Friday, August 3, 2012

Wait until Obama's second term...

Obama actually said something in favor of gun control recently! "I believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms," Obama said. "But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not on the streets of our cities."

This is just what Freepers have been waiting for. Though, of course, they haven't really been waiting, so this anodyne statement doesn't really change their usual gun-hugging, it just allows them to revisit their pro-vigilante views.

RushIsMyTeddyBear is gonna keep hearing what he wants Obama to say, not what he says.
“Obama said he believes in the Second Amendment’s protection of gun rights and that that hunting and shooting are part of a “cherished national tradition.”


And that means he is absolutely full of shit. Because he’s all about ‘projection’ and does the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE of what he says. Typical Commie. He doesn’t give a DAMNED about ‘American traditions’. Full STOP!!!!!!!!!!
Sola Veritas is totally a 2nd Amendment expert:
It was the intent of the 2nd Ammendment to ensure that citizens had possesion of “military” weapons so they could defend themselves, their community, their state, and their country if called upon. The 2nd Ammendment protects the right of individual citiznes to have “military” type arms like “assault” rifles. Any other reading of the language would be ridiculous.
muawiyah knows the Spanish King woulda wanted us to have cannons and bazookas and whatnot:
The English colonies were planted in a part of North America designated by Spain's KIng Philippe II/III as a sort of refuge for European Protestants.

They, and he, already knew that your rights ~ all of them ~ rested on your right to keep and bear arms.

This place started out with rights to possess weapons, even the largest firearms.

If somebody doesn't like it he or she should go somewhere else!
StevieRay20 knows the 2nd Amendment is for shooting politicians.
The second amendment isnt for enthusiasts or hunters. It is to stop authorities who come to confiscate our large sodas. And no true American would have an AK-47, the communist weapon of choice.
Yes, Obama's reference to the most well known assault rifle betrays his unAmerican soul!

I can't tell if Gabrial thinks Obama wants to arm Muslims or Blacks. Probably both:
Obama’s soldiers (the brothers said he would side with if push came to shove) with do carry AK47s. US soldiers don't.
Typical_Whitey is also beating the AK47 horse:
What an idiot our soldiers don’t use ak-47’s. Did he just elevate al-qada terrorist to the rank of Soldiers? Don’t look for the media to make hay out of this they are too busy still giggling about what newspapers Sarah Palin reads....

or wait I know because he intends to gut the DOD budgets to pay for more welfare give aways, what he means is our soldiers will be using the old AK-47’s that they collect on the battlefield

Obama is so out of touch it is scary.
HiTech RedNeck wants more decent citizens shooting criminals:
If more decent citizens were volunteer soldiers (if that’s what having such a weapon makes them) in the troubled cities, these cities would soon become far less troubled.
DariusBane knows self-defense no longer exists in America:
If a volunteer soldier uses his weapon, that citizen would be “Zimmered” by his own gubment, media, and lynched by a crowd of drug dealers while Katie Couric squealed in delight.
CitizenM is still working the "neuroscience grants caused the Aurora Shooting" angle.
Then he should take away college grants and stipends too. As it appears that Holmes used his stipend money to make his purchases for guns, ammunition, and the booby trap material in his apartment. So when they say...guns kill people, we can, free money kills people.
lgjhn23 knows Obama is too Kenyan to get why guns are awesome:
Now just what would the Kenyan muslim usurper know about the 2nd Amendment? He is NOT one of us...never was one of us and never will be one of us. He knows it and so do we. He has no standing or credibility on this issue whatsoever.
smoothsailing never tires of doomsaying re: Obama.
He's always had it in for us "bitter clingers".

First he's coming for our guns, then our Bibles.

He hates America.


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