has nothing left to worry about. I’d bet the legal paperwork for the most draconian gun ban laws is already drawn-up and waiting for his signature. He’s bypass USA Congress & SCOTUS, EO-ing everything he wants.
BuffaloJack wants bazookas for all:
The 2nd amendment was meant to insure that citizens could possess weapons sufficient to confront a trained army. In my mind this should be interpreted in that you should be able to own anything up to and including a heavy machine gun, bazooka or even artillery.
joe fonebone goes even further:
do not forget tanks, aircraft and warships ( if you can afford them ) most libs would be stunned to learn that during and after the revolutionary war, the fledgling United States LEASED warships from private owners ... same with cannon...

hell, in some ways the colonists pre-revolution had more freedom than we do now...
USCG SimTech knows we'll need to shoot some people to get the right to shoot people:
As for ships and artillery (18th century or today) acquisition of those would require a FAIR FIGHT between the now rogue tyrant militia of the federal government and the new revolutionary civilian militia. No one wants massive destructive weapons in the hands of the Chicago SEIU or ACORN, or the TEA party. Those will have to be fought for and won. It will be mess, costly and very bloody but revolutions are just that.
rogue tyrant militia of the federal government? Forget it, he's rolling...

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